Wednesday, April 29

North East West South

You wont believe it ... There are 22 news based channels that Tata sky offers as a part of their basic package .. I wouldn't want my affairs getting too current !.. Incidentally, all i get to watch when i go home is News..Dad ends up seeing the same news item at least 5-6 times a day .. and i keep wondering ..why is it that i don't feel that itch to stay informed !! What's with men and news?

Thursday, April 23

On and on i ramble !

A lot of times people tend to assume that since i worked at a bank i must naturally know everything there is to know about features of 0 balance account for NRI to current deposit rates..during those times .. i feel a little helpless and a tad ashamed that i am not being of any help to these folk who think i would be of help/provide info.. The only times i have been to my own bank (branch)in the 4 odd years is only when i have had to take care of my own personal transactions,which haven't been much..

I probably belong to the first generation in my family to prefer not wanting to go to a branch to get my work done.. My parents still go through the rigmarole of waiting in queues to withdraw money and getting their passbooks updated meticulously every week.Not surprisingly, they know more about deposit rates than i do !.. I know this doesn't sound very flattering , but in my defense i simply never got the time to walk into the branch to learn general banking operations !!

I have been taking some time out to close the gazillion inactive SB accounts that dot various banks in the city.. remnants of salary accounts of my working life..Visit to one particular bank got me thinking ..Well dressed associates lounging in branch , chatting and joking with each other.. I suddenly missed being employed.Especially missed my old job ..Our team used to hang out quite a bit even socially.Crib about bosses and talk shop a lot .. it was fun..Most of us have moved on to fresh pastures or quit .. but i feel the camaraderie even now .. What fun times !! .. coming back to the associates..they almost seemed like clones to me .. similar clothes,impeccable grooming,measured mannerisms and speech.. kids these days,i say !!..

India Inc sure is kicking and kicking back hard at that .. That brings us to bottom line .. i ramble quite a bit,eh ?

Tuesday, April 21

What's in a name ?

some people just insist on making your life so much fun by just randomly existing.. A friend recently was sharing the quirks of working in the IT industry and what he shared was supremely funny .. here's what happened..

Apparently,my friend(lets call him S) was put on a project in which he was having to interact with someone onsite (US, i think) ..Our man, S brushes up on his accent and desperately tries to acquire one thinking that he had to somehow impress this guy with a heavy accent ,who called himself Sammy. They interact on a daily basis and one day S really wants to know who Sammy is .. He checks in outlook ,but doesnt find anyone with that name.. finally,he asks another collegue based onsite and gets to know that our Sammy is none other than .. Mr. Maadasaamy from Luz corner !!! ..

I couldnt stop laughing when i heard this .. Someone else also told me that a collegue of his named Jagan Diwakar preferred to be called James D'walker .. how ingenius and fake !! ..ok one more .. Krishnamachari Varada into Kris Var !! haa haa ..Folks, i am sure each one knows atleast another such item .. plss share !!!

And one another thing .. doesnt maadasaamy sound like a milkman's name ??

Thursday, April 16

Shake,shake,shake it !

You have to check this out.. This dude infuses vodka with skittles (i think marblez is the indian version).. and apparently this drink is a rage..i don't quite fancy overly sweet drinks or cocktails .. but then each to his own ! .. read more on it on ..

The site also has good dope for budding bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts...

Oh,yeah .. i baked my first cake yesterday and am mighty thrilled !! .. it wasn't much of a looker ..u gotta start somewhere !!..

Sunday, April 12

Now,this is funny!

A cute forward that left me in splits ..

A Woman Parked Her Brand-New Car In Front Of Her Office Ready To Show It Off To Her Colleagues. As She Got Out, A Truck Passed Too Close And Completely Tore Off The Door On The Driver's Side.

The Woman Immediately Grabbed Her Cell Phone, Dialed To Police Station, And Within Minutes A Policeman Pulled Up. Before The Officer Had A Chance To Ask Any Questions, The Woman Started Screaming Hysterically. Her Car, Which She Had Just Picked Up The Day Before, Was Now Completely Ruined And Would Never Be The Same, No Matter What The Body Shop Did To It.

When The Woman Finally Wound Down From Her Ranting And Raving, The Officer Shook His Head In Disgust And Disbelief.

"I Can't Believe How Materialistic You Women Are," He Said. "You Are So Focused On Your Possessions That You Don't Notice Anything Else."

"How Can You Say Such A Thing?" The Woman Asked.

The Policeman Replied, "Don't You Know That Your Left Arm Is Missing From The Elbow Down? It Must Have Been Torn Off When The Truck Hit You."

"OH MY GOD!" Screamed The Woman. "Where's My New Bracelet?????????"