Monday, December 21

The cutest cupcakes ever!!

Seriously,the cutest stuff i have seen in a while!. What an ingenious idea!! Except for the snow globe,everything is edible..i can hear the "aww schoo cute !!". Merry christmas to everyone !!..

Image courtesy Bakerella..


Karthik said...

You are a total foodie, aren't you? :) And have a sweet tooth too. ;) Well, same here. :D
I checked out your other blogs, and one of them is dedicated entirely to chocolates. Ah, my mouth watered. :)
And yes, cutest cupcake ever. Feeling like eating that teddy. :)
Merry Christmas! Cheerios!

Anonymous said...

@ bedazzled,

yup, the Christmas cake looks so tasty, yummy, sumptuous and delicious.

happy Christmas to you.

cheers !

WhatsInAName said...

Aww schoo cute
* slurrrrrrp * * drooooooooool *

Bedazzled said...

Kartik .. oh yeah , am a total foodie !. i cant even begin to tell you abt my sweet tooth ! i would never have the heart to eat that teddy .. it was soooo cute !!

Vamsi..welcome here .. yup it is !!

WIAN.. lol !! why dont men say that ??? ;-)

vimmuuu said...

eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww... ;)

Angel's Flight said...

What the hell happened to my comment???

But anyways all I said in that was ...Yummmmmmm :)

Bedazzled said...

Vimmuu.. get a life dude!!dont u want to be a metrosexual ???

Shalini.. lol !!! .. yummmm na?