Tuesday, March 9

Santa's right here !!

After 3 whole days of bad weather,non stop rains and cold, the sun's back!! and so are my spirits..So,the other day the boy and I were trying in vain to cross a traffic signal.. 10 minutes waiting at the crossroads and still cars were speeding by..Abruptly,an SUV pulls up right next to us..And i think,man we are going to get mugged!..instinctively, i clutch my bag a little tighter..Unexpectedly,a sprightly teen gets out of the car,hands over*this balloon that you see above* to the boy and tells him..

"Would you like to give this to your girlfriend?".

We are shocked and manage to mumble our thanks before the cute girl dashes off into her car with such a wide smile that the dark,cold night suddenly seems warm and fuzzy.. Firstly,she called me someone's girlfriend,how cool is that(makes me sound younger ) !!.. and Secondly,we were random people and she made us smile with that simple act of hers...How many of us take the time out to make random people smile !!
By the time we managed to cross the signal(after another 5 minutes),we were still grinning,thanks to the balloon girl(i personally think she was Santa claus!!).

Later that evening,we plan to haul ourselves to a grocery store.. there is no public transport whatsoever here and we didn't have a car,so cabs were the only way to get to our store..And,finding a cab here is more difficult that finding the spirit of Shakespeare or keats..Somehow, we manage to get a cab and get to the store..Shopped till my limbs creaked and said they could take no more.. The wallet also seemed to agree with them. So,we decided to head back home and called for a cab..the cab guy said " will be there in 15 minutes ,mister".. So, waited and waited and waited ..in the cold,wintry night.Till the cows came home.Just that there were no cows in the vicinity.

Half hour passed. Another half hour was threatening to pass as well.After several futile calls to the cab company and some more wasted time,a cab pulls up and we pile into it,thankful that it finally arrived.As the driver fumbled with the address,we sit and knit our brows and frown looking at the taxi meter..Suddenly, a huge guy comes up and says that we got his cab..Unceremoniously,we get dumped on the pavement.. I let out a string of expletives and curse our luck.

As we are cursing more, a white sedan pulls up.

The guy driving the car gets out,says that he had watched us getting kicked out of the cab and says he'll drop us home,as it was pretty late.. We were too overwhelmed by the offer!!..Of course,we said yes and got a comfortable ride back home.

Does Santa Visit someone twice in a day ?and it is not even Christmas time ;-P!


Dewdrop said...

Merry Christmas (albeit an early one!!!)

Dhanya said...

You took it in the right spirit! If it was me, I would've got spooked out of my wits if a stranger gave me balloons or offered me rides back home! *Phew* :D

Bedazzled said...

Dewdrop.. thanx.it does feel like christmas !!

Dhanya.. seriously?..i have always thought of you as a free spirit.. dont say this and surprise me ,now !!

Smita said...

Aha!!! So my best fren Santa helped you!!! Do u know I have a karmic connection with him (we share our b'day's) so I have asked him to keep a special eye on my good friends :) Looks like he is doing a good job of it :D am sure his appraisal card would show a rating of excellent ;-)

But seriously some days are just full of surprises and that too coming out of unknown people and I guess that is what amazes us the most :)

Shweta said...

Definitely life is full of surprises and nice ones at that ! Glad u had Santa helping u out ;D

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice when someone unexpectedly lends a helping hand.

And isn't it sad that a lot of times, we are too distrustful to accept help :( I know I am guilty of this a lot

Angel's Flight said...

So you are still here:) well at least people are being nice....u need to call me...since i haven't heard from you in a while, thought u were back to the motherland....

so call..lets catch up.

Bedazzled said...

smita..lol..Dec 6,huh? i am sure he is extra nice to you !..i agree ,some days just r so full of unexpected nice surprises !! and thanx for asking santa to watch over me !!;-)

Shweta..yeah,so true !!

Nishitak.. tell me about being distrustful of someone wanting to help..i am guilty of that most of the times..i am so conditioned to believe that people want to take me for a ride..

Shalini.. yeah!i am here!!Getting there on 16th..will be there till 4th Apr...yayyy! i have been meaning to buzz you for ages.. u know my cellphone woes ;-)..will call u soon..

vimmuuu said...

woah !!! you arent in chennai anymore ??? whats with the rains and cold weather ??? am i missing something ??? :D :D :D :D

Spencer L Casey said...

Your patience is incredible! Maybe you were being repaid for enduring the situation so well? Love the girl with the balloon the best. Those quick little kindnesses makes me believe in our humanity's longevity.



Veens said...

wowwwwwwwwwww! That was a great day indeed!