Thursday, December 16

Masala mix again

I thought the blog needs a breather from the book reviews I've been posting.I still have another review to finish,but that will come sometime next week.This post is going to be another Masala mix..
My post on the oldest book on my bookshelf got picked by Blogjunta as editor's pick of the week.Thanks a tonne,Blog Junta.This is my first award in the two years i have been blogging. Yaaayyy!!.You can read it here

These days i find myself in a painfully combative mood with some breed of people.Don't you just get flummoxed when people who you haven't been in touch for ages act all sweet and send you their wedding invites on email. They'll even sign off as love and kisses and hugs,when you don't really know them that well. You'll do a double take on the mail that's landed in your mailbox and feel an effusive cheer when you read how they so want you to be there at the wedding .They'll even offer to make arrangements for your stay and travel. Well,you are strangely pleased that the person thought enough of you to send an invite and send them a mail stating your inability to attend ,but congratulate them nevertheless.

As a last ditch attempt at sounding civilized, you ask about the person they are about to get married to .A week passes,couple of months pass by(make that 5-6 months) and the person who sent you the invite goes incognito. Not even a "Thanx, its okay that you can't make it.We'll be fine without your blessings".You know that the person is alive because you get random updates from that person's FB profile .You also know that your mail reached them safe and sound.What you don't understand is why should somebody go out of the way to offer arrangements for your travel,when they don't even have the decency to acknowledge your wishes. The bane of a "Send to all in address book" feature,i say !.

I have signed up for three reading challenges for 2011. The South Asian Challenge at S Krishna's books; Mystery and Suspense challenge at Book Chick City and East and South East Asian challenge at Violet's blog. You can find all the links in the sidebar.Which one's have you signed up for?. I also have taken up a personal challenge- to read at least one book every month from the BBC 100's list.This month,I am going to be reading Wuthering Heights. Other books on my bookshelf are War on the Margins by Libby Cone , Joanne Harris's The Lollipop shoes(sequel to Chocolat) and More than love letters by Rosie Thornton.I read too much of women's fiction- need to branch out and read more diverse stuff. I am especially keen on reading more of classics. What's your favorite genre? Do you like reading other genres as well?

Have a lovely week ahead (what's left of it,that is):-)


violetcrush said...

Congrats on being the editor's pick of the week.

I agree with you on those invitations, I used to respond before, but now I don't really bother.

Veens said...

Well, congrats on the BlogJunta selection. You do write such fabulous articles :)

Oh well, tell me about it. With me it is the other way around, I go all the way to say Hi, good to see you after a long time - and no reply. Damn, I feel like I could kick myself for making an effort lol!
I am going to join the 2 Asian challenges and he eBook challenge and the What's in a Name4 Challenge and God Alone knows what others lol!

Misha1989 said...

Thankfully I have not had any experiences with the kind of people you described. I am participating in a crazy amount of challenges this year. Lets see what I am able to do...
I read a lot of genres - Literary fiction, Women's fiction , historical fiction and since this year, YA fiction too.

wordsndreamz said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful!

As for invites - yes it is 'just invite everybody in your address book' or even worse- everbody in your FB list. Have received both!

Yes, I love trying other genres. I have picked up a Rosie Thornton - but not the one you reviewed - that was not available :( Am reading a biography at the moment - and loving it!

Madhu said...

You know after reading wuthering Heights many times, I started liking Ann Bronte's books too. have you read any of them yet?
You too have a great weekend :)

Bedazzled said...

Violet .. :-)..Smaart girl !!
Veens..OMG!!You are joining so many .. but then you also faithfully compete the challenges you sign up for ..i might take up what's in a name ..

Misha.. you read a lot too!! I am going to hop over to your blog and figure out some YA challenge to participate in..any suggestions?

Words..Thanks !!Read it and let us know what you think

Madhu..not yet! I have been neglecting the classics for a while now.. But 2011 is going to be a year of classics for me

Geeta said...

Congratulations on your award. You so deserve it.

Vaishnavi said...

That was a pretty interesting masala mix :) I hate email wedding invites actually.... Anyway, my favourite genre is classics but I am a bit of a romance might not be the most intelligent choice but there you go..

A said...


Interesting mix you posted today. Great job:))

Bedazzled said...

Geeta..Thanks :-)

Vaishnavi..Ah..You dont like wedding invites? why??Who cares about intelligent choices,nah? I am a romance junkie too.


Smita said...

Congrats for the selection :)

And I am totally with you on those so called personal invites which in reality are nothing bu mark to all!!! In fact the generous amount of hugs n kisses which are passed around I wonder in real world will we be as generous??? :D

Vibha said...

Congratulations on the selection. I enjoy reading your reviews too.

Best wishes for many more such accolades.

'Wuthering heights' is on my list too.
I recd. Praul Sharma's first book yesterday. Looking forward to reading it soon.

Sound Horn Please said...

I should be careful in never signing off with an xoxo when i Mail you!

Bikramjit said...

congrats... paryt sharty :)

you have a good weekend its here :) the weeks gone

and all the best for the book challenge


Bedazzled said...

smita.. ha ha ha! some are genuine.. I am talking about people who are not that sweet when they will c you in person

Vibha..Thanks.Oh,wow.. have fun reading Bringing up Vasu..its a really funny book..

Sound... oh dear!I put my feet into my mouth ! i was talking about people who i know arent in an expansive mood when i meet them in i demand that you sign off as XOXO whenever you mail me ;-)

Bikram,... yeah paaartaaayy! thanks .You have a good one too.

Casey Freeland said...

I fluctuate between Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror most of the time, but will read almost anything save romance and westerns.

Let's get back to this wedding thing. You need to let that go. If you are effected by this and they are not, then you are letting them control you.

Life is way too short to waste on stuff like this.

Feel it, let it go, and go enjoy your life.

Just a thought.



Veens said...

You have to check out my new post!

priyaiyer said...

Pretty interesting masala mix that was! :)

Congrats on the Blog Junta selection.I am totally with you on the Facebook thingie. Feels really odd at times....

lifeunderthesky said...

Congrats on the award!! Ditto on the wedding invites- have stopped responding to them! Good luck for the nice challenges you've signed up.

My list is a mix, and usually without a plan:) Currently reading (very slowly) Rushdies's The Ground Beneath her feet. Happy reading Heathcliff's tale:)

SSQuo said...

C-grats me dear! Awesome news.

With this inviation thing, yes it can be a pain, but maybe the person is just in a whirlwind of 'life' given the new changes, you know some people tend to float. :) Not defending them, just thinking its better to give them the benefit and move on with YOUR life. Coz youve done what you felt was right, u gave them the blessings and u are happy for them.

I htikn its tricky these days with FB updates or activity coz there seems to be more ill will. For e.g. if I need an urgent response and the person isnt responding, it is easy for me to jump to conclusions, or even get mad coz its a clear sign that someone 'read' my msg, and then continued to post video links.

Privacy and prioritization is no longer private. Scary.

Mystica said...

My first challenge (South Asia Challenge 2011) and I am very keen to introduce some Sri Lankan authors and also go beyond the popular south asian authors as well.

Bedazzled said...

Casey..Thanks for your words.I dont think i am letting them control me.Good to know about your favourite genres

Priya..umm.Guess so

Lifeunder.. I need to grab that Rushdie book too..Been ages since i read him. Looking forward to getting to know Heathcliff

ss.. :-)FB is a scary thing.. especially for people who arent really too public about everything they do ,right from what they had for breakfast..

Mystica.. Looking forward to reading Srilankan authors too. Welcome here.