Thursday, December 11

Movie-shovie., Quirk-wirks.. Whatever !!

I love movies. Can watch any filth , according to some sources..I think that's true, on an average .. I have watched some of the slowest movies in the history of world cinema ((I am talking about those award-winning movies that take 10 minutes to focuss on a crow on top of a tree )and quite enjoyed it .. Well , almost !!

Vimmuuu tagged me asking me to list out some of my movie-related quirks .. Here i go ..

## I can never get myself to watch a spooky ghost movie alone.I start seeing imaginary creatures and ghosts yanking my hair/ shirt from behind . which technically is not possible as there is a wall behind my couch which could make it difficult for ghosts to stand behind me .. but then it is me !!

## I routinely and compulsorily cry during and after every rom-com i see. I must admit i see quite a lot of them. I wear a scarf so that nobody can actually catch me during the act of sobbing my heart out in the movie theatre..Yeah ,it works !!

## I refuse to sit in corner seats at movie theatres.I always imagine rats and miscellaneous rodents clawing at my feet and other parts of me.

This behaviour can be attributed to 2 horrendous rodents hopping on me on 2 separate occassions. One rodent-hopping incident happened was when i was watching a oscar-type flick in South Indian film chambers theatre which is dingy,dirty and musty.It is the kind of place that provides safe haven for rodent-romeos to have free movie dates with rodent-females .I used to go there as they screen classics and foreign language movies for free.. I would even drink phenyl, if they gave it free.. ;-)

The other rodent spotting was at a theatre called "Grand" , which was anything but grand and used to be the only theatre in the neighbourhood that played engliss movies when i was a kid. This theatre , "apparently"went on to become a porn-lover's-paradise (heresay , folk !) and later got demolished.Let those rodents RIP. Amen!

##I insist on being home every friday at 11:00PM to watch world movies.i think i am going to miss it this week as i am travelling. I should have gotten myself Tata sky plus the minute i saw Aamir and Gul panag in that ad.. Arent they a cute couple ? i mean ad-couple ?

## I love fake dvds.. I abhor plagiarism and think that it's the biggest evil that's gripped our society. I also feel bad for the producers.. but, how else can i afford a dvd that costs Rs.699 only for the legal version.The same God that made me poor told me that it's ok to watch fake dvds to quench my thirst for knowledge..

## If there is a mildly explicit scene (like the one in a tam movie where the hero and heroine kiss behind a flower .. No , they dont show the lip-lock.. just a pink flower swaying) when i am watching a flick with my parents, i always walk out to get a bottle of water or something..I am really bashful about these thing.. I also hate people necking in theatres and have picked up fights with them ..

Actually , you cant call these quirks , can you .. these are normal responses to abnormal incidents in a normal person's life .. what say ?


Just call me 'A' said...

me too me too...i can watch any movie...esp Hindi least once....i might even say at the end of it that it was not that bad :D
hee hee

vimmuuu said...

Y do you like watching movie with rats?????

Ok, now rom-coms are supposed to be funny and why do you cry watching them? You cant stand comedy ? or romance ???

and paaattiii, thiruttu DVD aaa??? naan poleeeece kittey solla poren !!

avdi said...


I dont like scary movies. usually just avoid them.

I rarely cry during movies, though I wept a lot during Taare Zameen Par.

When I was a teenager I watched any movie.. any.. even really crappy ones. I used to live in Bangalore then and the stall tickets were Rs.2.10 each. Plus they had this rule that all females would sit on the right block, only males would sit on the far left block and the couples on the centre, so we were safe from 'rats'. There were times that my friends and I had to leave a theatre because the rats in a non-segregated theatre would paw us shamelessly.


Never ever watched so many movies after that time in Bangalore !

Smita said...

I too hate people knecking & guess what I too squirm in my seat when Love scenes come on screen, sigh!!!

& Eeeek!!! to teh rodent incidents...

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah!! very normal....just don't know where?! :) lol!!!
Watching movies with rodent-couples!! Scared of watching a horror flick alone! Why cry for rom-coms? Coms are supposed to make you laugh at least smile!
I can get watching movies with parents though :) and the fake dvds and tata sky + :D Totally with you!!

Bedazzled said...

A.. seriously ? welcome to the gang .. :-)

Vims .. i hate rats !!!.. i cry not out of agony but out of happiness.. u know how the plot goes in every rom-com.. everything's hunky dory and suddenly things go haywire .. and finally they all live happily ever after after a minor miracle .. Well i cry when theings go wrong and the minor miracle happens ..
:-) .. yeah i know what u r thinking !! phew .. dats me ..

Bedazzled said...

avdi ..i was at my elements when i watched Tare zameen par .. and i cry everytime i c it.. 2 rupees , seriously ?? i would go beserk if any theatre showed movies for 2 bucks abt the rats...

Smita.. glad someone else is against the necking in theatres too.. nobody seems to mind these days and infact when i went to a movie with friends and there was this couple next to us , i asked the lady politely to have a go at her friend at home .. my friends were like .. why did u do that ?? poor things .. maye they dont have privacy at home ..If they dont have prfivacy , they jolly well find themselves another place .. i am not letting them ruin my movie experience..;-)

Bedazzled said...

Abar .. of course i am normal ..
;-).. whatever made u think otherwise .. ??.. rom-coms make me mushy and so i cry ..

Anonymous said...

Heheheehe!! A bit too quirky you are! :D

Just call me 'A' said...

girl, you've been tagged

How do we know said...

aah... true.. probably they are quirks, probably not. But the rats one was hilarious. Why? Because rats can come anywhere, and in a middle seat, you can't even jump out and run :-)

Bedazzled said...

Nikhil .. not really !!;-)

A.. your tag is next on the cards ..

HWDK..My brain does not perceive such complex logic .. its more like an instinct.. thanks for dropping by..

Anonymous said...

Ok, my earlier comment seems to have disappeared mysteriously!!!

I agree with Vims - why do you cry for Romantic Comedies? That is quirky!

Nautankey said...

u too grand theare...same pinch,it was an awesome one very cheap.But later on as said they were showing only matter movies.

I love to get tickets in queues,like the scene in tamil movie with rajini n gounds :)

Bedazzled said...

wtml .. ah!! thats the 3rd time this thing .. tears of happiness !! ;-)

Vinod .. ada paavi .. u r that rasigar-mandram types huh? they used to play action type flicks there .. and yeah , it used to be 30 bucks or something for a ticket ..