Tuesday, July 7

Wurst ad in recent times ..

Officially my 50th post .. god only knows why it's taken me soo long for this half century !! .. The other day i was watching some program and a flurry of crappy ads were unleashed on me .. and surprisingly,all of them were HLL (oops Unilever India) ads..the most notable(notorious!) among them was the one for Hammam .. don't know if its the same ad that gets beamed across India .. but this ad had a mother ( a severely irritating one at that)getting agitated and imagining things ( like her daughter losing confidence , developing rashes just because she forgets to tell her to buy hammam..).. she runs out of the house to stop her child .. one would think that there was some emergency looking at the concern on the mothers face .. the ad ends predictably with the child bringing her "favorite"bar of hammam .. The mother thanks her stars that a disaster has been averted ! .. Cheesy as hell !!

We were taught never to underestimate the intelligence of the customer at b-school .. but HLL ads consistently dumbs down it's customers.. One of our visiting profs , who was also involved with the HLL accounts long time back (i think O & M was servicing them then.) told us that HLL did that because they didn't want the ads to be bigger than their products..well, then why advertise at all..they might be able to cut down on media planning costs by just displaying ticker messages during programmers ..what happened to "Lyrils" of the world..As much as i hate admitting it , Lalitha Ji ,is an icon .. and collective psyche of Indian middle class still remember Lalitha ji, despite her grating on nerves..

One of my favourite ads in recent times is that of coca Cola .. the one where 2 teens sit in a library and the coke flows from the bottle to a glass drawn on the girl's hand .. incredibly ingenious ! .. i am not a coke fan ,and might never ditch Pepsi after seeing this ad .. but i liked it and it made say "wow" and isn't marketing about "wowing " people ? ..I don't consider myself a purist .. but ,if ads have to exist , they might as well be creative and fun !

I wish people making ads, wouldn't dumb us down ..i might not want to buy your product because of your ad.. At least, i wont crib about it on my blog ! .. what say ,guys .. whats your least favorite ad ?


Tarun Goel said...

u watch these stupid ads?? :P
The bestest~worsts one are Dhoni's ads. Why would one listen to his songs? :D
And the tag line, "main ban gaya man of the match."
Such a loser ad :P
ZOOOZOOO's Rock and so Does Happydent :)

eye-in-sty-in said...

good 1 there B, Agree with u on most points! I like the cadbury ads. Nice... Coke does come ou with many good ads.

avdi said...

well, all said and done, the primary purpose of advertisment is to generate revenue. which is why some ads look lowbrow... to appeal to the masses.

Dhanya said...

I know! Some of the ads can get you seriously pissed off. I hate M.S Dhoni ads... guy can't even act properly and on top of that he's trying to convince the customer to buy a product that he can't seem to promote well...

I love that insurance ad (forgot from which bank) where the father tells his baby son to say 'Czechoslovakia'... So cute :D

But yeah, there are some that simply tries to make us - the customers - look dumb. All the fairness promoting creams ads are a joke. Priyanka Chopra doesn't look so pink outside the fair & lovely ads :P Who are they trying to kid ? :)

Indyeah said...

ha!ha! that ad IS irritating! and insults the viewers intelligence !:))

I DISLIKE the toilet cleaner wala ads :))
coz they gross me out:))

PS:-I LOVE that coke ad you were talking about:)
it made me go WOW too:)

Smita said...

Oh u r so right. A well made Ad makes such a difference.

My current fav these days is the Hero Honda Ad where the guy goes to his GF's home toreply to her GN SMS. The ad is real sweet and the guy is really very cute ;-)

BTW I had all fairness cream ads.

Bedazzled said...

Tarun.. they make some programs tolerable .. actly i am an ad junkie .. i see them for entertainment !! hee hee .. thats a sad one !! zoo zoo is cute .. whats happydent ad ?

eisi.. i like the old cadbury ad .. the one in which a woman runs to the middle of the pitch when a match is on .. generally also cadbury ads are classy

avdi.. i agree with the fact that ads have to be made for masses .. but you and me are also masses ,na? ..but what u raise is a valid point .. the basic reason why an ad shud be made has to be functionality.. but while u are at it , u mite as well make a decent ad ..i am not saying that an ad has to be sophisticated /classy .. i am saying that it shud nt be downright stupid ..

Bedazzled said...

Dhanya.. i swear i hate dhoni ads .. esp his airtel one .. esp translated in tamil , that ad sounds so dumb !! the first time i heard it i almost had a fit ! Czechoslovakia is such a cute ad .. a lot of ads use kids to up the cuteness factor .. theres one more for a car (kid and his dad stop at different store windows .. dad stops at a window that has a car.. cute ad !!.. she isnt pink ?? i almost fell for it !!1 hee hee

Indeah .. me too !!! i hate those gross "zoom in to see teh germs on your toilet bowl" type ads .. gross !! and unwarranted ..and worst part is that almost all toilet cleaner ads have some "homemaker" attesting that her toilet is spanker after using the cleaner ..!! dumb !!

smita.. thats a cute ad ..very apt and well thought out !! .. its not a great concept , but very apt and message reaches across clearly .. nice one !

