Tuesday, July 29

why do people blog??

Me: I created a blog today!!!!
Alter ego :huh .. so what??.. so do gazillion other people who have been randomly littering the internet with their supposed"witicisms" ..

On and off i have wondered what it would be like to have a blog ... and share random details of one's existence to random public..For a really long time i also thought that i didn't have a point of view on a lot of things going on around me and didnt know what i would blog about even if i did start my own blog.. well thats a frightening thought .. but what the heck i decided to litter the internet further with my random musings ..

that brings me to another existential question(!!) - why do people blog?

Maybe cos ...

**They are bored and honestly dont know what to do with themselves ...
**They think they are witty and just want to show off ...
.**Nobody else would to listen to their existential questions (duh)and their metaphysicals interpretations in their offline avtars ...
*They genuinely want to unleash knowledge hithero not known to mankind..I for one cant think of anything i can contibute which has already not been contributed which can lead mankind to a path of greater glory;-)
**Great way to revive memories and share it with others
**Get a kick out of seeing their written word in a public domain .. I almost said seeing their written word in print .. honestly how many of us even have time to read books .. my only reading happens at office when i am browsing during those oh-so boring days at work.

... and what prompted me to start blogging.. well i accidentally bumped into a 18 year old (who i had seen bumming around as a 10-11 year old) and now that same "kid" has a blog that shares his everday learnings ... and... it sounded like such a sauve and intellectual thing to do ..to have a blog .. So here i come !!Unleasing my verbal -online -diahorrea;-)

Ps : check out this kids blog at alearningaday.blogspot.com. I am sure it will make you feel like a bummer youself .. The only thing i thought of at that age was "what next .. i am so confused!!.... "

yipeee ... i created a blog