Wednesday, March 3

Muchos gracias,lil place.

I am someone with the Footloose-gene. I actually think its fun to pack all my bags every few years,leave a place and start all over again.There is almost a finality in doing something like that. New set of friends,new places to explore and all. And,what gets left behind fades anyway with time and age.But,every once in a while you stumble upon a circumstance in life which you had no clue you would stumble into in the first place.You meet new people who are amazingly at your wavelength(which is not often!).You fall in love with that place, which is not spectacular or special otherwise.It’s just another place.What makes it so much more special is that you realize you might NEVER-EVER set your eyes on this place in your entire waking-walking life.Ditto for the people you found here.You want to shutter-bug (I know that’s a wrong usage of the word;I just felt like it described what I feel most appropriately) away the whole day,visit those secret little places that amused you and hope that your brain remembers the visual-aural assault 20 years from now,when you look back at the adventures and foils of your lost-youth.

You realize the most fitting farewell to this place is not to cry and feel this feeling of finality, but to hope that you would be back again someday,to renew your vow of love for the place.And, enjoy it the way you did years ago when you fell in love with it in the first place.Odds are that you might feel nothing.Odds are that you might still find that spark.All this applies to not just a physical space-a city or a town(as is the case with me right now),it might just be a phase of life you are at(which surprisingly is also the case ;-)).Maybe, I fell in love with the place only because of the stage of life I am currently in.Whatever it is ,it is love and you can't explain it scientifically.

Au Revoir.Till then,don't change.Stay the same.

PS: I realize i sound like a crazy-loopy-mushy-looney bin.That's four strikes against me,but heck a woman's gotta do what she gotta do!.And where else can she do it other than at her blog;-) !


Dewdrop said...

:) happy memories!

vimmuuu said...

Does this mean that you are moving out of chennai ??? for good ???? wowieee !!! I dont think I would get crackers until tamil new year now ! What do I do ?? :D :D :D :D

Bedazzled said...

Dewdrop.. Thanks !!
Vimal.. unfortunately,no!! :-)what did i do to get u to rejoice like this !!

bouncingbubble said...

Hey from what I have understood (or erm, misunderstood)I can identify with how u feel right now!

And though I've come to realise I like traveling too, the idea of starting again frequently, doesn't appeal to me at all.

Bedazzled said...

BB,bitter-sweet feeling ,no?..the starting all over again mite not appear to be an attractive option to many..i am just used to it!

Anonymous said...


This is the first time I am visiting your blog, and I am loving your book reviews.

What a surprise to find out that you had linked to my blog. I had no idea!

And btw, I totally agree with you about moving. I love the change of scene. I've been in Bangalore for 5 years now, and am seriously getting itchy feet :D

Bedazzled said...

hey nishita,good to know u liked the reviews. I visited u r blog once and liked it ,but couldnt read more as i had some work that day,so blogrolled u so that i could get back to your stuff later ;-)..

Veens said...

umm.. I can say I love moving too.. but then I look back and I feel a lil heavy somewhere inside! LOL!

It is kind of sad and cool... it feels good to LOOK FORWARD to new things..but it is equally sad and crazy to leave where you were once comfy :)

Bedazzled said...

veens..the heavy-feeling-somewhere makes it so much more special !! and yeah,u said it .. its sad and cool!i dont let myself get too comfy.. or rather my temperament doesn't let me get comfy.. i just get bored and move on ..