Sunday, June 14

The yoyo ;What goes out comes back in ..

Ah, well.. words are refusing to flow ..still too lazy to comment on blogs.. Lazzeeee !!! .. Gosh , Chennai is hot ! .. Kulir 100 Degrees is horrible. Dont watch it !.vacation was Sooper. Package tours suck.Realised that i am more of a culure-heritage junkie than a beach bum... have always wanted pink-reddish tanned skin ..Tanned beyond recognition.. Correction .. Charred and blackened beyond recognition..I love the Brit accent !..This post is getting disjointed beyond belief .. I must stop !... Good to be back ! :-)


Dhanya said...

Good to have you back! :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back :)

G. Coppard said...

Nice to have you back. Cheers.

Angel's Flight said...

What do you think about the Irish and the Scottish accent?

Bouncing-Bubble said...

haha! I love disjointed posts! makes for sooper quick flashnews type reads!

vimmuuu said...

Welcome back and wish you the happiest bday ever !!!

Smita said...

Happy Birthday dear :-)

Good to have u back:)

Deeps said...

Hey,u went on a holiday??So some travel trivia in the offing in your ensuing post??

Welcome back,Bedazzled.Take your time to unwind.Will be waiting to hear about your experiences:))

Nautankey said...

welcome welcome

rahul said...

welcome back!!

Just call me 'A' said...

good to have you back. where did you go for a vacation? pictures? disjoint post are nice too....a quick zip here and a snap there and you've said everything :)

numerounity said...

Pink reddish tanned skin in Chennai? Gosh all I know it gets brownish black and the shades similar.

Bouncing-Bubble said...

hey happy b'day!!

Aparna said...

Welcome back! :D

Bedazzled said...

Ok my laziness is officially worn off .. visitng all u r blogs soon .. !!

Dhanya .. danks !! :-)

super.. welcome here ! and danks !

coppard .. cheers to u too .. feels good to be back !

Angel .. i have just one word .. adorable !!! esp Scottish & brit kids!!

Bb.. u love disjointed posts eh ? more like 66 word fiction types !

Vims .. thanx da ! .. i had the happiest bday ever !! :-)

smita.. wat have u bin upto ,babe ? good to be backk !! and danks for the bday wishes

Deeps.. i have to write abt it ..will do it soon !! ..

vinod .. thanx da !

Rahul.. thanx ! good to c back here as well !!

A.. nope dear i havent said everything !! .. a travelogue is in the offing !! soon ! post !

numero .. hee hee .. yeah !itd brown, browner , brownest here !

Bb.. danks babe!

Aparna.. danke !

Indyeah said...

here from Smita's blog :))who pointed us towards yours :))

Happy Belated Birthday!:)))
Hope you had a great time:)))

Anonymous said...

Welcome back..

had a great holoday..? share snaps...!

Belated birthday wishes..

Tarun Goel said...

What a Post :)