Tuesday, March 3

How Random Do u want me to get ?

Yipee .. i got a new blog template... black and white, incidentally happen to be my fav colours !! The darn thing didn't support all my old widgets and hence lost my jukebox. Also had to painstakingly construct my blog roll ..
Shayari tagged me a while back on 25 random things about me..Copy paste effort from FB..Here goes...

1. I hate creepy crawlies of any proportion and refuse to coexist with them.
2. I have started to enjoy cooking lately , thanx to Mallika badrinath.
3. I am idealistic beyond belief and think i take myself too seriously at times.
4. I dig humour in any form - on legs,in books .. everywhere..
5. I wish i had money to buy all the books in the world.As a corollary dream too much..
6. Insincerity and disrespect for other's time puts me off
7. I love the smell of wet earth after a summery shower.
8. As much as i love sunny days, i love to read a book with a cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day..
9. I am lazy and a routine-postponer
10 I love children and want to start a creche someday.
11.I love cinnamon in anything edible.
12.I think illayaraja is GOD and the only GOD there is
13.I get unconfortable talking about myself and prefer listening to people talk.
14.I love pretty things , blue things and pretty blue things like blue china, blue skies ..
15.I can spend hours looking at the waves splashing against the shore.
16.I love mom's cooking and think she is the best cook, ever !!
17. I am very protective about people i love and will go to any lengths to see them happy.
18.I dont forgive or forget easily. I wish i could.
19.I love dancing and tend to forget everything else when i am dancing.
20.I love playing 1 hour trial arcade and marble popping games on the net.
21.I hate driving and get tempted to use unparlimentary language when people honk unnecessarily.I often give into temptation.
22.I am impulsive and always pick up chocolates and knick knacks at super market counter even if i dont need them..
23.I cry when i hear a sappy story. Time after time.
24. I am addicted to shopping.
25.Sometimes,i think i am still a 5 year old deep inside . And i mean that in a good way


praddy said...

yaay black n white rocks and my favo colors too.

mallika barinath..well when are you goana test your culinary skills on us?

Wonder how it would be when you start using un-parliamentary language?

Shayari said...

Thanks for completing the tag Miss!!
Ditto with 6,7,8,9,14 and 17
I too adore kids, but no plans of opening a creche!;)

Love blue skies..?
Hmmm green grass, blue skies in this beautiful world..:)

And ya, cool template there:D

vimmuuu said...

1. I thought you had a pet lizard, now what was his name???

12. Oyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! I am not starting an argument, but ARR has always been the God for me !

23. I weep watching such movies !!

Btw, the photo was very scary. LOL

Anonymous said...

the last one is really good.. wish we never had to grow up.

Prasad said...

point 1 accepted esp those bloody cockroaches! aagggggggghhhh! i hate thos bastds!

and ok nan yappo lunch ku varatum :D

Prasad said...

and Buhahahahahahahahaha @ the Road rage!!! i guess thtz as common as breathin nowadays! :D

Bedazzled said...

Prads.. Yay!! Zebra Club rocks !!! i said i liked cooking and that doesnt essentially mean that i cook well ..:-) .. weird thing is i swear in tamil and hindi .. i think english swear words r for kids .. so sanitised !!

Shayari.. No problemo.dankes on the template bit .. green grass , blue skies .. sounds like that hutch song .. lets add a rainbow, gurgling stream and lofty mountains to make it even perfect !!:-)

Vimmu .. aiyoo .. no !!! Jamie and Johnie.. the post was hoping to sound sarcastic .. looks like it didnt !!..i wonder how many people realised that that scary person was me .. :-).. Illayaraja is GOD !!!

Bedazzled said...

oorjas .. yeah !! dont we all live in that hope

Ranga.. anytime .. get u r self insured before u come though!! it feels so good to swear !! sometime i feel my vocablary needs improvement.. need to learn somemore cuss words .. bored of the same ones :-) .. roaches.. u too ?

The Seeker said...

4,7,8 me too And I swear Illayaraja is the best. the new template looks cool! Black n white...

And make sure that you pamper and spoil the 5 year old in you... make the brat out of her.. good luck!!!!

