Friday, June 19

Inputs, brickbats,ideas pullleess..

A few posts back i was talking about starting something on my own ..i need inputs and suggestions from you'all cos we are running out of ideas :-(.. Pullllesss !

Ok, initially we wanted to start a handcrafted chocolate parlour.. but looks like Vitamin M aint cooperating .. so tis has to be without a brick and mortar entity.. Product range would involve liquer chocolates,nut chocolates, pralines, ganaches and flavoured chocolates.. mostly molded ...Looking at gifting and personal consumption markets..

The biggest hurdle for us is finding a distribution mechanism cos we wont have an outlet .. any ideas??. This problem is compounded by the perishability factor .. esp for the liqueur chocolates.I am also looking for a graphic designer for designing logo et all (again becos of scarcity of vitamin M ,he/she has to be reasonable ! :-()

Any pointers,help,contacts are appreciated! ..


Just call me 'A' said...

hey..that is awesome....all the best for your endeavor. I can definitely help you with the designer for the logo. I have a friend who is a designer and does this kind of work. He is extremely good in his work and am sure he'll work out a feasible Vitamin M with you guys :).

as for your distribution channel...I would suggest you start locally and nearby (overnight travel states). why don't you tie up with local chocolate/cake stores and hotels. secondly hotels serve chocolates in rooms. you could add your address in the packaging where they can order more if they like...and you can delivery it to the hotel where they are staying. again this is you won't have to worry about the perishability factor. this way your brand will become known to travellers around the country and world maybe. Thirdly, you could have a website where people can order online and you could specify how many days in advance etc they should place their order and areas you cover for delivery. I'm sure for overnight travel destinations or those within few hours you could courier the package. I'm sending an email to you and my friend and you guys can touch base ok? i think i have your email ID. in case you don't get the email from me...drop me a quick message at

Nautankey said...

hey sooper bargs..I yam so exicted for you.One of a friend's friend has started a coffee shop,hope u remember me telling about that.Will ask them if they can sell your products thru their outlet.

Graphic/logo designer I would suggest you one way,if you are registering your company then touch base with some college students[ vis com branch].They can do you designs free and you can give them a project completion certificate. Else mail me your company name and the kinda logo you need,will check if our rebelz designers are free of official workload and can help vitamin M involved :D

Divya said...

Hey that's awesome :) all the best.. Seems you already have loads of help but if all that doesn't work out, I have a graphic designer friend I can put you in touch with too :)

Aaarti said...


That is sure an interesting idea... 1st as others have suggested, start supplying at local stores, coffee shops, and we will get u featured in some local papers, mags..

ofcourse there are all of us who can do PR for u ... ;) at a yummy fee ofcourse!!! when do we get to dig into a sample, err, for testing!!:D

and err, who's gonna make it ? u?woaawww

Tarun Goel said...

:( No help
But there is one thing which you can do, courier the chocolates to me and I will distribute them among all the chocolate crazy girls I know :D
There is one site which helps to create/generate logos online for free, try that. Will tell the name later on (of that site, don't remember now!)

Bedazzled said...

A.. awesome ideas girl..been asking around the restaurants we normally patronize..just preliminary stuff ..
will take a while, i guess :-) .. love u r hotel room idea !!will touch base with u r friend on the logo thingie ...Gosh,u r a pro !

Vinod..forgot abt that !.. wow! sooper .. u r an angel .. ahem .. male angel :-) .. i didnt want to register , but guha is insisting that atleast we have it as a proprietorship/partnership, if not a pvt limited we definitely want to brand it. the viscom idea was awesome!Next on the agenda is to generate photos.I mite need some expertise there as well as the pics my camera has generated sucks ! ..really sweet of u to offer the rebelz designer :-)

Divya .. thanx babe ..will definitely shout out if things go astray :-)

Aarti..amma and i mostly.. plus my cousin's mom mite be pitching in as well...have been speaking to some catering folks and feel that at this stage its too premature to hire people..after many pans of burnt chocolate and wasted vodkas , i guess i am confident of managing initially..the chocolates have been tested on a few poor taste buds and eliciting some favorable feedback :-) but more the merrier ! .. so as a part of market research , am enrolling u all for R & D fine tuning :-) .. translated to chocolates coming up for u !

