Sunday, January 11

How much love is ok ???

ok .. this is the first post of this year (Applause !!).. was not in a frame of mind to blog before .. but the weekend has been good and i am more or less back to old self..weird me is backkk !!!

something's been nagging me for quite sometime(more like a decade) and i needed to get an answer ... once and for all !!!

Ah the story goes like this .. there is this guy .. lets call him AK and his lovely sister M.. lets call her MASK( M, sister of AK , of course !!! ) .. now MASK and AK are the picture perfect brother-sister tag team in the entire world .. before AK sneezes , MASK gets out the tissues , vicks dabba and crocin tablets.. similarly before MASK sheds a solitary tear, AK tears up for the sister and flexes his muscles in anticipation of some guy ditching the sister .. since i was a witness to all the drama from very close quarters , i was privy to some facets of AK-MASK relationship , which till date i think is weird .. now u will have to help me decide who is more weird .. AK-MASK tag team or your's truly .. ok, let me get to the point

AK was roughly 19 and MASK was 24-25 give or take 1-2 years ( this was almost a decade ago) .. One day yours truly spied (yes spied!!!) on MASK's email to Ak and AK's reply to the mail..and what i read took my breath away ... hold u r breath,guys .. the 3 words !!! "i love u ".. wow, do 19 year olds say " i love you" to their sisters ?? the mail also rambled and meandered for 2500 words brimming with more mushy and utterly sappy stuff like "you are the best brother anyone could ever have " and stuff in similar vein ...Initially i thought this was a classic-chronic case of incest .. but then some other sources(reliable ones at that ) told me that it that wasn't so .. !!!

Ever since i stumbled on this earth shattering mail , i have put AK-MASK on "weirdo-alert" and run a mile away when i see either of the two(not that i bump into them too often) .. well, the latest on this lovely saga is that AK-MASK still haven't changed ,.. they still leave each other mushy .. i miss u and i wanna hug u badly type messages on public domain (the likes of orkut and FB)

At times i wonder whether it is me who is weird .. whats wrong in a 19 year old guy saying i love you to his sister ? another part of me says that i am right(as usual !!)

guys .. say it's not normal.. please !!!! please !!!!


Sindhu :) said...

I've seen brothers & sisters that are like really attached to each other, but I have never actually come across anyone that goes around saying 'I want to hug you badly' and all..

Maybe they are made like that.. or maybe they are really weird!

Anonymous said...

hey!!! yay!! first post of 2009!! AK-MASK...totally weird. Indian context - absolutely bizarre. In all these years, my brother & I have never ever said I love you to each other! My take and I have never met such a duo ever!
Now, wondering why you have written this piece. Thought maybe you would write about the weekend!! :D and our ragging of poor G :)

Bedazzled said...

thanx , sindhu .. u have restored my faith in the human race ;-)..

Apar .. i don't know why i wrote this post either !!!..and thanx for seconding the opinion that AK-MASK combo is weird ;-) .. i did have a great weekend though.. will write abt it next time !!

Anonymous said...

I want to hug you badly' and all..

Sheesh .. IS this Normal ??? :o
I would rather be weird all my life !!! :P

praddy said...

yea kinda seems like abnormal!

havent come across such ones!

and haan you are perfectly normal..about thinking its not normal :P

Nautankey said...

weirrrrdddd!! no way is it normal. That too in an indian context, have seen siblings get attached when they r kept say in boarding schools etc,., but even then..mushy messages in public domain...i dont trust ur sources who gave a clean chit to them :P

Anonymous said...

Isn't it more weird that all of us here are calling you normal?! lol!! just kidding!!

Angel's Flight said...

Hey B,

I totally agree. Being really attached to your sibling....Normal

Loving each other in the bro-sis way ....Normal

Leaving each other public messages....maybe normal

If those messages say 'I wanna badly hug you'....FREAKY

lolz....I would be running away too


Bedazzled said...

arvind ..hee hee !!!.. i would be weird myself too !!!

prads .. thanks ..its nice to see reassuring messages ...

Vinod .. in retrospect clean chit seems a lil suspect .. but the source is reliable !!!!.. we r all such emotionally bankrupt people, i say !!

aparna .. cycle gapla trainaaa??

Bedazzled said...

Angel .. FREAKY it is !!!! hee hee ..maybe the metro-sexual male has meta morphed into this needy-sister-clingling- monster !! .. but then this was years back when metro sexual-ness was not the in-thing !!! nyways aberrations cant be explained , i guess ;-)

Prasad said...

no clue!! i dont hav a sis!!

but i do hav a bro and itz more li 'sup u dumbass'

Angel's Flight said...


hehehehe...even metro - sexual-ness does not explain that behavior :)...lolz

Aaarti said...

If you are wierd, worry not ,we are all with you, sitting in the same booth!!!
yes, my sis and i do tell each other "love u" .."hugs", but that would happen once in a blue moon..
but this IS wierd/freaky/ sure will freak me out to see them being so open about it...[maybe just cos we've never come across people like that..oh,well!!! ]

Anonymous said...

Bro-Sis luv is gud but better with fights & arguments. so that we know there is 1 person in this whole world whom we can call any bad word (and get a reply u were born b4 me so that makes u a greater.......)& still luv that person the most.. but this is really freaky.

