Tuesday, December 30

A year that wazz..

Maybe i should post this tomorrow , but what the heck.. so doing it today itself ;)

2008 has been the quintessential roller coaster year for me .. The year started as lack-lusture as any year could be with such high boredom levels at work ,when i started looking at greener pastures. Dreams were big and ambitions were bigger.. Changed jobs after a 3 1/2 year stint with an organization..post the job shift things went on a downward spiral..screwed up everything in sight after that.. goofed my exams, lost peace of mind and ended up working almost 15 hours a day ( without enjoying a single second of it), became a zombie and started snapping at any living being in sight, disappointed that my life and ambitions were crumbling right in front of my eyes ..
Then abruptly, i gave up everything as i couldn't take it any longer..It has taken me a while to reconcile to the fact that i threw away an incredibly well paying job almost impulsively..but yeah, i paid a price for peace of mind and hope i don't ever regret that..

Surprisingly , things have started looking up for me after i quit ..my life which was on "pause" mode for a long,long time started "playing" again..and this time i am not bothered about making that well-orchestrated mother of job-shifts or anxious about not being able to get into investment banking or bothered about what the future has in store for me.I am happy being bored at times and am delighted at the possibilities ahead of me..books to read,movies to see , stuff to write, places to see,skills to learn (cooking !!) and burnt bridges to repair..

2008 has been a year of revelations to me .. Started a blog just for the heck of it(and let it remain dormant for a long time ),did a bit of travel, started writing for a newspaper,made some lovely friends and got myself a tattoo..

I am incredibly surprised that i am posting something as personal as this in public domain ...2008 must go down in history of my life as the year i opened up to so many strangers and made friends so fast .. i am so glad i discovered blogging..

I don't make resolutions normally , but am doing so for 2009 ..i have a feeling that 2009 is going to be good to me.. oh , well ..big deal if it isn't !!.. I am going to have fun .. period

Thanks to everyone who's made this year memorable for me .. Have a great 2009,all u lovely people..May all your dreams come true..cheers!!


Just call me 'A' said...

happy new year. have a blast. and keep the 'have fun' resolution. life is too short. i don't make new year resolutions...stopped it when i was in my teens :).
2008 has been hell for me. my closing post is still not up and i don't have time to do it at leisure. hopefully i get to it before the year end. so what tattoo did you get? i have a butterfly :)

Angel's Flight said...

Hey Girl,

This is freaking me out....for many a reasons, but guess what...I am sitting at home too...enjoying the boredome (lolz) aftermath of a very well paying job! what a year this has been....ah well here is to the next year!


vimmuuu said...

Paaaaaattii....Wish you the happiest year ahead !!!

verbivorehere said...

I felt the same about blogging too..was damn shocked to see myself opening up to so many stranger when otherwise i have this bottled up image!
wishes that you can achieve resolutions for the year ahead!

kamal kannan said...

An insight into the might of a stranger!

so thats how the year gone by ws fo u...nice blog :)

Bedazzled said...

A.. wish u the same , girl..u r year's been bad as well , huh?.. i got an angel ..i am not normally a girly person .. but this angel so so cute that i had to have it .. looking forward to u r post :-)

Angel ..ah!! someone who knows what i am going thru .. and Cheers to next year :-)

Vimal .. dankes a ton.. wish u a great year ahead..u still havent given us the update ;-()..

Verbi .. its freaky, i know !!!.. i am a private person and normally dont let many people know whats on my mind .. but after this blogs things have changed .. wishing u a great 2009 too

Kamal kannan.. thnx for dropping by..how did u r year go ?

The Seeker said...

Hey!!!! Have a great year ahead And the same with my blog too.. Didnt know that I would be a blogger and people would read my posts and comment

Psych Babbler said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Wish you a Happy New Year and I hope 2009 has even better in store for you!

Bedazzled said...

seeker ..well , u r one now and i just read u r blog .. hee hee .. and have a smashing 2009

psych babbler.. u have a great 2009 as well

kanaguonline said...

Wishing you a new year to you :)

Bedazzled said...

kanagu.. thanx .. wishing u a great 2009 as well ..

Nautankey said...

three cheers for the noo year..hic!!
And an award for the grand old lady@ bloggers :P


Sindhu :) said...


And of course 2009 is going to look better! At least better than 2008!

Here's wishing you never have a moment of :( this year!! And even if you ever have - let something else come across immediately to make you go :)

Sindhu :) said...

And.. if you don't mind, can I name you as Bharu in my blog roll?

I've a cousin with the same name and I call her the same! :D

Bedazzled said...

vinod .. 3 cheers to ya too, buddy .. hic .. i hope u r hang over's gone .. thanks for the lovely flower ...

Sindhu .. thanks for the lovely wishes..Bharu's cool .. much better than perusu and paati ;-)..what's in a name ? hee hee

arvind1187 said...

nice to know that u feel better after quitting the job..
Happy new year ..
so u finally got a tatoo ... !!!

avdi said...

yeh thts the spirit... what is new year but another new day.. we have to take life as it comes.

Sneha Divakar said...

cool post. i can almost relate to screwing up everything in 2008. :|
way to go.. happy new year!

Bedazzled said...

arvind..yup much better than when i was working.. happee new year to u as well

avdi.. thanks.. i am learning to take it in the right spirit .. lets see//;-) .. happy new year to u

sneha .. thanx and wish u a great 2009

Sam said...

nice blog :)


Bedazzled said...

thanx for dropping by, sam ..