Thursday, March 5

Dude,where is u r underwear ?

I dont understand most Art. The other day a friend was
trying to explain Importance of cubism in the History of Art and its
ramifications on Indian Culture..The only word i understood was Picasso.. I am so Culture-challenged!!.

The closest i have come to appreciating and reproducing art was when i traced out a picture(using butter paper!!) for my school magazine. And they didnt even publish that !! ..That's how bad i was at art !! It's a different issue that a cousin who used my idea and butter paper to trace out another design got his published
... Life is so unfair!!

Ok, now back to what this post is actually about..When i was in school Dad got me this T-shirt from Rome- The land of liberated people.. I am all for sporting Phoren T-shirts.. What better way to show off to friends that your dad was a globe trotter and that you belonged to the elite crowd that wore only phoren tshirts ...

Alas, fate had different plans for me .. The t-shirt had this dude who was, ahem .. not fully clothed. I mean he was baring it all. This dude obviously (in a state of trance ) was trying to reach out to another clothed-old dude and somehow forgotten
to slip on his underwear and pjs before the meeting..This t-shirt arrived in my life at a very impressionable age when the mind is filled with a lot of why's, how's and what's. I could have chosen to shrug of my embarassment , but somehow chose to blush when i showed off my phoren goods to friends who came over home.

This t-shirt gestated in my wadrobe for almost 2 years , when mom threatened one day that if i didnt wear it , she would use it for wiping the kitchen slab.. so, we convened a meeting to discuss to implications of giving up my nude-dude t-shirt.The convention went on and on for hours with us debating the pros and cons of commiting such a horrendous act.

" How can you treat art as rag cloth?" Asked a friend.

" Michelangelo would turn in his grave" Emphatised another. That's when i got to know that the painting was by Michelangelo.

Finally a Kind soul suggested that we paint an underwear on the nude dude. Till date , i think this girl has the aatma of Michelangelo. Its a different issue that she sold out to commercialism and designs shrink wraps for a living !! So, our friend paints a white contraption on the nude-dude.

Another Kind soul suggested that the Contraption looked like a "langot"(loin cloth)
and that we should be more creative. The least we could do to a masterpiece , she said. So, another sweet soul painted pink polka dots on the Said-Langot making the former nude-dude look like a gay dude.. (oh , yeah we knew what gay meant those days!!)..

Finally satisfied with the handiwork, it was decided that i wear it to an outing the following week...Wear i did, feeling really nervous and sceptical.

" Dont worry , di.. nobody knows art. None will know abt the nude-dude."quipped sweet michelangelo's soul , trying to reassure me.

We walk into the movie theatre and this guy (must have been in his late 20's) looks at me

" Nice T-shirt. Isnt it supposed to have that guy in the nude?" He said Grinning ear to ear.

People told me later that i blushed the colour of Tomato.Though, i think its difficult for someone of my colouring to blush a tomato red !.

Ah, well.How was i supposed to know that the nude-dude painting was that famous..!!That was the last time the nude-dude t-shirt was sighted...

The things that we do in the heat of our youth ;-)


avdi said...

oh gosh.. nearly died laughing. I would have loved to see tht tee. Do you still have it? hahahah !

praddy said... are the first one in this world to dress Michelangelo:D:D hahaha thank god the painter was not alive to see it!!!

i had a hearty laff..thanks!

praddy said...

you should have at least taken a pic of the tee

Aaarti said...

hahahaha.... u sure were upto no good back then itself di..... :D

Prasad said...

ROFLLLLLLLlllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!! toooo good!!! LOL..LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha i laughed my guts out here :) made my gloomy day a bit lighter :)

Angel's Flight said...


and now u can claim that ur specialty in painting is Chaddis

Make it pink and ur all set....lolz

WhatsInAName said...

rofl rofl I have doubled over in laughter. What a riot of a blog you have! Too good hehe
I am with you when it comes to artistically challenged people! So Michael or Picasso all are same for me. BTW why dont people appreciate your good nature of ensuring some basic needs to a nude dude lol

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Michelangelo would have died all over again seeing a white "langot" with pink polka dots!! You all defaced The creation of Adam/Man!
Though I really hope you have that tee for keepsakes now - folly of youth :)

Nautankey said...

tch tch tch...kalai kanna illa ba :P..funny one.And you turning into red..well ur already red so thats missun impossible,may be u turned grey :D.

imagine if u ur dad had gotten a monolisa tee shirt,u may have painted shades,tatoo n things to make her look hep :)

Shayari said...


