Tuesday, June 30

Rain God.. Please visit us !

Everywhere , people are writing about rains.. Wish we had some rains too ...My ode to the rain gods ..

Delicious smell of the wet earth
Tiny rivulets of water flowing around the ankles
Making paper boats and floating them across in the muddy waters
Splashing water on unsuspecting souls
Getting drenched in the rains
Riding a bike with the wind swooshing and rain pelting down the back
Pitter patter sounds of rainfall
Colourful rainbows playing hide and seek
Jet black umbrellas bobbing on streets
Schools,colleges and offices closed !
Reading a book with hot chocolate
Snuggling under covers and sleeping all day

Ok, i was obviously abstaining from mentioning wet soggy clothes, weird damp smell on clothes and everything ,leaky ceilings ,a zillion creepy crawlies making your house their abode, my favourite white kurtas getting splashed and stained with mud,clothes refusing to dry, craving for the sun ater incessant rains, not able to go out cos of water..

Still,gimme Rains anyday .. !!!


Bouncing-Bubble said...

oh don't pray for rains just yet! me visiting and hv loadsa travel plans!!

vimmuuu said...

Oyyy...rains, not now ! These days they pour only when Im out. Last year I had a tough time with that flood at home. Cant go through another disaster management !! :D

Tarun Goel said...

It will rain, one day :)
It has to rain, one day :)

Prasad said...

yes yes yes!!! it has to freekin RAIN!

Aaarti said...

Oh yes.. i want Rain too!!!
[loved all u've written babes.... exactly my feelings ]

Aaarti said...

@Vimmuuu = dont be such a baby.. shhh..carry an UMBRELLA with u or wear a PINK rain coat!!! :D

WhatsInAName said...

yes yes we want rain too
cos more than anything, we cant stand the pain of water shortage!
All other reasons are just addons :-D

AD said...

i m craving for rains and all i get is stupid heat!

Dhanya said...

It's raining cats & dogs in Kerala!! Not whole of Kerala... but definitely the place where am at. Trust me, you wouldn't want THIS much of rain to happen...

Mumbai Diva said...


Spencer L Casey said...

Mmm, that smell. I love that smell. Rain on the earth. Great post, thank you. I think I'll go stand in our sprinkler for a while. :)

Ann Dee said...

I can only join in your prayers... lively poem :)

Bedazzled said...

BB...travels ? wow !! ensoy !!

Vimu ..adukkunnu no rains ??have u shifted u r house or its teh same place ..valasaravalkkam is semma low lying area

Tarun .. ;-( .. hope that day coes soon !!

Ranga.. I agree,dude

Arti..;-) .. iam not a poem person .. this was just a sting of sentences.. should learn from u guys how to write poems .. make that pink umbrella and pink raincoat .. hee hee .

wian..Thankfully this year the shortage isnt bad! but if it continues like this , i doubt if we'll be fine..

AD .. I know !! why isnt god listening to all of us?? ;-)..

Dhanya .. Wow,.. send us a lil na ??.. i wouldn't mind a lil cats and dogs raining down our ceiling !


Spencer.. umm !! lovely smell , right !!! one of the best smells in the entire universe !! have fun with the sprinklers !! :-)

Ann Dee... Thinking of performing a rain dance ;-) .. welcome here !!

Indyeah said...

we got rains here!! Delhi is drenched!! yippiee!! :))
Liked your ode to the rain gods! :)

SO did you get any rains where you are? :D

Smita said...

Sending some across to you.

Please confirm delivery ;-)

Bedazzled said...

Indyeah !! we got rains too ..na na na na na *sings in a weaslish nasal tone*.. And i got drenched yesterday ... wow!! its a different thing that i am sneezing beyond belief !! still priceless !!

Smith.. Package received !!! but quantity is less !! send me another consignment plss !!