Tarun.. do lemme know when u remember ..why girls alone ?/ ;-) .. !

Mumbai Diva said...

Try corporates too. Most of them need gifts for employees/clients etc around diwali/new years/christmas etc. They start placing bulk orders around this time. well wrapped chocolates are a great option......

vimmuuu said...

Wow, all the best !!

For distribution, you could try out all the leading bakeries ( I guess those mcrennets and cake points) and the local ones too for a start. But I believe, in the initial stages, you would need someone to stand in all these outlets to give a sample or something.

and nautankeys viscom idea is the best for the logo design. Their ideas would be fresh and unbiased. and why dont you approach Nikhil? Im sure he would be knowing someone in that field !

Angel's Flight said...

what a delicious Idea! Best of luck babe!

Why dont u find some one a freelancer?

eye-in-sty-in said...

hey! This is awesome!!

Pesto Sauce said...

Good luck for your venture....these days not many are into starting off on their own due to R word...wish you success

Smita said...

No ideas from me as of now!!

But wish u all the luck and send me the recipe of chocolates please :-)

BTW How about supplying them to Kids ki birthday parties??? Just an idea!!!

vimmuuu said...

Heyy Smita, not fair ! You just said you had no ideas ! This is cheating !!! :D

Smita said...

Hey Vimal I lied. Kya kar loge???

Deeps said...

hey so you have set the ball rolling,huh?? All the very best for your new venture,Bedazzled.
I'm sure you'll do well :)

SSQuo said...

So does this mean you do not have the facility to handle the items? Maybe you can approach a hotel/restaurant start small and use their kitchen for a while. You can be their exclusive dessert person. if you can do chocolate then it means you are a baker.

Give out free promotional chocolates for a movie launch. sure you need a connection, but Im sure theyll be willing to take some free stuff. Even if you spend a tad bit on this its worth the publicity.

Im not a Bollywood fan but if you want business, the stars can make you because everyone wants to be see wearing , and 'eating' the in items.

Good luck!

Bedazzled said...

Diva .. cool idea ... so much to do and so little time ;-(.. thanx !!!

vimmu..yup, cake shops r a prospect..hiring someone to stand at shops right now mite not be possible .. but dats a nice idea.. danks .. we have found a designer.. shud start work soon

Angel.. danks babe..i tried finding someone online a few months back for someone else and it was really difficult to find someone !!

Eisi.. thanx dude

Pesto.. fingers crossed!! .. i hope the R word doesnt affect us ;-)

Smita..sounds like fun.. kids bday party . only problem .. i think i will gobble up chocolate animals and will not be left with anything for the kids .. hee hee !

Smita & Vimmu .. Kids, kids .. chill out ;-) !!!

Deeps .. i hope so , babe .. thanx !

SS.. movie launch ... wow!! thats glitzy .. ingenious idea ..e-chocolate for you for that idea !! hee hee !

Kanupriya said...

u starting chocolate parlor??? Awesome!!! Kab, kaha, kaise??? awaiting details :).
Distribution model without physical presence - ummmm how abt internet based e-shop, can work esp. for giftings and is cost effective too. though u will have to focus a lot on packaging etc esp. if u taking the gifting route. Also u can try to contact local confectionary & cake shops. Maybe they will work out cheaper as compared to big names.

Smita said...


This Vimmu kiddo needs to grow up hai na???

vimmuuu said...

Look whos talking about growing up??? Im gald that you atleast spelt 'grow up' correctly. Heeehawww !!!

Bedazzled said...

again ... kids .. kids !!! :-)

Kanupriya ..nice ideas ... will keep you'all posted..

Smita said...

Exactly!!! Look who is talking!!!

Grow up u kid and see how soon you will find a bride ;-)

vimmuuu said...

Oh, So you grow up to get married??? Is that all???

Bedazzled said...

i know .. we grow up and get married .. then have kids and pretend to be rsponsible when deep down all we want to do is act as iressponsibly as possible !! responsibility is such an overrated concept .. take u r time getting married Vimmu ;-)