Just call me 'A' said...

oh damn..i left a long comment and now it's gone...some prob with my net connection for a few sec. anyways..i cannot type the whole thing again :(
ads in the US are pretty dumb too. they don't make any point and some makes you wonder what relation they have to the product.

vimmuuu said...

I love all pepsodent ads; they get real good children to act !

I hate all ads that has Amitabh ! :D

and I felt disgusted seeing SRK in all those Sprite ads. He was such a misfit in all those ads and most importantly, he just switched sides too soon, na?

Nautankey said...

Oh me too just wrote abt an ad :). The worst ones were the pepsi one,just star power n no proper concepts,comapred to coke thought they had amir they had really good sketches.

And yeah I can direct ads too,incase ur planning to publicise ur products :)

Anonymous said...

Nice look! I like the theme! :)
And yeah, just by your description, I think the ad sucked! :D

Shayari said...

Congrats Miss!! :D

Love the Pulsar,Airtel n the mentos ads..
Coke ads are also very classy.Top notch actors endorsing economical beauty products which they hardly use, irks me the most.

Anonymous said...

:) its been since ive sen ages..just dint like dhonis ad for sme airlines or smething :P prejudiced against cricketrs acting i shud say.. nice take on the hamam ad :) i really wish if people directing ads & soaps knew we have bettered with ages :P

Bedazzled said...

A.. aww... i looove long comments !!

Vimmu .. i feel disgusted looking at anything that has SRK in it.. he is s creep .. seriously !!

Nauts.. i think star studded ads are uggh!! .. i prefer ads with normal people .. so dumb of them to think that just cos kareena kapoor uses a brand of shampoo, i'll be forced to do so too !! duh !

Nikil.. yeah it did !!!

Shayari .. yeah , mentos is a nice ad .. pulsar .. umm .. which one is that ?? .. my alltime fav is feviquick ad ..and also polo

verbi.. i wish the cricketers would concentrate on playing and forget endorsements for sometime.. they r just a bunch of jokers !

Shayari said...

Pulsar the bike... Their launching ad 'It's a boy' was damn creative.

Polo? "Betaa Swattter pehan lo.." Lol that was fun to watch :D

Deeps said...

yes some ads are ridiculous as though the creators think their viewers are one bunch of fools who will gobble up anything that they dish out.
I'm particularly critical b'cos thats my husband's field-advertising! You have to be in our house to see the reactions flowing when a pulling-your-hair-out worthy ads come up :))

Yes,Lalitaji is eternal.And I love that coke ad..mainly because it has Aamir Khan in it :))

Uncommon Sense said...

i havent seen the hammam ad that u r talking abt,, on the whole i do like ads they are far better than the actual content that runs on tvs these days,,, yes the coca cola ad is cool, all vodafone ads are gd,

in principle the ads targetted at lower income groups are the one that are crappy, its kind of on purpose..

Anonymous said...

i love watching ads. .just yesterday i was thinking am i the only one who thinks so much about themm and you answered my question..

worst ad now is the one u mentioned and the chloromint Salman ad.. also Akshaye's ads for thumps up...

ads are supposed to be intelligent and wow you..

i remember Deepika ji ad.. for nirma super. we still remember the complete dialogue.. that is how ads are supposed to work.. for years..

Bedazzled said...

shayari.. yea its a boy si a decent ad.. yeah ,sweater pehano !!classic !!'

Deeps .. coke ad with amir? which one is that ? i meant the recent ad .. maybe different ads are beamed in different countries ..

uncommon.. somehow i feel that the intelligence of "lower income" group has been underestimated .. i am not saying the ads have to be complicated , i am saying that they shud not be improbable or contrite . u shud see this ad to understand what i am getting at ! ..

Oorja.. dont worry there are lots of us who looove watching ads .. its like a mini-film for me .. havent seen both the ads that u mention.. i remember "washing powder nirma" ad ..was deepika in it ?..

Anonymous said...

no no.. the character's name was deepikaji..

it goes..

Shopkeeper : Aaiye aaiye Deepika ji ..

leejiye aapka sab saaman taiyaar..

Deepikaji : ye nahi wo.. (pointing towards Nirma super)

Shopkeeper: lekin aap to hamesha ye mehangi wali..

Deepika ji : leti thi.. par ab jab wahi safedi wahi kaam.. kam dammon me mile to koi ye kyon le..

Shopkeeper : Man Gaye..

Deepikaji : kise..?

Shopkeeper : Aapki parkhi nazar aur Nirma Super dono ko..

Deepikaji was played by the lady who played Draupadi in Mahabarat..

Bedazzled said...

oorja.. wwoooowww!! u remembered the entire dialogue .. !!! wowww!! bow down to u .. i remember now..i think deepika ji was also the famous "sita" not draupadi !!

Uncommon Sense said...

yes thats right, she was sita.. after that she became a politician for some time as far as i cud remember