Thursday, April 23

On and on i ramble !

A lot of times people tend to assume that since i worked at a bank i must naturally know everything there is to know about features of 0 balance account for NRI to current deposit rates..during those times .. i feel a little helpless and a tad ashamed that i am not being of any help to these folk who think i would be of help/provide info.. The only times i have been to my own bank (branch)in the 4 odd years is only when i have had to take care of my own personal transactions,which haven't been much..

I probably belong to the first generation in my family to prefer not wanting to go to a branch to get my work done.. My parents still go through the rigmarole of waiting in queues to withdraw money and getting their passbooks updated meticulously every week.Not surprisingly, they know more about deposit rates than i do !.. I know this doesn't sound very flattering , but in my defense i simply never got the time to walk into the branch to learn general banking operations !!

I have been taking some time out to close the gazillion inactive SB accounts that dot various banks in the city.. remnants of salary accounts of my working life..Visit to one particular bank got me thinking ..Well dressed associates lounging in branch , chatting and joking with each other.. I suddenly missed being employed.Especially missed my old job ..Our team used to hang out quite a bit even socially.Crib about bosses and talk shop a lot .. it was fun..Most of us have moved on to fresh pastures or quit .. but i feel the camaraderie even now .. What fun times !! .. coming back to the associates..they almost seemed like clones to me .. similar clothes,impeccable grooming,measured mannerisms and speech.. kids these days,i say !!..

India Inc sure is kicking and kicking back hard at that .. That brings us to bottom line .. i ramble quite a bit,eh ?


vimmuuu said...

Same here. Though I had worked with a bank, I personally dont know about the normal banking procedures or activities. Normally, we used to go to banks before to get our pass book updated or for withdrawals, or cheque deposits. Everything is available online and on phone these days. That, I think, is the reason for most of our ignorance. and the other factor is laziness. I have a cheque thats with me for the last 5 months. If I dont deposit it in another 4 weeks, Im going to lose that money !!! Thanks for reminding. LOL.

Shayari said...

Somehow this whole banks,DD, finance n stuff makes me feel very alien:O Needless to say I become an instant fan of the person who handles it well.. Hee hee:)

Lol..every one rambles n rants!! Don't worry maaadi :D

Aaarti said...

hmmm... my dad used to be in the bank, dont know if it was cos of that, i started early doing my own dealings... but yes, not too famliar with rates, norms etc... that i leave to the smartee pants at home [ wondering who those are!!;)]

@Vimmuuu - u worked in a bank? as wat???? :P

Prasad said...

i hav no clue abt banking!! nor do i hav internet banking to do stuff!! all i do is withdraw frm atms! :D podhum da pa!!!

Dhanya said...

Hah! It's the same with every profession. People expect you to know everything! Sucks, I tell you.

Angel's Flight said...

lolz...yeah just like people expect me to know all the stuff about the Bank bailouts just coz I work at a bank......!! irritating!

btw ur post brought back old banking memories!

Bedazzled said...

Vimu..hee hee .. u too ? i didnt know that u worked with a bank before !!..laziness it is !!! .. Too lazy to bother to know things .. thats my problem ! .. gosh, go deposit the cheque !!

Shayari..dont feel so .. i am sure that people in the industry also feel that way !! ...given that so much is happening in banking !

Aarti.. Sis is the smartee pants ?? welcome back !!!..;-)

Ranga.. naanum adu dhaan seiven !! only debit function !! ;-)

Dhanya.. What r u into ? i agree that being expected to know everything sucks !!

Angel.. Bank ? didnt know ! ..i hope the memories are pleasant !!;-)

Nautankey said...

Banks,tellers, very allergic to them all. And 'kid these days' dont feel too bad perusu ur just feeling old :D which is but natural.

Vimmuuu - blood bank-la part time work senjadhu ellam selladhu selladhu :P

Bouncing-Bubble said...

yup, its all so mechanical.. the work procedures and patterns..

vimmuuu said...

@ Bhargavi, Aaarti and Nautankey saala : Why is it difficult for you all to believe that I worked in a bank??? LOL. I was with CITI here, and then with ADCB in dubai !!!

nautankey, Im glad that you stopped with blood !! :D

Sigh! its because of the impression I create among you all !!! LOL !!

renaye said...

yea. and surprisingly not many workers in bank know about investment and how to be rich!

Deeps said...

I can relate with you when you say you miss being employed when you go to banks or see other bankers lounging around and having fun.I feel the same kind of nostalgia creeping in when I visit a travel agency or just simply stand in the check in counter at the airport.It gives me a strange kick when I see travel executives making reservations,issuing air tickets.

SSQuo said...

