Monday, November 22

The phantom eyes!

This is the story of a girl and a boy who live in some city in the Southern part of India.It’s a Saturday and the boy is home, enjoying himself by wallowing in laziness. The girl is lounging around the couch ,trying to finish an interesting book. She’s been reading it for a few hours and feels the strain in her eye and decides to leave them on the floor on top of a book.

“Do you want to eat out?”the boy’s voice interrupts the girl.

“Of course!”she yelps, happy at the prospect of not having to cook.

Scrunchhhhhh… A sudden noise assails the senses of the pair.

“Uh-oh..”The boy declares,picking up a pair of horribly twisted glasses.

The girl stares in mute horror.

“What angle do you think that twisted frame is at? 130 degrees?” the boy asks ,trying to smother his fear and utter feeling of dread with horrible humour.

The girl still stares at him. Her body temperature is increasing at a rapid pace and she realises that she was going to do her valcanoe-act anytime soon. But the lava still is bubbling inside-so the words remain stuck at the base of her throat. The boy misunderstands this for her attempt at forgiving him and blithely goes on.

“Umm.. 140 degrees,maybe. I think that’s called an obstuse angle.” The boy says cheerily.

Something inside the girl snaps.

“That’s my twisted spectacles you are talking about!.And you are worried about the angle of twisting?” She exclaims in horror.

The boy balks.But he is made of sterner stuff and decides to keep up his charade.

“When did you get so materialistic?”He asks instead and runs away before she can plummel him with her book.

The girl goes back to her couch,with a huge pout. She now suffers from a chronic case of phantom-spectaclitistis and reaches for her glasses,assuming that they are still there.But alas,they aren’t.The boy broke them,right?.The withdrawal symptoms are so severe that she sometimes mopes the air with her handkerchief because she thinks she is still wearing those glasses. A wave of panic grips her when she gropes in the general area of her eyes and realises that her companion is gone !.Apparently,the disease has no cure and can only be replaced by a shinier,branded frame,which she knows the boy will buy her soon for being so nice about everything.

Is this what people mean when they say “A sad story with a good moral”?.

PS: I know that you are wondering why there is a picture of phantom when the post has got nothing to do with him..Chumma,just like that !


Anonymous said...

Ayyyo cant even begin to imagine the pangs of separation the girl and her twisted spectacles would have gone through!! But I can surely sense her doing a li'l jig at the prospect of getting a shinier branded frame though ;))

Guha said...

the boy is now resigned to the fact that the girl will taunt him and continue to derive mileage from the incident for all time to come....she may even write it up on a blog so her fellow bloggers can commiserate for the "pangs of seperation" caused by the unfortunate incident :)

hey....idu ellam konja too mucha theriyalai !!

Bedazzled said...

deeps .. The girl tells me that she did a happy lil jig yesterday !! :-).. but she was distraught for sometime over her phantom eyes,it seems.

Guka.. you are the boy's official spokesperson,now? Enna overa scene podara ? !

Bikramjit said...

did she go to specsavers :) he he ehehhe

ah well good job this story was in india, if it was here in UK ,I can bet anything the BOY dare not have smashed the glasses ..

when you go to get a new pair and they hand over a bill of 300+ pounds in your hands, you make sure they are guarded with your life and that too for some Stupid frame for desinger glasses its more and those you will put in a bank locker ...

I suggest the boy gets her some contacts :) he he he

and i cn imagine the thought of new shining frames , I want one too sooon :) but not from ehre when in india buy 10 frames for that amount :)


SG said...

The boy is feeling guilty. The girl should take advantage of this and extract some concession from him. Like, helping with chores or cooking for couple of days in a week.

Vaishnavi said...

Haha! That was a nice story! But I feel bad for the boy, he seems like a very nice boy :)

Titaxy said...

haha long as there is a branded prettier glasses in the waiting, all's good :D

Bedazzled said...

Bikramjit..specsavers?? ..300+ pounds for a pair of glasses is daylight robbery!!! what do they make the glasses out of -Silver ?:-).. The girl tells me contacts are yuck..I believe she's tried them and they stuck to her eyelids like some sticky tape when she tried taking it out.She's way to clumsy to handle contact lenses.

SG..ha ha ha!! looks like your madame has been extracting her pound of flesh regularly!I'll keep it in mind :-)

Vaishnavi..The girl says a melodramatic "Whose side are you on-mine of his?" .. ah,well..the feet that broketh the frame needs face the taunts.

Titaxy.. Dont we all live in hope !! :-)

Geeta said...

Nice story. Its a little different in my house. The boy's glasses are twisted and he goes around asking - who twisted it.

He gets 'not me' from everybody for an answer and his insurance buys him another one.

Bikramjit said...

yepp day light robbery it is .. buts thats how much they cost so when i go to india i make sure i get loads of spare specs :)


Bedazzled said...

Geeta.. lol..thank god for insurance :-)

Haddock said...

the volcano is about to bust..... I mean you made us read through the whole thing just like that chumma ?
Phantom is my all time hero (followed by Mandrake, Rip Kirby, Denis the Menace, Tin Tin, Asterix, in that order)
And you put him up there just like that ?
Hope Guran does not hear about this.

Casey Freeland said...

So, I read this twice and I still can't figure out what happened to the glasses... Did she jump up and stand on them? Did he get up and step on them?

I think the moral is don't put your glasses on the floor. In my house, anything on the floor is likely to be trampled. That's why I buy cheap glasses.



A said...

How about boy buys contact lenses? Glasses are outdated anyway.

Bedazzled said...

Haddock and Casey..Too bad you didn't get it :-)..No fun giving an explanation,right ?

A..Oh no contacts for me.. I am too sloppy to handle them .

Anonymous said...

LOL i liked th PS part a lot :D :D