Sunday, December 28

Return of the old post- Part 2

Bride Hunting..

Statutory warning : Old post. Ignore if already read !!

Ever since my cousin (let's call him A) attained “eligible bachelor" status , all conversations at family get-togethers dangerously veer towards what he should look for in his prospective bride. Just about everyone wants to contribute his 2 cents....Now don’t get me wrong. Marriage is definitely a family affair. All I am just objecting to is all and sundry thrusting their views on the poor soul trying to get married.

There is of course, the new pastime that my family members have taken to... logging onto and dissecting each girl’s profile to pieces.

First profile for the day..
A's mother: "That girl looks too modern, she will not fit into our family”

A : "That’s ok, amma. Girls these days want to look good and there is nothing wrong in that. I like my wife to be well dressed and not have a heart attack when she sees other women in tank tops!!"

Booma aunty : "What a name .. Pinky?..We can’t let you get married to someone whose name is Pinky !!.

A : Whats in a name?.Would you guys have said ok if her name was Abhithakuchalambal?.She looks nice, though. "

Ramu mama : "what hobbies?? philosophy, photography, skate boarding and debating ...girl seems independant. You will be get into trouble.She seems High-maintainence.Let's look at some other profile"

A : "Very interesting.. i think i like her"

Seetha chithi : "What interesting ??. You need a girl who knows how to cook and not how to debate."

A's Father: "Where did we go wrong in bringing you up? Such girls will make you cook and clean after marriage.”

Vinu Chittappa : "Did your chithi know Bertrand Russel when we got married. Aren’t we happy?"

A : "Yeah , but i like my wife to be able to make intelligent conversation.Is there anything wrong with that? I want us to be equal partners in marriage. If i have to cook and clean, i will"

Booma aunty: "How come you have never helped your mother cook in the 27 years of your existence and you now willing to do all that for someone you don’t even know?.”

And so we move on to the next profile..

Ravi periappa : "This girl looks nice. They also belong to Tanjavur.The girl's father is also a general manager in sundaram Motors.

A : " Huh .. She looks like a school teacher. Look at that crooked nose. Plus i am not marrying the Girl's father. It doesn't matter to me if he is a big shot.”

A's father : " Aiyoo... At this rate, i don’t think you will ever get married.. You should learn to compromise and not concentrate on external things like looks. Only character matters, Not looks"

What character does one get to know about from a 30 -word write up that in most probability is fake??

Infact, my profile was on the site a 3-4 years back for a brief period of time. I was that tall,beautiful, fair,god fearing,soft spoken,family girl who likes to cook and sing keerthanas and was willing to let career take a back seat...Wonder what people thought of my character..
Gosh , What was i thinking when I let my parents write up my profile ..

No , this is not the last post of this year will wish u guys in my next post ;-)


Aparna said...

So is A married now? And to what type of girl? :D

Anonymous said...

Lol .
same question !!1
Is A married ??

Bedazzled said...

lady and genteelman .. No ..he is'nt and his parents have literally given up as he rejects profiles of women by the million..he is also refusing to get married to someone of his choice as he thinks falling in love is too much effort ..;-)

Nautankey said...

baaaaah.....going thru this crap now :( missed the jadhagam n poruthams part..bigger pain in u-know-where.

Sneha Divakar said...

:) :)
too funny.. i think my profile also exists in several matrimony sites and my parents' favorite weekend activity is to meet stranger couples for free coffee and snacks to discuss my future with their son!

Prasad said...

ROFLllllll!!!! ggr8 one and can so relate to this cause my bro is goin thru this stuff now!!! and WAT Fun it is :P :DDDD

Bedazzled said...

vinodu .. hee hee .. thot so !!! ;-o.. i am soooo glad i missed the jadagam bit !!

sneha ..poor u ..anything for free coffee and snacks .. maybe i shud call on u r parents saying that i have a brother to marry off.. hee hee .. !! and thanx for dropping by here ..

