Thursday, September 2


I have always maintained that i need chaos around me to keep me shipshape.Nothing like the sound of an auto or a bus hurtling along at monstrous speeds to drown out the inner monologue...And my tete-a-tetes with nature have been fairly short-lived and largely mood-driven detox cravings..Today, when i stepped out into my balcony,all i could see was huge boulders of concrete staring back at me. Questionnable pink.Dirty white.Murky grey.Slimy-moss covered yellow. Even the few trees that normally frame the balcony walls looked diseased and i found myself longing for lush green paddy fields,breathing in the green colour,dunking my feet into chilly,gurgling streams and breathing in the heady smell of water-soaked earth...Ah!...The picture you see is of a paddy field near a village in Tirunelveli in South Tamilnadu.


vicious said...

the pic is soooo soothing !!
this concrete jungle sometimes seems so suffocating !!

Tarun Goel said...

Come to himachal
Its all green here :)

avdi said...

Oh Yes.. I know that feeling.

Geeta Mahesh said...

I absolutely love your writing style.

Could not stop laughing at your anniversary post and the hair one.

Adding you to my blog roll.

Bedazzled said...

vicious ...think of that field and take a deep breath ... dont you already feel better ??? ;-)

Tarun .. L.U.C.K.Y you !!!! i wish !! ..


Geeta.. welcome here.thanx for liking the posts.. You have a lovely blog u r self ... loved the bangle pic !

Casey Freeland said...

Seems we're all trying to concentrate on what feeds our souls lately. It's popping up thematically in several blogs I read.

I like it. I think it's good for us.

I can almost smell that green.



Aaarti said...

Lovely picturesque shot da... the word "tirunelveli" brot so many memories! :)))

Veens said...


vimmuuu said...

Oh, thats how the whole of Kerala is. and to preserve that green, we do just about anything, like shutting down coco cola and similar factories !! we dont care about employment :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Gurgling water.... you make me crave .. spotting nests, watching birds, looking out for the sunsets... running away from buffaloes, shocked to move at the sight of pythons on the roads :P

Indian cities at nights, maybe :) when all the machines stop working, like in that Wordsworth poem, London...

@Vimu: LOL :D :D :D What good nature loving folks :D :D

Bedazzled said...

casey let me know the other blog addresses .. a lil soul curry is never bad ;-).. I found myself in a yoga class a week back and that precipitated this state ,i guess !!

Arti..:-)! this pic was taken in Pathamadai

Veena.. ;-)!

Vimu.. oh,yeah !! i heart kerala.. We had been to Wayanad couple of months back .. it was awesome !.. i am not too sure about the employment bit though..

PNA..when did u become pinashpinash ? oh,now u make me crave with those words.. i am not a fan of python either .. but nor am i of the cable tv wire dangling outside my balcony ;-)

Anonymous said...

know..its sad and depressing to see the greenery of our country giving way to concrete structures.

Bedazzled said...

deeps..:-( ... how is it there ?