Friday, July 17

OOOOO.. the culprit !

Ended up FINALLYYY watching usual suspects last evening .. i know ,for a movie freak like me , its strange how i havent seen some really critically acclaimed movies..this post isnt a movie review..sometime back a cousin of mine (who has this habit of telling unsuspecting people endings of movies let me and several others in on the "twist in the tale" .. We tried to block out what he was saying by stuffing our ears with our fingers and making guttural,nasal noises to drown out his monologue..The clever bugger suddenly stopped talking , so we assumed that he was done with his naive we were !!! .. we stopped droning.. all of us pull out our fingers as well and .. voila! the bugger tells us "who actually dun it" .. The point of me telling you all this is that .. its really weird seeing a movie when the spoilers have already been floated around.. You start giving special meaning to every dialogue and glance that the " culprit" sends your way .. and with this movie , it was even more confusing cos it zips in and out between the past and present finally after 1 1/2 hours, i decided that there was no fun in watching it cos i already knew what was gonna happen.. Its like reading the last page of a novel and trying to work backwards .. i must try that sometime ..

Tuesday, July 7

Wurst ad in recent times ..

Officially my 50th post .. god only knows why it's taken me soo long for this half century !! .. The other day i was watching some program and a flurry of crappy ads were unleashed on me .. and surprisingly,all of them were HLL (oops Unilever India) ads..the most notable(notorious!) among them was the one for Hammam .. don't know if its the same ad that gets beamed across India .. but this ad had a mother ( a severely irritating one at that)getting agitated and imagining things ( like her daughter losing confidence , developing rashes just because she forgets to tell her to buy hammam..).. she runs out of the house to stop her child .. one would think that there was some emergency looking at the concern on the mothers face .. the ad ends predictably with the child bringing her "favorite"bar of hammam .. The mother thanks her stars that a disaster has been averted ! .. Cheesy as hell !!

We were taught never to underestimate the intelligence of the customer at b-school .. but HLL ads consistently dumbs down it's customers.. One of our visiting profs , who was also involved with the HLL accounts long time back (i think O & M was servicing them then.) told us that HLL did that because they didn't want the ads to be bigger than their products..well, then why advertise at all..they might be able to cut down on media planning costs by just displaying ticker messages during programmers ..what happened to "Lyrils" of the world..As much as i hate admitting it , Lalitha Ji ,is an icon .. and collective psyche of Indian middle class still remember Lalitha ji, despite her grating on nerves..

One of my favourite ads in recent times is that of coca Cola .. the one where 2 teens sit in a library and the coke flows from the bottle to a glass drawn on the girl's hand .. incredibly ingenious ! .. i am not a coke fan ,and might never ditch Pepsi after seeing this ad .. but i liked it and it made say "wow" and isn't marketing about "wowing " people ? ..I don't consider myself a purist .. but ,if ads have to exist , they might as well be creative and fun !

I wish people making ads, wouldn't dumb us down ..i might not want to buy your product because of your ad.. At least, i wont crib about it on my blog ! .. what say ,guys .. whats your least favorite ad ?

Saturday, July 4

Cant get this out of my mind!!

Love this song .. been humming this for almost 2 days straight and cant seem to get it out of my mind !! .. *bows to gulzar*.. actually love this movie too ..

tujhase naaraaz nahii.n zindagii, hairaan huu.N mai.n
o hairaan huu.N mai.n
tere maasuum savaalo.n se pareshaan huu.N mai.n
o pareshaan huu.N mai.n

jiine ke liye sochaa hii na thaa, dard sambhaalane ho.nge
muskuraauu.N to, muskuraane ke karz uThaane ho.nge
muskuraauu.N kabhii to lagataa hai
jaise ho.nTho.n pe karz rakhaa hai
tujhase ...

aaj agar bhar aaii hai.n, buu.Nde.n baras jaaye.ngii
kal kyaa pataa inake liye aa.Nkhe.n taras jaaye.ngii
jaane kahaa.N gum kahaa.N khoyaa
ek aa.Nsuu chhupaake rakhaa thaa
tujhase ...

zindagii tere Gam ne hame.n rishte naye samajhaaye
mile jo hame.n dhuup me.n mile chhaa.Nv ke Tha.nDe saaye
o tujhase ...