Wednesday, March 11

Das Ka So!

I think this is the shortest title ever in the history of this blog ..
The other day we were really bugged sitting at home and wanted to catch a movie badly. As usual , we always feel this way at the eleventh hour and being a Saturday , we had no illusions of getting a ticket. So, we saunter into Inox , find the booking counter omniously crowded and almost give up on getting a ticket , when this decent looking gentleman(we’ll call him Ramu) comes up to us strikes up a conversation with hubby .

Ramu: Saar, you want tickets ?
Saar: Yeah !!!! .. Do you have tickets ?
Ramu: Yes Saar. 100 rupees per ticket
Saar: Isn’t the ticket 120 bucks? How come you are selling for 100 bucks ?
Ramu: Illa Saar(No, Sir), 10 rupee ticket for 100
Saar:Too much. I am going to be sitting in the 2nd row and paying 100 bucks .. 80 bucks ok ?
Ramu : No saar, I have other customers. 90 bucks. Final.
Saar: Ok , Fine . I’ll Take it . But, won’t the seats be too uncomfortable?
Ramu: No Saar. The seats are similar to 120 bucks seat. 1st 2 rows have to be sold at 10 rs as per government regulations.
Saar: Oh, ok! Tell me something,how did you get 10 rupee tickets?
Ramu: I come here at 5 in the morning to buy all the tickets for the day.
Saar: Oh ok .. Happy selling.

Later when we discussed about Ramu’s business model,what we stumbled upon had us gasping for air. Let me elaborate..

First a few assumptions(which might be true also .. but our calculations are approximate!)

- Assume that there are 2 rows of 10 seats each in a theatre. That gives us 20 seats
- Assume that there are 5 screens
- Assume that there are 4 shows for each screen

That gives us a total of 20*20(400) tickets to be sold in a day.
Now each ticket costs 10 bucks .

Outflow for Ramu (if he buys all tickets) : Rs. 4000

If Ramu sells a ticket for 80 bucks(avg out ) , his inflow will be 80*400 = 32000 bucks

Assuming that Ramu operates on 60% capacity, he will manage to get 0.60*32000 = 19,200 bucks. Ramu probably has to pay of people and lets assume that 30% of daily earnings is paid off as bribes .That leaves Ramu with 13,440 bucks .
Even if Ramu works for 3 days (Fri-sat –Sunday), his earnings for the week would be 40,320 bucks. That’s 1,61,280 bucks per month . Tax Free dough!

Even if Ramu does get hauled by the police for selling black tickets, he would have to pay 25-30k for bail and will still clear over a lakh a month !.

How do u like Ramu’s business model ? I heard he is selling rights for the Wednesday and Thursday slots .. any takers?

Idea Copyrights owned by Bedazzled and HooHaaHaa.Royalty(10% of net earnings) to be paid to copyright owners if anyone becomes Ramu's associates. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Interesting model!! and even more interesting analysis by the Idea copyrights couple!!!! :)
Why not put your foot forward and take up the selling rights for those days?! What is the catch?! Apart from the unnecessary royalty fees! ;)

praddy said...

Well, can i apply for this job? i will bargain with my company and reduce my notice period and join asap :D:D

worst of all ... Ramu does not pay tax :((. Its we the stoopid salaried employees do that :((

Prasad said...

and u had to mention taxes in march!!!! aaaaggghhhhhh!!!!!

and kalmadix! not if i beat u to it :D

else i'll wait for pvr to open up! atleast itz near home :P

Shaunak said...

very interesting model! Found any takers yet? :)

Aaarti said...

hahahaha..sema analysis!!! :)

naan varalapa intha vilayatukku..cant give up my stake in Satyam can i now... lolz!!!

Angel's Flight said...

And here we have been working a legit job.....Stupid Us!

Nautankey said...

Wow...sooper analysis...but do u think there is only one ramu there? what if he has competitors and aso the amount to bribe the guys in ticketing counter[n cops] cud be i thinks the margin got got be less but still its big money.

Bedazzled said...

Aparna..we have other plans ;-) .. i dont see any catch .. its just win-win, even if u pay royalty !

Prads.. Sure u can .. U can meet Ramu at 5:00 am in the booking counter. He will be more than willing to take u on board .. i am sure u have talent in selling black tickets ;-) !.

Ranga.. Dont even get me started on taxes !! wheres pvr coming up ?

shaunak ..danks .. u intrested ?

Aarti.. shareholder yekoo , manichukonga !

Angel.. I have never believed in legit jobs .. they r just time pass ;-).. aiyoo, what have i said ???!!

Vinod.. lets go scope the market further. am sure some more market research, conjoint analysis and fractal analysis will do the trick;-)

Renu said...

