Sunday, February 15

The post where i use a bad word ..hmphhh..

Statutory Warning : Long post

Hope everyone had a sooper valentine’s day showering love on spouses, boyfriends, friends,family and themselves .. as for me and hubby .. this is the taleof our (mis)adventures .. ok it was’nt that bad!!

It all started a few days back when I saw this ad in the papers that there was going to be a couple competition in one of the new malls in the city.. My sane Alter ego , ziggie told me to stay away from this becos of 2 reasons

a) Hubby and I are generally not the openly expressing love kinds. We are a lil bit restrained (atleast I am!!) in public and a competition like this might warrant you to make an utter fool of yourself by making public a lot that mush that ideally shoule be shared in private (again, thats the way I am)

b) People who know me well would also know that I am very competitive and don’t like losing, not even in a silly competition like this . Ziggie warned me that I would spoil the ocassion for not just me but hubby as well !!

But then Zulu , my insane Alter ego(I have a split personality) gave into temptation ( the ad mentioned free gifts !!) and decided to register… Now that the background is set and the audiences primed, let me move on to the actual flashback..

Oinnnnnn… Mosquito coils ….

We were asked to report at indie mall at 4:00 and got delayed by couple of minutes. Since I have this weird habit that I have to be exactly one minute before the expected time, hubby got an earful on his time management abilities. .. When we got to the mall , we realised to our utter dismay that there were 5 odd shoppers and 50 people to attend to them .. the 5 included us also us. I felt a little thrilled at the fact that I was now going to become an important statistic to the mall … A footfall is what they wanted , a footfall they would get !! the good part .. having gotten used to a crowded malls filled with Yuppie-wannabe crowd , Indie made me feel like a wild stallion gallopping in green meadows..

The event started at 5:30 types.I was a little psyched with the kind of crowd that had come (I can be a snob sometimes!!) and there were several times when I wanted to bail out.. but then Zulu persevered and I must say she is the dominant personality in me.. The MC being a throrough MCP asked women to propose to their partners.. and what followed was a verbal diahorrea of uttely Cheesy dialogues like “ You are someone to the world , but you mean the world to me !!!” Gosh , what was Zulu thinking !!. Incidentally , this dialogue won a chocolate for the best valentine day saying .. Some men and women made a fools of themselves by sharing embarassing stories about how they met and some crooned mushy songs (like tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam ) in nasal voices. I freaked at the possibility of having to exhibit such Non- Ziggie behaviour and prayed that I didn’t get picked. Thankfully God was a little free yesterday and decided to listen to me ..What a relief!!

We had several rounds to compete(!!) in. In one round the guys picked up saris and the women were asked to figure out the saris picked by their hubbies. Hubby and I had already agreed on picking Blue beforehand. I promptly (and incidentally beaming with pride) picked up a sari that looked bluish-greenish, while mentally cursing myself for not showing hubby what blue actually meant.. I knew I had cracked this round as there wasn’t any other vaguely blue sari around. Alas! When I come out Hubby tells me apoogetically that he forgot the “blue rule” and picked up something orange!!! .. Another round had us go on a treasure hunt for groceries (why would anyone spend time discovering groceries!!.. duh!!) with the shop attendents guiding people on where to find stuff ,though they were not supposed to .. We did end up getting all the items on the list.

Yet another round had us fill in answers to questions like favourite channel . We had reherersed answers to potential questions before but then after the blue-rule goof up I didn’t expect too much.. Later, when I asked hubby his questions we found that our questions were different. It was nothing more than a info gathering tool for the organisers .. the Bas*****.. And we thought our compatibility was being tested !! .. I wish I had bluffed in the questionnaire!!

The best round of all was where the men had to tie saris to a mannequin with wifeys guiding them. The paper had already warned us this round would be there but since I didn’t have a sari at home , I had to make do with a bedsheet and anyone who has worn a sari would know that it just isnt the same. So when my ill prepared husband had to compete with stalwarts (some men draped the sari better than I could ever manage!!), his mannequin looked like a bedowin belle from Sudan .. However, we did have a good time laughing at our new method of draping a sari .. There were some couples who had gone on panic mode with the wife egging the husband to finish on time .. We had stopped caring after the first few rounds and decided to have a good time instead .. too bad we didn’t win for our bedowin costume .. I thought it was cute !!
The whole debacle finished with a fashion show .. (arggh!!) where we were asked to ape some steps the MCP (ok , the MC) showed us. And then when they read out the names of top 10 couples .. we , obviously were not on the 10 ten.. Philosophically we did ask ourselves whether we were a bad couple ..

Takeways.. 2 free pop corns , 2 free mirandas , 1 free sprite (I forgot to pick it up,hubby didnt !! ), 100 rupee voucher to shop in indie , miscellaneous vouchers that I would never use and an acute awareness that I had wasted 3 hours of our time . I should never listen to Zulu ever again.. We did have a snobby time making fun of other participants and the organisers (I know I am mean !!). I also got to know a lot of things about hubby (thanx to the rehersals the previous day. I didnt think i had anything more to know abt him , having known him for around 15 years now ) ..

However Sour green grapish this may sound -winning is not important, having fun definitely is! :0..


