Tuesday, August 24

100 and a love letter !

Bedazzled officially has lived to see a hundred posts !!! yaayyyyy!!!!.. didnt really think that i would manage it,given my ADD-type behavior ;-)...

Couple of days back ,something really horrible happened..

2 years you were by my side 24 X7
And now on a bleak, rainy day
You decide to leave me
To find solace in some other arms
Oh,what fun times we had!
We laughed and wept in sync
No you've left me bereft with a heavy feeling of dread hanging about me

When you got your arm fractured
I was there right next to you
cradling your head.
Life without you is so glum
Tips of my fingers ache
Thinking about the others who'll caress you

The first person i woke up to
everyday was you.
No that you are gone
I feel incomplete and comatose
I keep wondering if you are still alive
My fingers are crossed in anticipation..

They say when you love somebody
You should let them free
So,dear love..I am setting you free
May you always keep winking and beeping forever
No one can take your place

Au revouir,dear Nokia.. May peace be with you...

Sunday, August 22

Maslow's one smart boy..

I was reading a nice interview by Gurucharan Das on a book he is working with Penguin about entrepreneurs in Ancient India ...Was fascinated by an observation that he had made(apparently it is a common saying ,but i am quoting him here) ...

He says "First generation makes the money.Second generation wants prestige and power and it is the third generation that wants art,culture,status and aspires for respect."

So true,no?.Maybe,this is not just true with businessmen.I guess the preoccupation with culture and art is more when people have made their money,wined-dined to their hearts content,bought themselves more presents than they can tolerably stomach and are left twiddling their thumbs on what else to do in life..Somehow Maslow theory seems to make sense in this context too... I am sure there are exceptions to every rule (otherwise the randomness of universe will never be revered),but on an average this should work.

Friday, August 20

Four and counting ....

I am fairly crappy at writing mushy posts..Let me try ,nevertheless.This one's for a special pest that has been bugging me to start blogging again..I met this person approximately 14 years back ..and thought he was a pest even back then ..Strangely,he thought the same about me too.Several nerdy conversations about "The fountain head",unlimited budget Lime mint coolers, swigs of old monk from cheap Styrofoam glasses at the marina beach and colossal phone bills later we decided to get married in a few years if we couldn't find other people to get married to..

Of course, fate had made us get into a filmy pact like that ;-).. We had discovered by that time that most eligible men/women were either married,gay or attached and magnanimously decided to get married to each other.This was a little over 5 years back ...What followed was a "propah" Iyer marriage with amazing "saapad" that was bitched about by random maamis who attended the marriage despite not knowing both sides of the family.Pity,i was so worked up about my change in marital status that i couldnt do justice to it.

Several thousand horrible rasams and insanely watery sambars later,we complete 4 years of marriage tomorrow..It's been a hell-of-a-ride,this marriage business!.I didn't think i was programmed for domesticity and all that jazz,but then sometimes strange things happen..I can't get myself to say that i am blessed to be married to this guy or any such stuff like that .. but am fairly convinced that he's made a difference to my life..A huge difference!..I don't think i know of a more down-to-earth,funny and simple guy..Which is not to say that i don't have crushes on Milind Soman or Abhay Deol or Farhan Akhthar anymore...

G,if you are reading this(i know you will be) .. All i can say is thanks for everything... You've been a fabulous friend ..but, i still refuse to prostrate when the oldies nudge me to fall at your feet and seek your blessings..Despite the fact that every time you drive out a lizard,i tell myself that you are the best husband anyone could possibly have,the prostrating business is simply non-negotiable.And if anyone can brave my pet peeves and still remain sane at the end of it,that person will have to be you !...Here's to more exciting times ahead!

And for all others.. who started reading this unabashedly senti stuff without a clue of what it would be about..Thanks for reading this far..Too bad you had no clue!;-)

Thursday, August 19


Yeah...am back,dearies...What's new?.Nothing.Same Same...Yadayadayada...But,a slight overhaul and an emergency CPR of this space is what the blog-docs have prescribed ...how do they know?..one just has an inkling of such things,i think..Bedazzled's somehow turned into a cold,impersonal and haunted space.. Hell,that's not what it was when it started out.. So,i am going to remedy that...and i am guilty to not visiting your spaces,which I'll hopefully remedy soon...Excuse please.. And while i am at it,I am going to bring out my chai mugs here. and have a blog-warming ceremony.. Oh,you are more than welcome to join me...Latte or cappuchino or chai,for you?.Sorry,i ran out of Rooafza.

Today,i sit on my balcony,with my eyes raised to the sky. Sparkly jewels twinkle back at me.The night's not balmy,just uncomfortably stifling.And,the pesky mosquitoes..Let's not even talk about that !.An army of ants march past me,in a bid to rush back home soon.

"Home? Where's home?".I ask them.

"Nowhere.And none of your business too...Why are you bothered now?.You've ignored me all along and today of all days you want to know where i live."A tiny ant-baby squeals at me.

"Okay..Okay..No questions.Come by if you need a few grains of sugar or salt,maybe.It's not like i plan on being sullen and stiff-upper lipped. " I murmur guiltily.

The baby ant scurries along with a haughty frown.

Pain in the ass,i hear her say.

I draw my eyes to the stars again.

Is that the Orion? or the Hunter?

None of the above.Just a bunch of stars that want to be left alone.

Yeah,aren't people a lot like stars?.With their cliques and posses.

I guess so.You see what you want to see.

What do you think?

oh,btw.. what have you guys been upto ??