Saturday, August 30

Hell , why ?

Why, Oh why?
What is so appealing to people about sadness? Why do sad movies and books get more awards and are critically acclaimed than happy ones? Isn’t it harder eliciting a smile than drawing out a tear drop? Is a creation that evokes a feeling of loss, melancholy or sadness more precious than something that makes you laugh? How many happy-movies have won the Oscars ? How many happy-books have won the Booker? Why does the typical “multiplex” crowd tend to appreciate parallel cinema a whole lot more than commercial cinema?.Why are people who watch serious english theatre considered intellectual? Why do most blogs on the internet written by women seem very similar? Why does the language, the style and the topics seem the same? why do most rockstars have long hair ,pierced body parts and wear t-shirts with whacky lines? Why are Indian kids these days more proficient in english than their own mother- tongues? Will English end up the single unifying factor of this nation? Why are there so many dance-based shows on tv these days ? Why does every 3rd metro-sexual male I bump into look like a clone of the second guy – perfectly groomed? Why are mothers the way they are? .. selfless and caring. Do selfish daughters morph into selfless angels when they become mothers ?Why do Indian women think that drinking , smoking and having pre-marital sex makes them liberated and get them one step closer to equality of sexes? Does Male-infanticide exist? Do husband-beaters exist ?Do women use pick up lines?Why do women reconcile and let their career take a back seat for the sake of the family?Why are male classical dancers considered effeminate ?why do we flinch when we have to wear an unbranded shoe to our aerobics class? Why does it have to be Adidas or Nike or Reebok? Why is nobody content with a single degree anymore? Why do we want to believe in god so desperately when we know subconsciously that the belief is not going to change anything? Why do they not play english songs on MTV anymore? Why are most beautiful places on earth strife-ridden ? Why do I rarely come across people wearing cuff-links these days? Why do people see “sex in the city” or Saas-bahu serials ?why do I switch on the tv automatically when I come home ?Why do neo-nazis and terrorists think the way they do ?.
.. and Yawn ... why am I up at 3:00 AM blogging ?? Honestly ,wish I had answers..