Tuesday, August 24

100 and a love letter !

Bedazzled officially has lived to see a hundred posts !!! yaayyyyy!!!!.. didnt really think that i would manage it,given my ADD-type behavior ;-)...

Couple of days back ,something really horrible happened..

2 years you were by my side 24 X7
And now on a bleak, rainy day
You decide to leave me
To find solace in some other arms
Oh,what fun times we had!
We laughed and wept in sync
No you've left me bereft with a heavy feeling of dread hanging about me

When you got your arm fractured
I was there right next to you
cradling your head.
Life without you is so glum
Tips of my fingers ache
Thinking about the others who'll caress you

The first person i woke up to
everyday was you.
No that you are gone
I feel incomplete and comatose
I keep wondering if you are still alive
My fingers are crossed in anticipation..

They say when you love somebody
You should let them free
So,dear love..I am setting you free
May you always keep winking and beeping forever
No one can take your place

Au revouir,dear Nokia.. May peace be with you...


vimmuuu said...

Congrats !!! :D

Veens said...

Congrats! And what really happened :P

Bedazzled said...

Vimms and Veens.. thanks people..

Veens.. i let my love slip out of my hands and have no clue how or where it happened ;-(

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 100th post, dearie!

And yes, may your Nokia rest in peace!!

Punvati said...

My Nokia just died a horrible death as well. Sigh.

Hellos :D Long time, how you been?

Bedazzled said...

deeps..thanx a tonne !!

Punvati..i almost said welcome here and decided to check your profile out!!! omg..love the new blog !!!me is doing awesome !!!how have u been ???...

Punvati said...

Thanks :D I've been good only ya. New template and name I see :)

AJai said...

RIP poor old nokia! :P

Guha said...

hmm...you got me there for a minute.. lets find you a new companion sometime now

Casey Freeland said...

Nokia totally cheated on you. You should, like, burn down his house or something. He's probably not even voice activated anyway. You are way too good for him. Find a smart phone next time.



Bedazzled said...

Punvati.. yeah!.. got bugged with the old suckmylolly ones... but i sometimes do miss that black and white thingie i had on a long while ago..

Ajai..thanx !

Guha.. what ???!!! u r commenting here ???!!! enna acchu ? ;-)

Casey..poor lil nokia .. i shouldnt be blaming him... i dropped him....oh,i am not too tech-savvy .. i just need a phone to text and talk .. no fancy internet or twittering business for me !

vicious said...

:D that was cute!!

Veens said...

Why did u remove the Yoga post girl. it was good :)
I practiced it like 1 and a half years back.. and my body begs to get back to it :)

Bedazzled said...

vicious... thanx !!

Veens.. apparently participants r'nt supposed to make public the contents of the class due to a host of reasons...so i had to take it offf..do get back to it.. in the last few days i can see a difference.. not just in the body but overall also ,i think !

Vaishnavi said...

Oh my god! For a while there I was a getting a little alarmed....still...sorry about your phone! I know how it feels!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha nice one :) Well, take this as an opportunity to get a nice, shiny, new phone!

Bedazzled said...

Vaishnavi.. ha ha !! doesnt it feel like a part of you has gone awol ? ;-)

nishita.. yeah !! yeah!!