Thursday, June 25

One of those days !

Sometimes u just wake up on the wrong side of the bed.. and everything irks you .. the watchman ringing bell at 5:30 to take the car out or the fact that your maid hasnt turned up despite repeatedly telling her to come on time..sometimes, You arent even sure what irks you .. there is just an unpleasant , morose feeling hanging in the air .. at those times even your favorite chick lit or food or movie doesn't cheer you up..Nothing does ! .. You end up lashing out at people whom you love ..and sometimes, there is this pointlessness shrouding your every action.. You wish you wouldn't feel that way.. You try to shake it off by trying to bury yourself in chores .. but that feeling doesn't go away.. Sometimes,you are so blue that you dont feel like picking up that call from your closest friends mainly becos its too much of an effort to talk ..Sometimes, there is a huge wave of panic and irritation welling upinside you , that you are scared that it would devour you and make you even more miserable ..Sometimes the most innocent remarks grates on your nerves..and you wish people wouldnt keep reminding you of your age ,job that you quit, biological clock and stuff like that.. and at those times you feel like telling them that its your life and you will darn well live the way you want to .. And sometimes , you wish you were 16 and footloose..I am footloose , but its not like when i was 16 !!

I think its one of those days :-(..


Divya said...

Aww that sucks.. I totally know what that feels like... A great remedy is to just sleep.. You wake up feeling much better.. Tried and tested :)

Prasad said...

yup!! happens all the time!!!!

i jus walk out hav a smoke...walk a while...ride my bike...shout at the idiots on the road...and um done! :D

Tarun Goel said...

Poor you :(
But don't worry, it is(I guess) because of no rains and lot of heat.
The sun is creating trouble throughout the globe, it should be burned to death :D

vimmuuu said...

Hmmm...I can understand !!! Guhahhahahaa creating a lot of trouble, isnt he??? LOL

Aaarti said...

just let the day go by.. dont try to do anything!!! :)

the word verification word i got was
"hiciftsp" .. is that an indication to get drunk??? ;)

Smita said...

Hope the rest of the day was better!!!

Cheer up girl :)

Bai's are always a troublemaking breed!!!

eye-in-sty-in said...

have some chocolate - it'll make u feel better :-)

Just call me 'A' said...

go eat some chocolates :)...and drive somewhere and scream your lungs swim...or if you have a punching bag...go punch :D

Bedazzled said...

Divya .. danks , girl .. even sleep didnt help .. but am feeling sooper nice today !!

ranga .. so u r dat guy that abuses folks on the road.. ;-) ..i have heard many people saying that sutta helps .. never liked smoking that mite not have worked for me .. and a ride on the bike unnerves me tese days cos of the traffic !

Tarun .. bang on , dude !!.. too much heat .. even acs are groaning !

Vims. Goo haa haa is at loggerheads with some client who is driving him insane .. so he aint the trouble maker !!

AArti . u do get drunk ,na ? .. maybe this is the drinking god's oracle ..;-)

smita.. rest of the day was bad too .. but todays a new day and i am excited and all !! .. danks ;-)

eisi.. hee hee always lifts my spirits .. !!

A.. scream my lungs out .. wow i wud wanna do that .. i hope nobody checks me into a mental asylum !! .. my punching bag is the hubby and he is under a lot of stress himself .. so i guess i have to get a real punching bag !1 hee hee

Anonymous said...

hey!what happened?


and after writing that above I see from your replies that you are feeling sooper nice :D:D

great!!:)))now no need for questions:))

Bedazzled said...

Indeah .. really dunno ..;-) .. one of those days when u just feel that way i guess .. dankes !! ..

DPhatsez said...

The night is always darkest before dawn..No worries mate!

avdi said...

Yes.. but what can be done? I wish I had stayed footloose.

Bouncing-Bubble said...

haha! hv felt this way manyatimes.. only solace is its absolutely normal!!