Sunday, December 21

A random Walk down my lane

This post is done without any rhyme or reason ... just felt like posting ..

I discovered last evening ,shockingly, that i have started greying..i suddenly remembered assorted commercials of hair-dyes on tv and shuddered at the unfairness of life .. God, spare me !!!

i know this comment will be jeered on by general junta and many wisecracks will follow..but then a girl has to do what she has to do .. ;-)

i was shocked (ok , a lil !!) when i discovered my 3rd white hair .. i always assumed that white hair would happen to other people, not me and hoped that i belonged to a slightly superior gene pool , that would somehow mutate the grey-hair-inducing gene..well, fact of the matter is that maybe the mutation decided to wait for a few more generations before happening and i am stuck with 3 evil white/grey strands that evily remind me of my age...Ah!! vanity ..

On a totally different note, i sent a very stupid mail to a good friend and only after sending the offensive thing did i realise that it was a tad idiotic to have done it ...sometimes, my own stupidity takes my breath away..wish life had one of those undo buttons..

On a totally different note again(i am tiring u all , aren't i ?) , i discovered that i am the worst dressed person in Chennai ..who goes to the Citi centre in old(almost tattered is more like it) jean,worn out kurta and flip-flops? well i did .. and yeah the award for the worst dressed shopper went to me ..whatever happened to shopping in comfort? .. how do u expect to shop in stilettos and designer jeans,people ?

I am looking forward to next week .. lets see what it has in store .. definitely not more greys, i hope ..


eye-in-sty-in said...

u did the right thing on all 3 counbts . happy sunday!

Smita said...

:D shopping comfortable is obviously perfectly OK. We usually go out on Sundaya and am always always dressed in most laid back and comfortable way dear :) vaise bhi when we go that ways we are encouraged to shop more as we feel we are needy ;-)

Grey?? forget it...

Mail, hmm I keep doing that as well but what has happened has happened so chuck it dear :)

Whats the status of our club? Did ya shop?? I haven't shopped since ages, guess am unwell I don't feel like shopping. Help please...

Anonymous said...

oy!! I think I beat you on the third one!! I was easily the worst dressed :) yesterday. In fact I even thought that A was not appropriately dressed!! :D lol!!! We did have a great time though! ;)
And the mail, may be you did cos you were worn out having taken care of a very demanding A :D Let us blame it all on him!! :D
The first one!! are inviting trouble there dear!! :D

Just call me 'A' said...

ha ha..i've had strains of grey hair for as long as i can remember. came at a very early age..early 20's methink :).
and you know what...i love comfortable shoes when i shop....:)'s the sign of age hee hee hee

Bedazzled said...

thanx eye-in sty-in ... u have a fab sunday (whatever is left of it!!) and a great week ahead ..

Smita .. hee hee .. dats a nice perspective ..didnt shop much actly .. just redundant stuff cute stuff like a squishy ball that lights up when squeezed and a mobile holder shaped like a smiley !! i am a sucker for cute-redundant stuff !!!.. our club currently has only 2 founding members .. me thinks we shud recruit more people ;-) .. arey.. no shopping in ages !!!.. blasphemy .. hee hee ... get well soon

Aparna ..yeah , i had a great time .. danx to u and A .. ah , no , the mail went before A landed .. so i cant blame him ;-) .. plus where did i take care of him .. he took care of himself ..

A, well.. signs of age , huh ?? guess i have to put it on ignore mode .. hee hee.. how does it feel to live in the mecca of shopping?? winks ..

Anonymous said...

I have 2-3 gray/white hair t00 and i am about two to three decades Younger than u ... Am i cribbing ?? :P
relax lady ...!!!
They are signs of wisdom :D :P

It seems You and aparna gave a good Competition to each other yesterday :P

vimmuuu said...

3 grey hair and at your age?? You must be kidding!!! For your age, you should be worrying for the black ones that are still there !! LOL.

Or you could do what Smita did recently to cover her grey hairs!!Color them red !!!

and regarding the shopping, im like that too, but I dont bother what people thinks about me. I wear with what im comfortable. If i feel like wearing a bathroom slipper to citicentre, I wouldnt hesitate. LOL.

Bedazzled said...

arvind..2-3 decades !!! wtf???!!.. yup we did give each other competition ..wisdom, eh?? ;-) .. and get that keyboard of u r replaced soon ..

Very funny, vimal ..i invited all this trouble for myself ,didnt i ? .. but i couldnt pass up the opportunity to chronicle my feelings for my third grey colouring for me ..scared the rest will also fall out ..;-O grey hair is better than no hair !.well, now that u mention I didnt care 2 hoots abt being so badly turned out..;-).. just an observation .. hee hee

Anonymous said...

Gray hairs can always be dealt with, my dear... It's not the end of the world! :D
And in the matter of being the worst-dressed, I beg to differ - have you even gone to a mall dressed in a stained t-shirt (with a tear under the armpit) and bermuda short? :D

Nautankey said...

I think arvind saying 2-3 decades is pretty ought to be 2-3 centuries :P.

Well for me greying is a hereditary issue.Mom n grandpa had full white @40.Am already 10% greyed ..planning to go to VLCC for a package.

And abt being worst dressed..come on woman get a break.Ur married n ur hubby will find u pretty in any dress[no choice for him :p] so y botherd abt comparitive analysis. shud have added this in the script :)

Bedazzled said...

Nikhil ... Very thought provoking statement .. my head refuses to believe it !! a grey hair is irreversible.. it can be just camoflauged, so it's big deal !!!.. i still have not experimented with torn t shirts , yet ... !!

Aww.. wtf?? married women can't feel vain ? this is totally not fair !!it's like our whole existence shud revolve around the hubby huh ?.. now maybe u will say i shud be content with cooking him meals and doing his laundry ? hee hee ...

Nautankey said...

Cooking meals for him...poor thing I dont want him to suffer :P. i aint against married folks dressing up but its abt doing the comparison and feeling low.

Anonymous said...

I say, "why are you looking at me instead of shopping?" U & I know, what matters is the sole.. I mean.. soul.. So, lets go buy footwear.. :-D

Bedazzled said...

vinod.. wasnt feeling low or anything .. was just surprised that people were so well dressed..i prefer the grungy look..i am not the kind that cares too much abt what people mite think .. just plain observations and a lil exaggeration ..;-)

Aparna.. So, u were that chick in stilettos and designer jeans that inspired this post ? hee hee... i have a weakness for bags and accessories .. and shoes also .. Lemme know when u wanna blow some serious money..winks conspiratorially