Wednesday, October 20


Have you read the book,Twitterature?-it describes plots of books for the Twitter-generation. Meh!,if you ask me.But i am technology challenged-so i really don't get warm and gushy about twitter. Now for some quick reviews of books i have read in the last few months.

1. Keep the Change by Nirupama Subramanian

Chicklit.Chitlit.Chicklit- Screamed the cover of the book.I loved it!. Story of B.Damayanti who is sick of her life at Amman Kovil street in Chennai and her employment with SSV and sons. She decides to chuck her job in chennai and get herself a new lifestyle in Mumbai.Makeovers,f new riends and love follows.Plot was cliche,but sometimes,its the execution that matters and Nirupama's book is a breezy ride thats been executed very well. The book is set in a bank and the plot something i could relate to having worked at a bank myself.Purists might pan the book saying it was brainless,but i think i was refreshing breath of fresh air.

2. If it is sweet by Mridula Koshy

GOSH.Thats the only word i can think of after reading a ghastly set of stories that won a spate of awards.Of course the GOSH was accompanied by wrinkling of the nose and was not uttered extolling the virtues of the book. Seriously,if you want to read some spaced out reading,you need to pick up this book.Right from a monkey that is a companion to an old lady to the story of a jeans,the book was a total let down for me. I must give Ms Koshy this much credit- Her words are luscious and the descriptions very visually potent.Other than that, a complete tangential,weird collection of stories.

3. Chai chai by Bishwanath Gosh

The writer visits some imporant train station junctions that are never final destinations for most people (like Jhansi or Jolarpet)and attempts to find out what these places look like beyond the stations. a very interesting idea,if you ask me!But the execution is shoddy and the writing very ordinary.The author made the destinations sound as if there was nothing worthwhile or remarkable to share about them..In the end it seemed like he wanted to do nothing more than get sloshed and stay inside hotel rooms.Even the random exploring he does gets boring after a few chapters.DRIVEL.DRIVEL.DRIVEL.Hubby said that the book put him in a nice holiday mood,but other than that it didnt work for him too. The languorous pace almost killed my brain-cells.

4. The Blaft anthology of Tamil pulp fiction- Pritham K chakravarthy

Mad scientists,avenging robots and cleavage touting detectives-what's not to love ?. Translated works of some of the best known Tamil pulp fiction authors. Like any anthology,there were a few odd-balls that were bland and unduly preachy,but on the whole the stories were good fun to dig into.Some of the stories i loved were by Indra Soundarajan and Rajesh Kumar Incidentally,Rajesh kumar has written over 1500 novels and is trying to get into the Guinness book for the most number of novels written by a single author.Find generous servings of sexual fizz in the stories. After all, whats pulp-fiction without a little harmless fun ? :-)

I am currently on the second Blaft anthology and starting Life and times of a thunderbolt kid by Bill Bryson next..Whats on your bed stands?


SG said...

Thanks for the nice review. Will look up for couple of these books.

A said...

Concise reviews. Not sure if we can find these books in the USA though

SSQuo said...

Currently picked up Drown by Junot Diaz, coz it beckoned to me from the shelf at the place Im staying temporarily. Short stories, pretty good. Havent read the ones you've mentioned here tho, need to add them to the list.

Bedazzled said...

SG ..thanks

A..I have no clue whether they r available in the US. Blaft might not be.The rest should be- The first is from Harper Collins,second and 3rd from Tranquebar/Westland which should be avbl in the US

SSquo.. good to see u here after such a long time.happy reading !

Smita said...

Have read Keep the Change but found it ordinary. Felt as a chick lit it had nothing new to offer.

Veens said...

ummm..most interested in the pulp fiction anthology :)

Bedazzled said...

smita..Oh ok. I quite liked it.

Veens.. pick that one up soon, was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Read Keep the change, I liked Damayanthi and more her model Lara Croft... I enjoyed, though at first I skipped a lot of chapters and reached the end, second read reading all of them in a line... was better...

funny though!

Geeta Mahesh said...

I bought Keep the change on my trip to Chennai this May and was pleasantly surprised to find the book store loaded with Indian authors.

Bedazzled said...

Pins.. i skipped quite a bit of the little voice.. it got a little irritating after a while. the book really grows on you.

Geeta..which store was that ? yeah,indian publishing is soaring now.

Anonymous said...

Loaded with Indian authors...:) which store Geeta