Sunday, November 8

The bookworm returns..

This post was supposed to be continuation of part one of up goes the finger ..but decided to save myself from all the expletives and decided to write about something that i have been doing a lot lately.. Reading books..Voluntarily took a week off from work and have been indulging in books.. Nothing serious.. all candy floss and fiction mostly.. I did want to tell you people about this amazing author i came across - Jonnathan Kellerman.He is a clinical psychologist turned best-selling author.I had picked up a book( Called The conspiracy club) at a sale and really didn't know what to expect.. The book turned to be a page turner and i ended up borrowing another book by him. Lots of insights into the human psyche and the disturbed mind.

The second book that i read(Obsession) was even more interesting as it was a reverse-Who-dun-it,if there is a word like that. Basically,right from the beginning ,we know that someone's done the murder,but we don't know the victim.I thought that was an innovative format. I used to be a huge fan of Irwing Wallace(i might still be, the only reason i say was is because i don't remember the plots of any of the books i read..This was at least 10-11 years ago!).

People have told me that he does indulge a lot in trashy,titillating writing , but somehow i managed to cut across all that and like his stuff.. Seven minutes was a book i really enjoyed. If you ask me the plot,i might not remember.Some books stick to your brain that way. Same way i don't remember much about Roark ,but till date i think Fountainhead is on the top of my favorites. Needless to say, i don't entirely agree with Ayn Rand's philosophies, but that book stays on my top favorites (even though i don't remember the details of the plot!)

Enough rambling for today!!. Hope atleast next week i get some work done !!


Ketan said...

Might sound too prejudiced, but not sure if I could like any other author more than Ayn Rand! :)

In fact, after I read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, nothing from fiction has ever piqued my curiosity. :)

Don't if I'll have to turn to non-fiction, providied I get time!

One of the thrillers I could suggest is Jeffrey Deaver's The Vanished Man.

Have a great week reading!

Take care.

Smita said...

Never heard of this author. Will keep an eye now!!!

BTW Thodi si formatting bhi kar liya kar behen!!!

Mumbai Diva said...

sounds good. have never read anything by him. will give it a try now

Bedazzled said...

Ketan.. i would have to say ditto to the comments on Atlas shrugged and Fountainhead. made a huge impression on me.. i'll try that one u sugegsted .. never read him. thanx for dropping by !

Smita.. arryeey!! i am too temperamental to format properly ;-).. point taken !

Diva..u shud. Its good fun

Dhanya said...

I haven't read fountainhead as yet! I guess I will get the book tomorrow itself. Need something to read...