Saturday, February 27

The dog that made me weep..

Book Name : Marley & Me : Love & Life with the world's worst dog
Author: John Grogan
Genre :Memoirs
Publisher : Harper collins
My rating : 4/5

I am a self-confessed "No-Pets" person.I didn't grow up around dogs to appreciate their loyalty or cuteness. All i knew was that they slobbered,chewed on shoes and pooped at will.So,when other dog-lovers regaled me with tales of their dogs,i forced myself to examine my chipped-off nail polish.. Marley has significantly changed the way i look at dogs,now...Marley also has heralded another first for me .. more on that in a while ..

To say that i loved John Grogan's Marley & Me : Love & Life with the world's worst dog would be an understatement..I loved it to bits..The travails of an ordinary American family with a madcap-Labrador is too adorable to even start explaining..And,John Grogan's narrative weaves magic..Unexpectedly,i found myself rooting for Marley.

When Marley misbehaved,i felt indignation and wanted to spank the dog,when he bungled along the corridors of "domestic training",i wanted to hug him and say that it was okay.. that's how involved the book gets you..The book describes 13 years in the life of a lab against the backdrop of Florida and later Pennsylvania.Grogan describes the neighborhoods so well,that the words paint vivid pictures in your mind's eye.Incidentally,it is his memoir too ...Also,one cannot miss how the dog fits into the Lives of the Gorgans and how Marley is there by the side of his master through thick and thin.Through Grogan's wife's miscarriage,birth of babies,change in career et all ..

And eventually,when Marley is put down,i felt miserable.As miserable as i would have felt if Marley was my own. His antics,disobedience and loyalty at once leave you teary eyed..A beautiful book !!

Incidentally,this was my first audio e-book( edit: e-book read with microsoft e-reader..thanx Shona !!).. I was skeptical when i began the book and struggled with the pace of the first few chapters..As i part-heard and part-read the book,i settled into a groove which surprisingly was more comfortable than reading a normal paperback.Though,i must confess that it took me longer than usual to finish the 300 odd pages,i had the luxury of just relying on the audio when my eyes tired.

Lovely book and what an experience !! I haven't watched the movie adaptation and cant wait to catch it..

Thanks Veens,for sharing this`with me!!!


Shona said...

Glad you enjoyed reading this book.Nice review. You should also try Garth Stein's Art Of Racing In The Rain. Another wonderful book ..

Kals said...

I'm a 'no-pets' person too and that's why I've been hesitant to read this book! But thanks to your review, I'll probably check it out soon :)

Smita said...

I have been eyeing this since eternity but never picked it!!! Dunno why!!! May be now I will pick it up!

But Audio book? wow!!! I am yet to try that too somehow I can not forego the magic of a book in my hands!

Bedazzled said...

shona.. thanx and welcome in here !! and thanx for the reco .. i think my mush-quota for couple of months is over !! :-)

Kals.. do check it out..its much more than a pets book !!! .. i havent seen too many bad reviews for this book yet ! .. and welcome here !!

Smita.. Do it !!! Do it!!! i have a feeling u will like it !! ..if you want teh audio book let me know.. will send it to you !!

Shona said...

Hi Bhargavi, I wanted to let u know that this book isn't an audiobook. I had passed it on to Veens. As it is in .lit format it is read on Microsoft Ereader which has the function of reading words. An Lit file will be read by this reader as it recognizes words:)

Audiobooks on other hand are more than 500MB and are usually on CDs. They are read by specail narrators or sometimes authors.

Bedazzled said...

Hi shona

My bad !! :-) .. i thot it was an audio book !!! thanx for telling me abt it !! . **mortified-let-the-earth-swallow-me* look !! ;-)..You have any other e-books ?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to watch the movie, but then, someone said its too mushy for me. So dropped ! :D :D

Btw, when I read the title, I thought you meant....aah, never mind :D :D :D :D :D

Shweta said...
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Bedazzled said...

vimal.. it probably is sappy ! i wont surprised if it is .. the story line is a pretty sappy one !! u shud so totally watch it with Lakshmi..the title was put in exactly for that purpose ;-) !!

Shweta..shona is u r handle too ? or am i missing some other comment here ??

Shweta said...

I left you two more comments . Guess they didn't show up. I saw that you needed ebooks. I had a few so I had left some titles here.. LOL

Shweta said...

Thanks to this confusion I discovered Shona's blog which is really cool. I never knew that there were so many Indian book bloggers.

Please change your comment box to either pop up or full page , this embeded thing causes loss of comments . Happened with mine earlier but now I changed it to full page.

Bedazzled said...

shweta . a lot of people have been complaining about missing comments .. i almost wanted to write a post on "The mystery of missing comments"..have changed to pop up view now.. thanx.. i missed the best part...titles of books !! leaving u a msg on the contact form (the old fashioned way,like u choose to call it !) winks.. and yeah,i am surprised there are so many indian book blogs too ..

Veens said...

jeez! I am sorry.. did u want audio book! I didnot realize that at all.

But I loved this book as well.
If you get any cool titles for ebooks... DO LEMME KNOW! I would definitely want them too LOL! Book-Hunger!

Bedazzled said...

veens.. i didnt realise that it was not an audio book.. that was my first computer read book !.. i'll definitely send u some if i get any.. haven't been reading anything lately .. shame on me !! how r u holding up ?

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