Tuesday, December 23

So , how did u guys meet?

Ok folks ,the next few posts are going to be very old posts that got wiped off face of blogosphere when disaster struck bedazzled..me thinks most people wouldn't have read them.. If u have .. pls ignore and adjust.. and no ,i am not being lazy .. i just want my old posts back on my blog !! hee hee ..Here's installment number one ..

"So tell me how did you guys meet…?"

That's a question that I totally, totally love…Time to dip into all
those Mills&Boons I had been devouring up for years..Everyone expects
you to tell them exotic stories of mystery men, sophisticated life ,
not something droll and uninspiring which is most often the case.

These are some homespun tales of romance , which I've been practicing
on poor souls who've bothered to ask me the million dollar question
over the years…

"I picked up my husband at a bar. I am really coherent and interesting
when I am drunk you see". I don't think I can hold more than a peg of
alcohol, let alone have coherent conversation..I don't even think I
can have a coherent conversation when I am not drunk..

"Oh, he beat up all the goondas that were following me and I fell for
his bravery". How filmy ..My husband in reality is more Gandhian than
I would want to imagine.

Sometimes trying to be cool.. " I met him at Goa at a beach party . We
were together for every single party that summer" Excuse me .. Beach
party.. My conscience must be dead.. Dead On Arrival, definitely!!

Sometimes cheesy ..."We sat next to each other at our flight to
Paris.. We ended up together on the Eiffel tower".. Ah, I am never
going to show you my passport.. And you will lap up all the dope on
Paris that I googled;-). God bless, google. What would I do without you??

"His car crashed into my mine and sent me a dozen roses everyday for
the next 1 year ". I don't know how to drive a car, don't have a car
and my husband's given me a sum total of 11 flowers in the last 3
years, most of which was after we got married. No, I wasn't counting..

"So, you want to know how we actually met?"

"I used to have a cat that fell into an open manhole. He rescued the
cat for me. How brave.That's how we met …"

So, you wanted a story … and I gave you one ;-)

How did we actually meet??

well, Let's just say an angel dropped him unexpectedly mid flight and let me keep him.. ;-).. So how did u meet your better-half??


Nautankey said...

LOL...so till the end u havent come out with the real answer. Me thinks he met u when he came for one of the shows for which u were ticket counter incharge.Got his ticket to matrimony :P . Have told this story to a girl and convinced her to take up ticketing for our shows...hope u remember the one who was there at out ticketing desk :P

Just call me 'A' said...

you've got mail on the Q

Anonymous said...

LOL... I've noticed you use "methinks" a lot! :D

Bedazzled said...

vinod .. nah nah !!! ticketing happened for only few weeks... Wats u r story ?

A.. Danke ...will try it out and let ya know if i have trouble

Nikhil ..methinks a lot ;-) !! and i am impressed..

Anonymous said...

Me thinks we are a tad better than Praddy...who cannot even find the name of that girl!! :D
Ok...I think am gonna get kicked by him sooooon.

Anonymous said...

and yeah!! Return of the lost posts ;)

vimmuuu said...

now how did I meet my BEST half???hmmmm....hmmmmmmmmmm.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Bedazzled said...

aparna ..i dont want to get kicked .. my lips are sealed ;-) .. and yeah .. return of the old posts ..

Vimal .. romba yusikaadha ;-)

Smita said...

:D :D

Aparna Gonibeed said...

So, HOW did you guys meet?

I like the one where the cat fell in the manhole, though that seems surreal too..

I think love stories are in the books, reality is just plain, simple and in the face! Love just blossoms thereon.. :-D

Happy Married Life, I say! :-D

Bedazzled said...

smita .. ;-)

Aparna G.. danke lady.. yup reality is very straightforward .. :-)

Divya said...

Hehehe such questions just beg one to use their imagination dont they :P

Bedazzled said...

divya ..good to see u after a long time ..;-) .. yeah they do !!

Anonymous said...

me thinks you people met at some place where they check Horoscopes :P :) ! !! !!
and i would be glad if my better half could just meet me :P

Bedazzled said...

Arvind .. no horoscopes for us .. hee hee.. and get u r act togetehr soon or u'll end up like prads having a million crushes a year :-) ..i hope i dont get kicked for this !!;-)

Anonymous said...

VIMMUUU - you want me to answer that question for you?? my pleasure my friend ;P

me.met my better half in college..tried to rag me ;) how cruel..and in the ended up saving me frm all other raggings ;) fell for that ""bravery"" (pssst all were his pals))

Bedazzled said...

verbi.. Vimmuu i still dont believe that vimal's version of story (as told to us ) is accurate ..daal mein kuch kaala hai.. well, we'll have to wait to hear it from the prettyn lady as well ..;-)

hee hee .. thats seriously a cute story ..sounds sooo bolly-woodish ;-)..and welcome to my space ..

Operative Knick-Knacks said...

I met my spouse by killing a mosquito on her back...

thats how we met. I was stoned and i wanted to kill the mosquito so badly i just thumped her back.

I wonder if that will fall under bravery.

Bedazzled said...

Knick knacks .. haa haa.. now dats so rommantiiicc !!! .. welcome in here !

The Visitor said...

How we met?
Oh on the marriage dais (o

The Visitor said...
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