Yes you do, you need a muzzle!!! :P

Your post reminds me of an instance which was a bit awkward. I don't have a check book anymore, and recently I needed to send a check asap to an Institution. Well, I mostly had the bank send the check directly, but for whatever reason the timing wasn't working out well. I wasn't ready to pay $25 for a set of checks I wasnt going to use, so I got an extension and spent $50 on the wire transfer directly from my account. call me penny wise pound foolish, but I figured theyd get the payment faster (which helps my case) and I am not left with checks I will not use!

eye-in-sty-in said...

lol... you SHOULD know the deposit rates of all accounts.. if not by memory, u can always make a cheat sheet.


Aaarti said...

@Bhar - sis smartee pants? those words should never be in the same sentence.. lethal crime!!hahaha.. smartee pants mostly dad vonly, atleast wen it comes to bank !!:D

@Vimmuuu -- chee chee..dont even know ABCD properly and u saying u worked in banks.. we believe u? should we???? nah!! :P

Bedazzled said...

Vinod.. ada paavi.. Why r u allergic to tellers ? what did they do ? incidentally have u seen the Female-tellers of HSBC??

BB.. life in a bank these days is very different.. banks r run like any FMCG company these days !! aggression and bending the rules !

Vimu.. What were u into ?

Renaye .. Your baboons r not approving my humble coments ;-) .. thanx for droppng by

Deeps..:-.. must have been fun working in the travel industry .. free airline tickets ?? ;-)

SS..banks are out to milk us ....sorry to hear abt the cheque incident !!.. wire transfers r expensive..somehow life without cheques is unimaginable for me.. everything from investments and rent payment happens thru cheques here !!

eisi..;0.. dotn need to if i have to analyse balance sheets of companies and give them loans and if i am working 16 hours a day !! ;-)

Aarti.. poor thing !! .. i meant u r sis ,obviously !! ;-)

oorjas said...

nope.. no clue about banking.

my dad is a (retd) banker. so he took care of all of it. and still does.

my dad wanted me to join a bank too. he even bought the PO exams forms and books for me.

me said no thank you. sorry dad.

Bedazzled said...

oorjas .. hee hee .. i dont think i ever wanted to be a banker either.. even during b school days , i never liked finance .. destiny, has plans and plans that you cant guess !

Anand said...

I learned general banking tarnsactins a bit late myself. ATMs make u brainless.

Hey not all offices r like that. Every office has it's times ec..

i had some fun in office and written bout it too.. U mite wana check out..
How I made 500 bucks..or
Have I ever worn a yellow chaddi..

Sam said...

niceo ne :)

Dhanya said...

I am a software engineer... and I am one of those people who don't know 'everything' in my profession ;)

eye-in-sty-in said...

No No - I still maintain that you have to know the interest rates. When I walk in the bank, even the watchman should know everything. Thats what my clients expect fro me - why shd I be alone in the misery :P

Praddy said...

well, havent been to bank most of my stuff online and queues are not for me :P

lol @ rambling :P

Smita said...

Couple of years back I had opened an account in SBI and my debit card was yet to come. For some urgent work I visted the branch to withdraw some money. Standing the queu I realised that I need to carry my cheque book to withdraw money from branch :D That day I had to re-learn everything :D

As far as camaraderie in office is concerned...sigh!!! I miss that tooo...when I was at territory level we had such a close knit group in Hq things are different...everyone is busy playing politics...sigh!!!!

Keep the rambling on dear :)

Bedazzled said...

Anand.. true that atms pamper you and make u brainless .. areyy , i meant that i used to like my place of work .. it used to be fun !!.yellow chaddi, seriously ?? wow !!

Sam.. thanx

Dhanya .. hee hee do u know how to fix the tv if it conks off ? tvs are similar to comps , na .. hee hee ;-) is beneficial to know everything .. unfortunately it was inconsequential to my existence .. since i dint meet any customers i didnt have to rattle out stuff !! .. good luck to u and u r banks watchman .. i am sure u guys r gonna need it !! ;-) ..

Prads.. :-)..

smita.. i guess the politics is there everywhere .. bust as u said at corporate offices there are more boses supervising the people who do work .. so lot of time for power play and politics .. i still cant grasp the concept of carrying cheque books with me .. it sleeps at home and is used for investments/pating rent.. i cant fathom the atm conking off !! the world doesnt need bankers like me ! :-)

verbivorehere said...

ths post gave me too many shocks :) "kids these days"..i never believed them when they calld u "paatti""perusu" :P 2nd shock - @vimmuuu - u in bank??? ((eyes popped out)) as what? and yeah anything remotely related to finance in allergic to im wit u!!

Bedazzled said...

verbi.. lol.. i am not allergic to finance.. finance is bread and butter.. i cant get allergic to dat .. all i meant was is that i dont think i need to know everything there is to know that goes on in my profession !