Tuesday, June 30

Rain God.. Please visit us !

Everywhere , people are writing about rains.. Wish we had some rains too ...My ode to the rain gods ..

Delicious smell of the wet earth
Tiny rivulets of water flowing around the ankles
Making paper boats and floating them across in the muddy waters
Splashing water on unsuspecting souls
Getting drenched in the rains
Riding a bike with the wind swooshing and rain pelting down the back
Pitter patter sounds of rainfall
Colourful rainbows playing hide and seek
Jet black umbrellas bobbing on streets
Schools,colleges and offices closed !
Reading a book with hot chocolate
Snuggling under covers and sleeping all day

Ok, i was obviously abstaining from mentioning wet soggy clothes, weird damp smell on clothes and everything ,leaky ceilings ,a zillion creepy crawlies making your house their abode, my favourite white kurtas getting splashed and stained with mud,clothes refusing to dry, craving for the sun ater incessant rains, not able to go out cos of water..

Still,gimme Rains anyday .. !!!

Thursday, June 25

One of those days !

Sometimes u just wake up on the wrong side of the bed.. and everything irks you .. the watchman ringing bell at 5:30 to take the car out or the fact that your maid hasnt turned up despite repeatedly telling her to come on time..sometimes, You arent even sure what irks you .. there is just an unpleasant , morose feeling hanging in the air .. at those times even your favorite chick lit or food or movie doesn't cheer you up..Nothing does ! .. You end up lashing out at people whom you love ..and sometimes, there is this pointlessness shrouding your every action.. You wish you wouldn't feel that way.. You try to shake it off by trying to bury yourself in chores .. but that feeling doesn't go away.. Sometimes,you are so blue that you dont feel like picking up that call from your closest friends mainly becos its too much of an effort to talk ..Sometimes, there is a huge wave of panic and irritation welling upinside you , that you are scared that it would devour you and make you even more miserable ..Sometimes the most innocent remarks grates on your nerves..and you wish people wouldnt keep reminding you of your age ,job that you quit, biological clock and stuff like that.. and at those times you feel like telling them that its your life and you will darn well live the way you want to .. And sometimes , you wish you were 16 and footloose..I am footloose , but its not like when i was 16 !!

I think its one of those days :-(..

Friday, June 19

Inputs, brickbats,ideas pullleess..

A few posts back i was talking about starting something on my own ..i need inputs and suggestions from you'all cos we are running out of ideas :-(.. Pullllesss !

Ok, initially we wanted to start a handcrafted chocolate parlour.. but looks like Vitamin M aint cooperating .. so tis has to be without a brick and mortar entity.. Product range would involve liquer chocolates,nut chocolates, pralines, ganaches and flavoured chocolates.. mostly molded ...Looking at gifting and personal consumption markets..

The biggest hurdle for us is finding a distribution mechanism cos we wont have an outlet .. any ideas??. This problem is compounded by the perishability factor .. esp for the liqueur chocolates.I am also looking for a graphic designer for designing logo et all (again becos of scarcity of vitamin M ,he/she has to be reasonable ! :-()

Any pointers,help,contacts are appreciated! ..

Sunday, June 14

The yoyo ;What goes out comes back in ..

Ah, well.. words are refusing to flow ..still too lazy to comment on blogs.. Lazzeeee !!! .. Gosh , Chennai is hot ! .. Kulir 100 Degrees is horrible. Dont watch it !.vacation was Sooper. Package tours suck.Realised that i am more of a culure-heritage junkie than a beach bum... have always wanted pink-reddish tanned skin ..Tanned beyond recognition.. Correction .. Charred and blackened beyond recognition..I love the Brit accent !..This post is getting disjointed beyond belief .. I must stop !... Good to be back ! :-)