Prasad .. thanx for dropping by.. fun it is for ppl who r not going thru it .. its horrendous for ppl who r ready to get married .. but honestly a few of m friends who chose to get married thru such sites have nothing to complain abt ..yet another replacement to the maami-network , i guess

vimmuuu said...

Those conversations were quite similar to the ones I had a couple of months back until ......

My preferences were weird and the weirdest of them was my choice of name. I said I cant get married to someone with names like Latchmi, Meenachi or jaya (apparently, my moms name). I even rejected a girl without looking at any of her snaps or profile details, jus because her name was Shivaranjini !!!

and yes, even Bhargavi would have been a up front reject. LOL !!!

avdi said...

Haahaa very funny. No wonder you were snapped up so quickly Daz, your profile had all the right keywords.

As for A, I hope he holds out and marries someone he likes. If I were not too old, I would have sent him a proposal (after seeing his pic tht is)

Bedazzled said...

Vimal .. thats not fair !!! i am very "un-bhargavi" like ;-)shivaranjini is not bad either .. God,u r even worse than A..shame on u .. u have rejected many unsuspecting innocent,pretty girls who have reconciled to the sad plight of living with their names.. hey, btw.. how did it go ?evil grin..

Avdi ..oh no ..i made my parents remove my profile after a while as i thot it was a weird.. but yeah all the right keywords were there..;-) .. i did meet some decent chaps actually thru that site .. but after the second meeting i got so scared of getting married to some stranger who might turn out to be an axe murderer that i pulled out of the site ;-)

Smita said...

:D it was fun reading it again. We are going through the drill for my bro in law...

Sindhu :) said...

Aaah! Same story everywhere :D

Went through this whole thing for my sister! Horoscopes, astrology - all inclusive package it was :D And finally what happened was that a family friend who was witness to all this came forward & said I'll marry her & no one else :)) And there ended the story!

Ippo little hints being thrown at me every now then.... bracing myself :))

Shayari said...

Hey Bhargavi,
Stumbled on your blog through Smita's. Good effort!

And ya, this matrimony post is quite hilarious:)

Bedazzled said...

smita ... dankes for the continued patronage.. hee hee.. good luck for the search ;-)

sindhu .. sounds like my story .. hee hee .. Good luck for the groom-hunting and thanx for dropping by

Shayari ..thanx for dropping by and thanx again for the coments ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I guess all my questions have already been asked! :D

Angel's Flight said...


this is funny...guess what I have seen these conversations rage on many a times in ma own family!...and we have a Booma chitti too!! lolz

I still shudder at the thought of when those conversations revolved around me....eeeeeekkkkk

Anonymous said...

:((( where is my looong comment gone? dont tell me i hav to type it all over again :(

Bedazzled said...

nikhil .. u r like our indian police ..who come exactly after the fight scene is over and the villain has been rounded up .. ;0

Angel ..i actually dont have a booma chithi ..;-) ..all names changed .. lest i get beaten up !! u went thru the rigmarole too , huh ? i shudder thinking abt those days when i was in the market too .. hee hee

Verbi .. looks like the crow's carried u r comment away ..oops.. sorry abt u having to retype !!

Angel's Flight said... bad...but I do have one....:)

Anonymous said...

lol... :D

like ur blog... :D

Bedazzled said...

alice .. thanks .. and welcome to my space ;-)

Smitha said...

Just came across your blog - and loved it!

Bedazzled said...

smitha .. danks for dropping by !!and thanks for liking it !!

Renu said...

realy enjoyed the conversations and they touched me somewhere as it is the way evrything happens:), may be i am also guilty of few utterances like that:), but all in allmarriage is always a gamble, so why not take a calculated one?

Bedazzled said...

renu .. thanx for dropping by .. hee hee .. i am sure i have said a few mean things abt prospective brides of my cousin too .. hee hee. marriage is a gamble .. how true !!!

Renu said...

see I, have been through this rigmorale of finding a good wife for my son:), so i know all this and other pitfalls and fixed notions about everything and then came to the decision, that first we will screen and then only show it to our son and let him choose:)