Thursday, April 29

The Chicklit bug..

Howdy people ??.. yeah !! i am backkkkk!! didnt expect to be back so soon.. What with 2 computer crashes and a full plate (not with food!!).. but i am !!I started missing writing here so badly that i had to end my self imposed exile..have been peeping into a few blogs the last few days.. but not been commenting or anything .. So much has happened in my absence !!! an award here,a baby yonder.Glad to see a lot of people on blog-breaks back as well!!..Thankfully my reading habit's decided to come back to me .. like that twin that got lost in the kumbh mela.. And,i am on this chicklit binge...I am convinced that chicklits are what i enjoy reading the most.. why mope about depressing things when we can have a riot? .. what say ? Oh,i am reading sidin Vaukut book..and am loving it !!..wonder why the genre isnt called guy-lit.
You must check out his blog.. This guy is funny !! anyway.. See u guys around !!!!