Monday, September 22

The Spy who Tagged me ..

I was a Tag-virgin, figuratively speaking, until I got tagged by Vimal. Must say it’s been great fun..

What do you do when..

---You see a man making a pass (trying to woo / flirt / impress) on a woman you like?

A woman I like …!!!! .. Well, for starters I am not built that way. If it’s a man I like then, I will probably go “the Julia Roberts way” (a la My Best friend’s wedding) .. It’s WAR and may the best scheming lady win…

--Some one you like, is not attracted to you?

No Big deal... There are bigger, colourful, richer, better looking fishes in the ocean once I look out of the well... Definitely not Armageddon for me if the guy i like doesnt like me back ...

--You are attracted to someone, but both of you are in two different cities?

Too practical to pursue long distance relationships...Been there- Done that – It’s not hunky-dory all the time … Only for the brave hearts and I don’t think I am one..

--You are reading a book, and your best friend wants to borrow it and can’t wait for you to finish reading, ‘coz he/she has been looking for it for all their life?

Well my best friend will have to keep looking for the book for another day then..Sky’s not going to collapse on his/her head in a day cos he/she disnt read the book that night.And life’s like that.. You always don’t get what you want ASAP, do you ? Even if you think God's your best friend...

--You help plan his / her career, and then, they go on to achieve it, leaving you behind, alone.

Arghhh… not again.. I’ve been taking some some black magic classes.. Maybe someday it will work..

-– What do you do when you have something to tell but no one around to listen ?

Actually honestly i cant beat Vimal’s answer... Inimitable.. Maybe, write a book, email myself or call 0007-23456789 (That’s number of “Call Me” – 5.99$ per hour for a personal conversation with a personal friend)

My additions

--What will you do in your last hour on earth after which you are going to get back to planet Zorro (You are a Zorroain on earth collecting specimens of earthlings, of course)

--Who do you want to be like - Calvin, Hobbes, Brad Pitt, Mr Bean, Alice (from Alice in Wonderland), Phoebe Buffet, Salman Rushdie or Chandler? And Why?
And my rules... None.. Anyone who wants to answer these 2 questions are more than welcome to do so..

Since I can’t think of anyone else to Tag as of now and also cos Vimal is desperately trying to find people to tag Aparna.. I am doing the honors..

Aparna, You are the sole Tagee (I hope that word exists).

" The one who created this tag is smart but not as smart as the one who tagged me"


Reets said...

Ur answers to the tag and definitely cool.. and the word tagee to top it all... The quote at the end was too cool" the one who tagged...."

vimmuuu said...

LOL @ Tag virgin!!! From now on, I will make sure I tag you. hehehe.

Very honest answers, especially ans 4.

Thanks for doing the tag and thanks for making Aparna, the tagee for this.

Btw, you are supposed to let her know that she is tagged. Please do that too; she is finding ways to escape!!!

Anonymous said...

Just one taggee? Just me? WHy not be considerate on a few others too? Why are you listening to Vimal? I am the brilliant one, not him! Alas! What is this world coming to?

Just me? Why God Why (Joey style!)!

Very nice answers by the way.. :-D

Bedazzled said...

Reets .. Thanks for dropping by. The quote at the end was Vimals addition...and thanx for finding teh answers cool ;-)

Vimal .. I had left a mesage on Aparnas blog... donno why it did the dissapearing act she cant escape .. maybe we shud start sending reminders every 4 hours .. till she gets fed up..

Wtml.. one tagee cos everybody else has been already tagged.. its a tag-diahorrea , so to speak ;-) ..have you gotten your answers ready ,lady ?

Anonymous said...

@Bedazzled - It has not disappeared, you left 2 comments.. one on my post called 'Kemon aacho...' & 'Let's Play Tag', both with the same message, that I had been tagged!

Why are we letting Vimal win this battle?

I call upon the sources of woman-hood! Come ladies, women, girls, children... We need to fight the evil sources - Vimal & his brotherhood. I call upon thee!! :-D

Smita said...


Fantastic answers & tag virgin too good ;)

I specially liked the 1st 2 answers ;)

Bedazzled said...

Wtml...well i grope around the internet..apologies for tagging you on the wrong post .. sources of womanhood sounds uber cool.. like some conspiration theory .. alas .. you will have to pay for your past sins..but yes the brotherhood must be dealt a blow .. a blow that histroy will remember..

smita.. thanx ;-).. when r we gonna get your answers??

Anonymous said...

Madamji, I copied from your question & simply answered it! I am an innocent bystander!

People now accuse me of misspelling Phoebe's name! Woe is me!

Only you can get me out of that mess now!

Remember: Women power! :-D

vimmuuu said...

I thought there were two other posts after this. did you delete them or is there something wrong with Blogspot???

Btw, theres a chennai bloggers meet on the 18th or 19th of this month. Will keep you posted on the exact date. But would it be possible for u to make it up? Theres gonna be both the Aparnas, Nikhil, Aarti, Vishesh, me. Please mail me at and I would send you the details.