Anonymous said...

that surely must have been fun..

being embaressed..? with others making a fool out of themselves too.. no way..!

fun totally.!

Angel's Flight said...

Oooh what fun!!! hehehehe the sari drapping comp...Even If I had to do it..I would be standing there looking at that thing for 3 hrs...and praying that some of my aunt would show up and rescue hubby is tho dooor ki baath!! hahahaha

Btw did u learn anything about each other?

Anonymous said...

oh boy! I so wanted to be there to cheer you & G!! Shoulda been there for the blue-orange debacle ;) and the bedouin saree
You must have had fun! Hope G enjoyed it as much...
Btw, how does G manage all those personalities and are there more? Ziggie/Zulu/Bedazzled &....

Bhargavi said...
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Bedazzled said...

oorjas.. yea, it was !!.... Sadly i am wired differenty :-)

shalini ..i actly know how to wear a sari .. but dont know how to teach that to someone .. :-)yeah, i did learn that in the everyday hustle bustle we stop learning more about people we care about .. did learn quite a few trivia abt him in the rehersals we had at home :-)

Apar.. glad u didnt come. .. it would have been even more embarassing and cheesy !! hee hee .. i know i am such a dork !!.. G was kinda pissed off that we wasted an afternoon .. :-) .. men !! oh, there r more .. i think i have around 14 personalities that i know about.. i know more r lurking !

Aaarti said...

1st off.. loving the songs playing on this FM thing in your blog girl!!!:)

2nd - wowww.. so much fun you guys had.. nice!!:D

Nautankey said...

Sounds like u to had fun time... good listen to zulu at times else we wont get interesting posts to read :)

Dewdrop said...

That sounds like a fun-day!

Smita said...

You guys had fun :D

Girl ziggie is boring...let zulu rule :D

Sometimes it is fun to just let go and have fun!!! BTW lol @ ur hubby forgetting the blue typical of men!!!

Prasad said...

HAHAHAHahahahahahaha! good fun to even read abt it!!! cha watchin it would hav been so much more fun! ;)

Bedazzled said...

Arts.. i know .. i discovered some lovely old songs thru this .. remember casablanca theme .. i listened to it after almost 10 odd years !!..hee hee , yeah we did have fun..

Vinod .. there r 12 others to listen to .. maybe when i write a post i shud declare which personality of mine was involved with the activity :-)

Dewdrop.. sure was.. :-).. thanks for dropping by

Bedazzled said...

smita .. I Zulu mite be fun , but she is potential trouble as well ..!! I know men will always be men !!.. a rule as simple as blue-rule .. he also knows that blue is my favourite colour :-)

Prasad .. hee hee.. u bet it was fun .. never heard so much mush concentrated in a square feet of mall space !!:-)

Anonymous said...

LOL real funny this post is :) Happy you had a great time!
bedouin belle of sudan :)) great one!!

Anonymous said...

The only bad word you've used has been censored? How disappointing!

Shayari said...

He he your insane alter ego rocks gal!
Are there any more Zulus n Ziggies to be unnveiled..??:D

Bedazzled said...

verbi .. dankes !!

Nikhil.. Dude, its an improvement from not using even censored words on my posts !! :-)

Shayari .. Ah 14 of them
zglon (pronounced Glyon)
Zee Zee

vimmuuu said...

LOL @ the flashback. I once wanted to put that in one of my post. Thought no one would understand !

I must say, Guha is one sweet person to have tolerated all these nonsense !!!

You guys seriously had some fun! Happy for you! (Bahh!who am I kidding with the sweet words !) :D

Just call me 'A' said...

ha ha God. You must have had a blast. I too like to be ahead of time in all cases. But when I am with men they always make me late. glad you guys had fun

Bedazzled said...

vimmu .. wanted to put it long back .. never got around toactly ..apart from u nobody never noticed .. so good thing u didnt put it :-).. ah, got to the crux of the issue .. smaart baai

A.. yeah we did .. u r a late-bird too ??

Smita said...

Where the hell is spring cleaning post?

Bedazzled said...

smita .. it had to go ... :-)..i got a few(actly a lot) of nasty comments from some people and especially one person who i thot might not come here.. i forgot that my orkut profile has my blog address :-).. thot wud screen the comments .. but thats just painful let it go ;-)

praddy said...

Zulu sounds fun..listen to her more often :D:D

i havent named my alter ego..shud think of some name..we geminis na :P!!!!

where is this Indie mall?

Anonymous said...

this one was great one...just loved reading it on the google reader

The Seeker said...

Am sure! you would have hell lot of fun....

Bedazzled said...

prads .. name him /her soon !! u need help with the naming ?? ;-)..Indie is on nelson manickam .. rember a dirty pink mall with stupid lions near the entrance .. well , dats Indie for u !!

Sam .. Danks .. Why's u r handle called Sam2 ??

Seeker .. Oh yeah ,we did !! :-)

Ritu said...

Hilarious!!!! Here from Barath's blog...

Bedazzled said...

Ritu.. thanx for dropping by !!!

tarun said...

This was sooooooooppppper, I njoyd reading this one :)
And the split personality disorder seems to be in the right place in your case :D

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