Must say, the stranger was real curious;)

Off for a long weekend..So a very
happy Women's day in advance, Bhargavi!:)

Smita said...

ROFL @ Naut's comment :D

And further ROFL on tum logon ki antics :D Am sure it mush have been fun doing those nautanki's....

Pesto Sauce said... friend had a T-shirt showing a dog peeing

vimmuuu said...

LOL, this is easily the most hilarious post of yours !

paaatti, idu enda yugathile nadandha kadhai?

Anonymous said...

ROTFL.. you made a masterpiece out of a masterpiece. :-D

LOL at pink polka dots on white langot.

Deeps said...

ROFL..totally!And I was hoping there would be a snap of the T-shirt at the end of the post...alas,in vain!

Bedazzled said...

Avdi.. danks .. unfortunately no ..our family shifted base when i was finishing school and the t-shirt kinda disappeared... maybe mom finally got what she wanted ..

Michealangelo , pls forgive me !!

Prads.. Actly there was some underwear ad (i think lux or anad or some seedy brand like that ) which had the same idea.. everytime i saw that ad i used to feel a lil twinge.. Dont think they have that ad on these days .. no problemo !!

Bedazzled said...

Aarti.. Pls note that Langot was not my idea !!! .. i just let people take decisions for me .. Poor me

Prads again .. I wish i had too .. now after reading this , G wants to see the t shirt too !! :-)

Ranga .. thanx ..;-)

Angel .. Me no paint .. me vonly watch painting by anothers. But yeah , the idea sounds good !!!

Sam..Now u made my day by saying that !! .. thanx .. and hope u feel better soon !

Bedazzled said...

WIAN..Thanx for dropping by .. and thanx again for nice comments !!
;-)..Good to see someone who shares my feelings or lack of it for art !!.. nobody appareciates good nature these days.. oops that was those days !!;-)

Aparna ..I know .. I have sinned !!!;-) ..I wish i had preserved it too !!:-(

Vinod .. Kalai kanna ella baa naa? i dont appreciate Mona lisa either .. just think its too overated.. Monalisa with tattoo sound like a fab idea .. but isnt she fully covered up , where wud i have put the tattoo ??.. ah, teh Simran way !! smarrt baay !!

Bedazzled said...

Shayari ..He was not just curious .. embarassing too .. I wish i had a pic of that t shirt .. it used t be pretty in u r face..Happee Women's day to u too .. i just got back from a long weekend.

smita.. yeah it was !! some of the best days of my life !!;-).. look who is talking abt antics .. !!

Pesto.. Really?? That would have been dificult to cover up ..:-)

Bedazzled said...

Vimmu .. danks !! this was sometime in school .. 10-11 types.. so thats somewhere in the 90's .. go Figure !! ;-) .. thats not a differeent yugam !!

Oorja .. thanx !! dats witty !!

Deeps .. i wish i had a pic to post too ..It would have been a priceless possession !

Anonymous said...

ROFL...GREAT!! can literally imagine you doing smething like that to michelangelo!! Pink Polka dots!! Ripped me apart! :)

Bedazzled said...

verbi..arrey !!poor me ... do i seem like the kinds dat painted pink polka dots on unsuspecting nude males??

The Seeker said...

ROTFL.. who said You don't have kalai kann, avangalluku Kanne illa,,, You have just improvised Michealango... Akka, some shud learn to see things in the right spirit...

Bedazzled said...

bharat .. aiyoo enakkum kalaikkum yeni vecha kooda yettadhu !! :-) .. so , it ok !!

Anonymous said...

white langot :P ...
lol ..
I cant even imagine it .,.,
how about getting the same Tshirt again and painting it all again and then wearing it for the next meet..
I promise i would come just to see it :D

Bedazzled said...

arvind.. i think i will charge 20 bucks per person who wants to see it !! .. but then i dont have enuff money to go to rome and get it .. maybe u cud sponsor me !! ;-)

The Visitor said...

OMG, Split my sides laughing. You're a riot, you are. :D