Thursday, December 25

Of christmas, gifts,photos and tattoos

First things first .. Merry christmas, happeee hols and season's greetings to all ..I have always loved christmas time.. with shiny stars, twiinkling lights, carols and mainly plum cakes(!!)..When i was in college ,a bunch of us used to go to church to attend the mid night mass.. just for the fun of it and feel the festive spirit..

Hubby and i had this weird conversation abt tattoos today .. i wanted one and he obviously thought that i was mad to get one..

Me(while watching LA Ink on TV) : I am getting myself a tattoo..
G: What ??? *&^*!!
Me: Yup, u heard me right. I am getting a pheonix tattoo..
G : R u out of u r mind??.. You should quit watching Discovery travel and living .. tattoos are for hippies..
Me: whine.. Whine .. please !!
G : Its not safe ..I saw something about metal posioning in the tattoo dye on tv..
Me: More Whine.. Whine.. of course it's safe .. So many people get them done ..
G: It hurts ..It's not like some ink drawing which u can wash off with water if u dont like it the next morning .. the damn thing is permanent !
Me: It's ok .. i dont mind the pain .. and i'll get a small tattoo .. that ways if i dont like it .. it will still be ok !!

Then he read tons of googled material on tattoos .. and obviously he had to check out Irezumi's(the tattoo parlour)website to see if they were an ok place! huh,men !!! Finally of course, he agreed. The clincher being that my sister in law showed us her cute tattoos and did a bit of PR work for me .. I am getting a tattoo ASAP !!! hee hee

I spent an hour or so trying to decide what to buy for 6,3 and 8 year old kids .. The shop assistants give u such innane and stupid suggestions that you feel like shooting u r self (and them also !!) .. The assistant actually recommended a barbie doll for a 8 year old..later i got to know that 8 year olds these days didnt play with dolls .. not barbies !! thank goodness i didn't heed her advice and got a book instead ..That ways it's easier with male kids.. u just cant go wrong with shiny red cars .. come to think of it cant go wrong with that for men of any age..;-)

Inagurated the new camera G Got for me today.. Went to the beach and was snapping away to glory .. there was this bunch of professional photographers who were grinning at me and my poor lil non-SLR camera !! .. All i can say is .. snobs, give way !!!

Gosh !! i am so excited about the tattoo !!


Aparna said...

yay!!! So decided on what tattoo you are gonna get? Though the one thing I am afraid of when getting a tattoo, is the safety factor!! :D Not afraid of the pain or the needles :)
Bah!! it is not the camera that takes good pics, it is the photographer. Give a lame one to a good photographer; you still will get amazing pics! So let snobs be!! :D

arvind1187 said...

Tatoo !! And i was thinking u were joking that day !!
I would love to get a temporary tatoo (if any) because i hate the feeling of regretting later :P

My sis is getting me one digi too .. 8 or 10 MP one ,i guess .. :)

vimmuuu said...

oh planning to get a tattoo done as well. Remember, we had a conversation on this when we had our first bloggers meet. but i dont have company. and there were other priorities too. tell me when u r getting it done and im with you.puhleeeez !!!!!

Smita said...


Good Lucky girl, I hope it isn't that painful...

And snob those photographers are huh! to them :D

praddy said...

i wanna get a too..whine whine..maybe after u have urs..let me decide
pls inquire the rates for me and if possible pls get a catalog from irezumi

shiny red car...i love em u know and that too in ferrari red..awesome :D:D

Nautankey said...

It was praddy who had commented before not me :P...

Tatoo..hmm hope u dont regret it later.Had seen my grandma regretting it especially after the skin become slobby and loose post 70[i.e 5years from now for u :P].

All the best and I HATE irezumi for other reasons.

Bedazzled said...

Aparna .. i have this fixation with pheonix ..but a pheonix doesnt look too cute .. so am going to irezumi to check what they can do ..;-) when r u getting u r s?.. and yeah , i am shit scared !!!

Arvind .. of course not .. nice sister u have.. i wish i had many such sisters .. will u be my sister .. ?? ;-)

Vimal.. i am gracing irezumi today to find the details .. will ping u after i get the details ... if it is fated that u shud see me cry then so be it :-(

Smita .. kyun rae ??.. tu bhi try kar !! mom still doesnt know thou.. Am planning to tell her only after i get it done .

Prads.. catalog !! u r the limit..i think arthi already got hers done there ..anyways will let u ppl know the details soon ... and i hope it doesnt hurt too ;-)

Bedazzled said...

oops Vinod .. hee hee .. happens at times in old age , u see !!.. another 5 more years to go .. why bother now itself ?? hee hee .. and y do u hate irezumi ?

Aaarti said...

oye madame.. u getting a tattooo? copy cat....hehehe... enga? ennathu?? tell tell....

*eyes fell out* u got a new camera??? long time no meet... and i have that chocolate waiting for u;)
[psst.. one more could have happened, but u dint know..hahahahaha...]

Aaarti said...

Babes.. do chk out Inkd or tattoo ink at Fountain plaza.. they are supp to be better, and cheaper than Irezumi... lot of ppl i spoke to said irezumi is whoa expensive!!!

buzz when u r going.. wanna come along.. ;)

Bedazzled said...

hey aarti more chocolate !!! gosh, i cud manage an entire year of chocolate supply this way .. hee hee..yeah i am coming for that rightfully earned piece of cocoa..

i did go to irezumi yesterday and hated the place .. the tattoo artist was a lil rude. when i told him i really i was sceptical abt getting it done cos i was worried abt the pain and safety.. he was like ok ..suit u r self types.. maybe i didnt look like someone who wanted to get a tattoo done.. i wasn't planning on going back there anyways..need a friendly face when i am shouting out in pain , u see ;-) .. will check out the fountain plaza one today and let u know when i am getting it done .. even vimal said he wanted to come.. u getting another one ??.. and thanx a ton .. u r message was god-sent ..!!hee hee .. lets meet up Soon !!!

Angel's Flight said...

Ohh, let me know when u get the tattoo, I have been wanting f=one for so long...but the pain...Uska kya karien!!

...After the wedding I thought, good now I have some one to go thru it with but dhrohi Hubby says 'get one but please dont ask me to get one too!'

Kinda ashamed coz my 16 yr old cuz just got it in I have to learn to be a little braver

So now i'll wait for u to get it....just tell me one was the pain...lolz

ps: Love the phoenix too....therefore my blog name

Bedazzled said...

oh, i got it a few days back actually ..i was freaked abt the pain too .. but it wasnt bad .. the first plunge hurts .. its smooth sailing after that cos the artist keeps talking and keeps u distracted..i couldnt get a phoenix.. ended up with an angel instead .. my hubby wanted no part of the pain too.. ;-).. and no sweat at all .. it wasnt very painful.. go fr it and surprise u r kid ;-)

Angel's Flight said...

my kid? nahiiiiiiiiiiii...thgts my 16 yr old cousin...lolz

Anyway thanks for the update...will let u know when I get one

btw...where did u end up getting urs ..which tattoo parlor?

Bedazzled said...

ooops.. there i go again .. hee hee .. i got it at this place called Inked...when r u getting u r s ?? hee hee

Hakuna Matata said...

Hey so did u finally get the tattoo?? I have one small lil tattoo on my lower back and I'm glad I got it. Same scares. But, I'm so glad I got it :)