Thursday, May 14

Being your own boss .. Part II

Sorry folks, i haven't been replying to your comments ot visiting your blogs .. just that i was in the middle of quite a few things .. still cramming for the exams ...and preliminarily started chalking out some plans for a business i am planning to start ..sometimes they say , you feelgood about something in your bones .. i think i finally have that feeling.. no amount of balance sheet preening, presentations and client visits have given me this sense of purposefulness..

i don't know whether it will work.. I dont know whether i have the guts to stomach the risks involved .. i don't know whether i have the skill sets required to run the show ..i do know that i have to try ..Too early to let the cat out of the bag ..idea is still at drawing board stage.. will unveil more details in couple of months .. cos next one month i am going to be really tied up ..Till then have fun,be safe and stay beautiful !

Saturday, May 2

Being your own boss !

Several times in the past i have had the entrepreneurial itch..and every time, i chicken out and shelve the urge..mainly cos it scares the living daylights out of me. Being your own boss definitely is exciting , but is also a lot of responsibility.You can choose to slack off for a bit periodically if you are working for someone else.You can bitch about your boss if you are working on Sundays and finally get the work done.. You obviously cant do all that if you start something on your own .. it's your baby 24*7 and you are your own boss! .. and that's a scary thought ..There is also a risk factor associated with it, especially if you are investing most of your savings in it ..

A while ago, i was doing some research and came across a good site for people who are interested in becoming franchisees for good brands ..The site lists out opportunities to become franchisees for companies like Coffee day,Fitness one , Baskin & Robbins,Dollar store and many many more..

What's more..the site also sends a feedback to the principal company if you need more info and the companies directly get back to you in 1-2 days with their service propositions, cash flow break ups and all that jazz.. Opportunities range from a investment as low as 2 lakhs !!.. interesting ,huh ?..the site also gives dope on franchising industry and pointers for successfully running businesses..

Do check the site out ..