Prasad said...

well we could hav a knowledge sharing sessions on the curses...u teach wot u kno and vice versa :D

Prasad said...

and sapaduku nan yenikum bayandhade ella! :D

Smita said...

he he he nice to know more about u :)

The new look looks good, guess what? Monday i was checking out new templates change to hua nahin but i managed to lose all my links & widgets hehehe....kal ja ke managed to bring things in order and updated the blog :)

Anonymous said...

Quite down-to-earth, i like most of them. Even I wish I had enuf money to buy all the books in the world:-) n about Black n White!!! oh! nothing can be as classic as that.

Bedazzled said...

ranga .. i have no illusions of knowing more cuss words that u .. u r the master blaster !! :-) but yea, we cud have a share-thy-knowledge workshop soon .. and ask people like prads to pay money ang get gyaan .. what do u say abt my biz model ?? .. nee bayandhadhe illanu theiryudu !! :-)

Smita .. dats why when i dropped into u r blog to update my blogroll , most widgets were empty !! .. i thot something was wrong with my connection..this is teh same list on FB rae, no changes ..and on the look .. hee hee .. thats what i would look if i were 19, male, scrawny and also convicted!! ;-)

noetic .. good to see u back... down to earth ? hee hee .. i'll take that as a compliment .. tell us u r random 25 !!

avdi said...

lovely new look. and an interesting list.

I wish i could do 15 too.

Deeps said...

Hey,You're so me in 7,9,15,16&24.BTW,I'm disappointed not to have found a mention of the dear little johnny!!LOL!!
That was an interesting read,B.Nice to know you better:)

Anonymous said...

(bows down to god of all tunes..illaiyaraja)

Aaarti said...

Whoaa..... interesting background indeed!!! :D

hahaha@photofunia pic.. Gosh, that site is addictive.... err, did u get any calls for modelling??? ;)

nice.. i recall doing the tag on FB..maybe will post it on my blog too..

Aaarti said...

:( where did ur radio thingy go?? put it back.. i love listening to the songs!!

Bedazzled said...

Avdi..thanx !! .. of course u can do more than 15 .. when u start u feel that u wont even touch 15 ..gets easier as u go ..

Deeps.. Johnie was No 1... I clubbed Johnie and Jammie in
Creepy crawlies ;-)

Christy..Nice to See u here .. i tried leaving comments on u r blog(esp the post on Naan Kadavul) .. looks like u have not enabled it.

Aarti .. yea this is the FB tag.. the music widget is gone.. dont know where to get it from :-(..do they give 19 year old convict scrawny kids chance to model !!;-)

Prasad said...

wonderful wonderful!! :DDD i lov it!!! at the time of recession this is jus wat we need! :D

u get 25% of wotever we make!

i get 75% and food :DDD

deal?? :DDDDD

human being said...

a dazzlingly unique and beautiful personality...

thanks for shining on my corner...
i follow sparkly things...

Anonymous said...

hmmm I ve disabled the comments. The egomaniac inside me expects people to email...hmmm oh well

nice blog...seems to be full of colours, caffeine and chaos.

And yippee for Sabra...I was rooting for Hok after the hummingbird routine, but yeah the best dancer won eh

Bedazzled said...

Ranga .. Smaart baay .. but its 60-40 or no deal ;-) .. dats 60% for me .. hee hee

Human being .. Thanks for dropping by .. i loved u r blog .. u r poems r a lil too deep for me
me .. but i am learning to appreciate poetry more ..count on me for dropping by there often !!

christy....welcome to the Narcisist-gang .. Mailing u soon..Sabra was consistent thruout , thou i thot at times Danny had a very good chance...Nigel kept indicating that it could be a woman .. so that kinda sealed it !!.. Very nice way of saying Chaotic blog .

Anonymous said...

true true nigel the diplomat. I want to throttle mary though. Severely annoying, she is.

I'd rather be chaotic than structured :)

Prasad said...

do i get food???

if yes DEAL!

Bedazzled said...

cristy.. hee hee .. I know Mary is "Oh my God (chandler's hook up in friends)" version on So u think.. Heead another season is on the way .. yaaayy !!

Bedazzled said...

Ranga .. ada paavi ,.. oc sapaadukkaga enna vena pannuvaa pola irukku !! hee hee .. food is on !!.. deal on ?

Prasad said...

Athu podhum da pa! :D

I liv to EAT! :D