Wednesday, February 18

Pot Pourri..

I have never been a jam person .. but i recently discovered squeezee and i boy am i hooked .. breakfast,lunch and dinner -Jam Jam Jammy !!;-)..It's so much fun drawing out shapes with the squeezee.. Whoopie .. i am going to draw a house for breakfast tommorrow !!!

I saw this movie called "The house next door" . It's about an evil house where people living there suddenly start to hate what they love the most .. they get killed, kill,have affairs and stuff like that.. I dont normally see spooky movies alone , but managed to c this one without supervision.. and i am proud of meself
The house that we used to live in before was kinda jinxed that way .. it was beautiful.. but weirdly the one odd year we stayed there i was continuously falling sick..I have felt uncomfortable without any explanation in some houses..I also get freaked out if i hear of spooky stories about houses .. there is this house near my parents house where apparently a few people commited suicide .. everytime i pass through this house ,i get goosebumps..

On a different note ..i had visited a tradefair a few weeks back. I love trade fairs .. reminds me of childhood days when the whole family(cousins, cousin of cousins, their cousins and generally the whole jing bang) used to go to and have tons of fun.. Huge appalams, Pink cotton candy, lotsa cheap shopping and generally fun times. I hate roller coasters, so i normally get appointed the official bag keeper when everyone else hops on to the coaster.. I get jittery everytime someone i know climbs into a roller coaster or any such rides...Ok back to story.. so when hubby went on a shabby looking ride , i totally hyperventillated and started praying.. i was later was made fun of for exhibiting such sissy behaviour..I saw guys welding parts of operating rides and knew hearts of hearts that this was going to be the ticket to a disaster..

A few days back , there was a news article about 5 people who were injured badly when they got thrown off a roler coaster becaues of a loose bolt ..Sadly the state of affairs at trade fairs is horrendous and safety measures grossly ignored. Infact ,a similar freak accident happened sometime back and a committee was appointed to review the safety norms of trade fairs.. they came up with the conclusion that the rides didnt need more saftey precautions.. Who are they kidding !!! .. it's just so obvious that the rides are in a state of disrepair..

I hope the state government doesn't see trade fairs only as a way to plaster pictures of the CM and does something about safety..I am not religious or superstitious but after my cousin's accident and similar freak mishaps ,i have started carrying a copy of bhagavad Gita wherever i go .. a friend keeps telling me .. The Sword of Damocles hangs suspended ,perpetually..I childishly believe that the sword wont touch my loved ones if i carry the book..I am weird , i know !! . Spookily, roller coasters also remind me of "final Destination" movie..

I dont normally watch any program regularly on tv .. but never miss " So u think u can dance".. I hope Sabra or Danny wins ..Anyone wants to have a bet on who the winner would be ?.. Gosh , i am a born gambler!! . The quality of this show is lightyears ahead of our desi clones like Jodi no1.. "So u think u can dance" showcases brilliant dancers and dance forms.What shows like Jodi no 1 showcase is just tamashaa..

This sure was a long post .. dankes for reading :-)


Nautankey said...

Aah I read it :) good one..and jam @ this dont do it.

Divya said...

squeeze jam?!?! so cute! :D long time btw.. heya!

Anonymous said...

Jammy?! :) Nice long post...taking a break from studies is it?

Anonymous said...

hey i missed out on lot of posts :)..And Jams seem to be new fad for u is it ?

i too kinda believe home / house plays a good deal in luck or fortunes of the residents!!

vimmuuu said...

That was one helluva roller coaster post !!

Bedazzled said...

vinod.. its fun !!.. what has age got to do with Jam ?

Div.. Hey!!! hows u , girl ?. i know ,its bin a long time ...

Aparna.. yeah , kinda ... numbers dancing in front of my eyes

Sammy.. hee hee, yup !! left u a msg in u r twitter post .. lemme know if u r ok ..;-).. u back from home town ?

Vims.. umm .. well !!

Angel's Flight said...

Hey Girl,

Not a jam fan myself...but totally lolzed the smiley bread :)

I used to get queezy on roller coasters but now I love the :)

and yeah I <3 'So u think u can dance'


Sindhu :) said...

Jam is a great thing to go with bread. But I hate to have it with anything else! I dont know how people eat it with upma, chapathi, puri and all!

I love fairs too! I go there mainly to eat the cotton candy :D I love all those rides, except the giant wheels, but the last few times when I went on that Tora Tora/My fair Lady/Disco Dancer type of rides - I threw up making it very embarrassing for myself and for others around me too :D So decided not to get into them again.

Praddy said...

nice..the paati is becoming younger at heart these how did the house drawing come up today :P ??

do you watch cricket? and IPL? if yes we can bet on them when IPL starts :P

Bedazzled said... did u get past the queasy stage ?? i have been trying for years and it evades me !!.."so u think.. " u too :-)

Sindhu.. i dont mind it with puri .. but with upma!!! yuck .. reminds me of a wierd combo someone i know loves .. maggie with curd ;-).. u wud wrinke u r nose if i mentioned more weird combos ..i went on a ride in one of the theme parks when i was in school (excursion type) and puked all over the girl sitting next to me and below my seat .. ughhh.. strangely, that puke cemented my friendship with the girl sitting next to me.. Anyhing can happen over puke they say ;-).. but yeah , i have avoided roller coasters ever since

Prads.. IPL .. ugh no !! i have started hating cricket .. there were times(a long long time ago) when i used to pray to the GODs to make it rain when India was losing drawing has towait till i get green and yellow clours .. monocolour house is not too interesting , u see:-)

Nautankey said...

Old age brings blood sugar paati

Shayari said...

Trade fairs se yaad aaya..I remember how I used to pester Amma to give me money to buy those cheap fancy bindis and plastic Kitchen sets..Sigh!those were the days..

honey said...

i m a jam fan.., cutely cute!!

Bedazzled said...

vinod.. sugar varumj onnoda enemykku..vaayila edhavadhu kasappa poda :-)

Shayari .. hee hee .. i used to loove those plastic kitchen sets too .. perfect for marie biscuit and water :-)

Honey.. :-).. welcome to my space !

Smita said...


I too hate those rides!!! darn scary they are :)

Prasad said...

Jam!!! i used to hav it with everything!! even wit maggie those days!

aaahhhh namba island grounds fair le pona ore kalasals dhan!! :P

Shayari said...

You are tagged Miss Bhargavi:)

Bedazzled said...

smita .. i know !! i am not a jam person myself ! ..

Prasad .. with Magee ..ugh!!! serious ?

Shayari .. dankes will do it soon !

The Seeker said...

AT last me here, leisurely reading ur posts!!!! Dunno why! the jam brought a smile in my face,, Hey I think I would be a sport for it! Missing it!!! and how much my momn keeps shouting when i keep on eating jam

And me too those exhibitions na, they scare me off.... I always get that weird thought what if something happens...

Bedazzled said...

seeker .. danks !!! i am now officially over jam .. last 1 week of munchin on bread and jam has made me hate the sight of strawberry jam :-)