Tuesday, September 28


Effervescent clouds woven with silver threads
What Kanchivaram sari is this,i demand.
The sky,the canvas parts
Giving way for a lustrous, bejeweled stranger
The stranger plays hide and seek with the senses
Eyes inhale the streaks of light
The skin ogles at the lush peachy hues
Nostrils prickle with pleasure
Ears smile and shriek in joy
Making me want to leap,reach out,grab
the clouds,
the streaks of light,
and the colours
And swallow them all in one gluttonous gulp
People mill about
joyously awaiting the stranger's arrival

Picture taken at Besant Nagar beach in Chennai.


vimmuuu said...

ok, now this answers my age old question "where are you?" :D :D :D

SG said...

Beautiful picture. Excellent narration. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Both the picture and your words!

Black Walnut Pearl said...

Wonderful imagination! Wouldn't there be space after each comma?

Geeta Mahesh said...

I love this picture. Great job on the light. I have tons of good memories associated with Besant Nagar beach. Miss those care free days of growing up in Chennai. May be you should post more pictures of Chennai.

I now know you are a poet as well. An awesome good one!!!

Veens said...

Someone is in the poetic mood :)
Lovely pic!

Bedazzled said...

Vimmu..Chennai,of course .. why the age old doubt?

SG, wordsndreamz.. thanx for your lovely words:-)

black walnut pearl.. what an intriguing name..my punctuation is always a little questionable..I should get back to my copy of eats ,shoots and leaves soon

Geeta ..Oh,i am am bad at poetry.. Infact i tried writing poems sometime back and got panned for the simplistic words.. .Anyway,bessie is very special for me too .. will definitely post more pics of chennai...

Veens.. yeah,surprisngly ! :-)