Anonymous said...

all th comments here puzzle me :(
im confused! My bro doesnt talk to me anymore..but guess what id just write in every wall "I love you" for him..and 'I do miss him' as nethng can miss nethng else!...i might havent expressed it..and cant express it..but i guess i can empathize with the feeling u mentioned ;P (now i hope i dnt sound odd ;P)

Bedazzled said...

prasad .. its like that with me and bro too .. we barely grunt at each other's existence .. hee hee .. not that bad , but definitely dont leave i miss u messages on each other walls ;-)

Angel. ummm...well , weird r the ways of the world ;-)

Arts .. u r leaving comments on blogs .. wats up dudette ?? sis-sis relationship is different .. sisters can totally tell i love u to each other .. brother-sister .. especially when the brother is 19 .. is a lil weird !!!

Bedazzled said...

oorjas.. i have a bro and we trade insults regularly .. and the werid par fo it is that its total fun .. who wants to say " i miss u " when u can say .. "get out, dumbass !!"

verbi.. different strokes for different folks .. sorry that u guys r nt talking .. life's a bitch at times !!!

Prasad said...

ROFLLLLLLL i cant imagin leavin msgs lik tht to my bro!!!!

aaaggghhhhh!!! hell NO!

Deeps said...

EEEEEWWWWWWW!! My brother and I do hug when we meet up but to tell him 'I love you,I want to hug you badly'..weird weird weird.Gross!!thats the term coming to my mind!
Its my first time her.came through A. Thank you for sharing this experience,Bedazzled.else wouldnt have known such utterly weird people like AK & MASK existed amongst us.

Anonymous said...

It's a wierd thing that too in public forums like orkut :(

Bedazzled said...

prasad..hee hee .. i totally know the feeling ;-).. join us on our next blogger-meet

eeps.. danks for dropping by lady .. eeks it is ;-).. oh yeah .. AK and MASK exist and are sooo oblivious to people bitching about them on this blog .. hee hee ..mean me ;-)

kanagu .. yeah !!! .. danks for dropping by

Anonymous said...

hey concur with you :)

its really wierd and may be they wud be masking the real relationship under bro-sis one :)

dont know.......

btw!! u got good sense of humor and good blog :)

mind if i add u n read u ?

vimmuuu said...

LOL!!! I dont think I would ever send such messages to my best half even !! It actually reminded me of a FREINDS episode where Rachel comes across a similar bro n sis.

But for me the weirdest part wasnt that? It was you spying on the mails !!!! Bad paatti, bad !!! :D

Btw, how did you get so many of them to comment here all of a sudden ??? Guess your old blog was jinxed, I used to be the only person who commented there :D Great going and really happy for you (Yeah, I can be sweet at times..only AT TIMES )

Just call me 'A' said...

I will go with your instinct. Saying I love you to a brother or sister is not uncommon but being all mush and excess of it is a little weird..i agree.
aur..why the feeling down business babe. cheer's a new year.

eye-in-sty-in said...

I think its unanimous. Hug messages are freaky! Then again, did you read the correct context while spying? :D

If u stil lwant my opinion, I more or less agree with Angel's Flight!

Bedazzled said...

sam.. u made my day !!;-) .. sure add me opn .. recommend me to people u wanna torture .. !!!

Vims.. yeah , man .. even a week back i was like " please let the comments cross 20 .. " and it was hovering at 16 and 18 suddenly God is giving me comments kuraiya pichikuttu ... there was a time when u , gappu and smita were the only people who used to comment.. paati is rocking , finally !! hee hee .. did i say touchwood?? TOUCHWOOD ..

Bedazzled said...

vims... ah, i forgot to comment on the spying bit ..well , when u r 19 , u r sense of ethical responsibility r not fully developed , i guess i need to see this episode ..planning to see friends from season 1 soon ..and dude, its totally ok to say mushy stuff to "The one" ;-)

A.. umm .. danks babe!! me is ok now ..i realized something after this post .. who am i to judge people .. if AK-MASK want to profusely mush up their conversations, they have every right to ..just becos i dont(or all u people dont ) doesnt, mean that its wrong ..i feel suddenly grown up !! hee hee

Bedazzled said...

Eye-in .. yes.. i am the totally-awesome-spy-machine..its a lil rusty remembering teh actual content after so many years .. maybe i shud have sent a copy to myself also ..but i am so surprised that there have been so many ayes... i thot i would have atleast a few peple abusing me saying that its normal !!

Smita said...


I surely don't agree with it, it indeed is strange!!!!

Archie said...

I send my bro e-mails which have mushy lines in the likes of
"love you bro"
"Stop snooping in my closet you freak!"
"take care, mwahs and no I do not know where your walk man is"
But I would never say "I want to hug you badly" and if I did, I would pack my bags and haul ass to rehab.
Here's some gyaan.. It takes too many muscles to run away. Just one to flip em the... Well, you catch my drift!

Bedazzled said...

smita.. danks girl !!!
archie .. danks for dropping by , bella..sure next time if i do get to hear that the duo r in town .. will take them to u .. but i guess everythings changed now .. next time i see them i would know for sure that they r weird and giggle uncontrollably .. till now it was only a suspicion!! hee hee ..