Saturday, May 2

Being your own boss !

Several times in the past i have had the entrepreneurial itch..and every time, i chicken out and shelve the urge..mainly cos it scares the living daylights out of me. Being your own boss definitely is exciting , but is also a lot of responsibility.You can choose to slack off for a bit periodically if you are working for someone else.You can bitch about your boss if you are working on Sundays and finally get the work done.. You obviously cant do all that if you start something on your own .. it's your baby 24*7 and you are your own boss! .. and that's a scary thought ..There is also a risk factor associated with it, especially if you are investing most of your savings in it ..

A while ago, i was doing some research and came across a good site for people who are interested in becoming franchisees for good brands ..The site lists out opportunities to become franchisees for companies like Coffee day,Fitness one , Baskin & Robbins,Dollar store and many many more..

What's more..the site also sends a feedback to the principal company if you need more info and the companies directly get back to you in 1-2 days with their service propositions, cash flow break ups and all that jazz.. Opportunities range from a investment as low as 2 lakhs !!.. interesting ,huh ?..the site also gives dope on franchising industry and pointers for successfully running businesses..

Do check the site out ..


Aaarti said...

well, it is true the 1st step is the most scary, but after that, if ur sure of what u wanna do, and have the knowledge/skills/asatu thairiyam, your on your way!!! :D

[like me...hehehe]

Anonymous said...

great.. i'll definitely look into it. if i can find something for myself..

'you can't bitch about your boss' hmm.. a major loss in being your own boss.. :-)

Renu said...

very helpful link!

Bedazzled said...

Aarti.. asathu thayirium .. umm, well !.. i wish the formula was that simple !!! ;-) look in

Renu .. thanx

Dhanya said...

Hah! You sound just like me... even I want to get into entrepreneurship some day. Of course, I am into big time procrastination ;)

By the way, anything available in there for AS LOW AS 2K ? (I WISH, I WISH)

avdi said...

Thats interesting - I will check out the site . :)a

vimmuuu said...

Was looking out to do something on these lines. Thanks for the link. But as you said, im a lill scared to invest whatever (yeah!whatever) i have earned !

Anonymous said...

Franchisee is a guaranteed kinda business, non?

But you are right.. Business is a business.. It is mind boggling.. The toughest part though is handling relationships.. Sometimes, you lose friends.. Sometimes, your friends become competition.. Sometimes, everything is f*&ked up and you have nothing else to do.. no where to go..

& Then sometimes, you just say 'F*&k it all' and start 'afresh' like I have.. :-D

I tell you - One Gemini to another.. End of the day, its worth it.. :-D Its worth every brain cell we have, every passion and interest we nurture, nothing beats being on your own! :-D

Good Luck! :-D

Bedazzled said...

Dhanya ... hee hee .. u too !!! .. i wish there was something for 2K .. if i did find out , i wouldnt be posting that !!! winks

Avdi.. Pls do ..;-)

Vimmu.. arent we all slaves of our fears and insecurities !

Aparna.. yeah, the franchisee model is definitely safer than conceptualizing something on u r own.. but i don't think its a sure shot money spinner.. i have heard horror stories of how Coffee day outlets have had to be shut down cos of bad attitude of the principals..end of the day i am sure it would be worth it .. thanx .. someday i'll open my own gig .. and that's gonna be real soon !!

Praddy said...

so tried something concrete?

Somehow i felt im not the right type for entrepreneurship:P

Shayari said...

No entrepreneurial itch here :-))

Hey reading Hosseini's books?? Good hain! Have read Kite Runner, waiting to read Thousand Splendid suns. Do share your review, Miss:)

Emaan said...

hmm.. me thinking.. were u by any chance paid by this site to promote em on ur blog ??!!!
just kidding !!
and yes, its always great to be ur own boss.. nice blog.

Anonymous said...

Think that starting a book shop is my entrepreneurial dream.... so much for that!!

Mumbai Diva said...

Been there, done that!!

I had a funky, whacky clothes and accessories shop for 2 years. It just refused to make money. I think i kept using my heart more than my head to run it. Doesn't work like that. I'm back at a 9-5. But yes, I've learnt from my mistakes. Someday...again...

SSQuo said...

Yes, its a tricky thing. Sometimes for an unknown reason your business can fall to the ground, on the other hand, in the same way it can be the biggest success.

I happen to have a close friend who went the franchise way, with Loreal and opened a few salons in Bbay and now in Pune. She's doign really well, but I hear the details of her life and boy, it is defintiely crazzzy!

Oquai and I had a long discussion on our ride to a friends party re. the restaurant we want to open in time. We went through ALL the details, and it was soo much fun. Now he's in finance and I'm in marketing and what we do now is SOOO far from anything related to food, but we think were smart, we love food, we love a good time and we hope that we can trnslate it into a successful restaurant. The place he says will serve smoothies to his kids (and our nephews and nieces etc) in the day, and switch decor in the night! :) Will you come visit?

Bedazzled said...

Prady .. yeah , something is cooking .. unveiling right after my exams .. couple of months and i shud get rolling ! .. 9-5 jobs are not for me , i think ;-)

Shayari.. read them long time back babe.. updated my shelfari only now .. loved splendid suns more than kite runner !

Emaan .. thanx for dropping by.. no, i wasnt paid to post the link .. just sharing my finds ;-)

Moukound..umm .. book shop ! ..thats my dream project too .. bookshop with a cafe ;-) .. too much capital required so i doubt if i'll go ahead.. thanx for dropping by !

Bedazzled said...

diva .. wow !!!maybe u could share some gyan on running businesses ..but what u saty makes sense .. i tend to use my heart more than my brain ! ..

ssquo .. wow!!! of course i'll come !! ;-) .. winks ! after a million brainstorming sessions ,i decided that even though y temperment mite not be suited to business , i would love to be my own boss for a while !! ;-)