Friday, December 4

The Edge..

I am not a poetry person and cant appreciate deep poetry(make that most poetry)..Also, i am never very comfortable or at ease while writing a poem.. Recently someone was reviewing the stuff i had written and told me that irrespective of whether the piece was prose or poetry,there was a common theme.. and that was hope. I was shocked as i had never thought about it. I always had thought of myself as a pretty versatile writer. When i went back to some of the pieces, i did realize that what she said made perfect sense..I realized what it meant to have a myopic vision when it comes to things we create!! ..

So,here is an attempt to sound different from my normal self.. it's a poem and i hope that "hope" is not the underlying theme..I am trying to get better at writing poems,so do let me know if you know any sites/aids that can help me..

I will smile
Till the shadows of sorrow shroud me
Like an ominous cloak.

I will dance
Till my shoes can take no more
And their tatters litter the floor.

I will sing
Till the nightingale hushes up
And silence echoes in the valleys.

I will paint
Till the colours fall off my palette
Like dried leaves on an autumn day.

I will run
Till my knees buckle
From old age and rheumatism.

I will write
Till the words clot
And refuse to flow.

I will struggle
Till I learn to love and give
Without a blemish in my heart.

I will live
Till the soul bleeds dry
And the life‘s breath ebbs out of me.


Divya said...

im not a poetry person in the least... unless its like ogden nash or lewis carrol poems :) hence i wont comment on the poem at all :P i just cant appreciate poetry.

avdi said...

Writing poetry is hard. This one is a bit kiddish you know. Your prose is much much much better.

Sorcerer said...

poetry are something thats really hard to get..
poetry is words on weed...
good one though.

vimmuuu said...

Pattteee, I always thought that only drunkards could write poetry and you didnt prove me wrong again. You are drunk !! :D :D :D :D :D

and yeah, that comment is because I dont understand poetry.:D: :D :D

Bedazzled said...

sorcerer.. umm ,nothing is difficult !! anything thats worked hard at shouldnt be !i am sure poetry can b done weedless !!

Vimmuu.. yeahh , yeah !!whatever gives u the impression that i am drunk ,all the time !!

Bedazzled said...

Divya.. umm.. i haven't read ogden nash.. lewis carrol is a riot !!!

avdi said...

Daz - You are absolutely right. Sorry if I sounded abrupt.

Deeps said...

I'm not much into poetry. Nonetheless I liked your poem. I really did.

Bedazzled said...

avdi.. thats fine.. i have to learn to accpt aruptness as much as know how to accept positive comments. I hope i learn to do that someday !

Deeps...thanx.. will be bombarding u guys with more poems henceforth !!