Interesting analysis ! and dont remind me of taxes, I have always felt that its only salaried people who pay taxes and they are only squeezed more and more:(

Shaunak said...

ah, what the heck! I'm in! Just so you know, I'd prefer the evening shift :D

Prasad said...

near annanagar....arunhotel signal :D

Anonymous said...

LOL - Kudos to Ramu for his business and to u for the mastermind behind the calculation. I guess..u have created too many competitors for him already and his business has now gone for a toss! ;P!

WhatsInAName said...

aiyo what a super model!
How much have you earned by way of commission? I think I will rather become YOUR associate ;-)

Shayari said...

Phew! This took me a while to digest ;)

Super analysis! Now we know whom to ask or direct the queries,when it comes to setting up business:D

Bedazzled said...

Renu.. rightly said !! .. we r the scapegoats !!

Shaunak.. atta boy!! will be arranged .. now advance before i rig u up with Ramu ;-)

Ranga.. u stay in annanagar?. i used to stay there .. r u talking abt that huge building at the mouth of nelson manickam.. wowiee !! .. i thot it was just another mall !!

Verbi .. survival of the fittest!!.. may the best fraud prevail !!;-)

WIAN.. Our royalty is 10% for every transaction for next 20 years.. do i send my lawyer over to draw up the papers ??;-#

Shayari.. I am all talk and no action..otherwise shud be a millionair , na!!

Prasad said...

yup :D annanagaraa dhan :D and yup jus lik citi center this ones gonna hav pvr :DDD

apprum nanga ellam walkin le ye cinema povom :D

Anonymous said...

Ramu cant pay tax saala :)

Bedazzled said...

ranga .. apparam neenga ellam walking kooda poga vendam .. veetla ye cinema paakalam ..

Sam..Ramu saala millionaire bannewala hai !.. mein bankrupt hothi ja rahi hoon !!

Aaarti said...

@Ranga-- annanagara nee?? awesome news...:)

me thinks that mall is called the Ampa mall.. gonna have some crazy number of shops, eat outs, movie theater[PVR] and wat not... aana eppo varumnu thaan theriyala...!!!

Smita said...

All i would say is 'your brain runs faster than chacha chaudhari' and i hope you flourish in this business ;)

The Seeker said...

Ayyoda.... Ippadi oru calculation aaaaaa?? room pottu yochiingala???

Pesama! ellam corporate, IT, media vittutu, blacka ticket vikkallam...

Neenga born gambler nu etho oru postla mention pannuninga! ippa samajey!!!!

Bedazzled said...

smita .. hee hee .. thanks ;-) long as i am not sabo , i think i will survive !! ;-)

Bharat..smaaart baay !!

Deeps said...

What calculation,B!!So which movie was it?Ramu ki 'AAG'??
LOL:)...Ramu's business model is super!

Dewdrop said...

Super analysis... if this were a more ethical model, guess the recession wud not hv affected so many of those who hv lost jobs!!!

Shaunak said...

Precisely why I wanna take it up. It makes for a very interesting micro-economic marketing model for the multiplexes on days that don't sell ;)

Bedazzled said...

Deeps .. dont even remind me of that movie.. Delhi 6 ;-( .. i wouldnt have even spent 10 bucks for watching that movie on Ramu ki aag !! ;-)

Dew drop..Ethics is for losers .. just kidding !! ;-)

Prasad said...

xjactly aarti!! KFC comes near :D

Anonymous said...

lol .. :D
i dont think he could have bought all the tickets :P ..
good to know that u did not forget ur maths all these years :P

And praddy seem to be hating his job ..he wanted a job in sutherland too when i wrote a post about it . :D

vimmuuu said...

Appo, eppo poren !! I am in. Is Buahahahaha being a part of it?? We will wait for the PVR's (near anna arch) to come up, what say? Ippove ange poyi nikkalaam, to avoid competetion.

Bedazzled said...

arvind.. something to remember addition and multiplication by !! ... prads is ever ready to apply for new jobs !!

vimmu.. Eppove pogi kercheep potiralam !! ;-) .. HooHaaHaa is also part of it !

Pesto Sauce said...

Perfect recession proof model...keep our Ramu away from stock exchange, wonder how much he will make by dabblimg in stocks if movie tickets only gve him a lakh

Bedazzled said...

Pesto ... my eyes pop out even thinking abt it !! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have a better business model for you - Download all the movies from torrents, and sell the DVDs for 60 bucks each. A DVD costs 20 bucks, which gives you a clean 40 bucks profit per DVD...!! Do the math..
Oh wait, aren't people doing this already? Damn!!

Bedazzled said...

Nikhil .. 60 bucks for a dvd ?? too much rae .. we buy it here for 20 bucks .. 40 max max !!! :-)

The Visitor said...