Monday, January 24

Guest Post :Dhobi Ghat -Movie Review

A big thanks to everyone that voted for me.I saw Dhobi Ghat and liked the movie(a lot!).'m not sure if too many people will agree with me .The hubby is a bigger movie buff than I am, so I'm posting his views .His first review for my blog,hopefully more will follow.Read away people.

Dhobi Ghat – A review

You take a large black and white photograph of a smiling street vendor hawking vegetables in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a busy road. You put the photograph on a caravan and go town to town inviting views. Some see art in the photo, the black and white a metaphor for colorless harshness of the vendor’s life and the smile reminiscent of the endurance of human spirit. Yet some others look at the photo and see….well… a smiling vendor hawking vegetables in midst of a busy road. If you (like me) belong to the latter group of people, Dhobi Ghat is likely to leave you scratching your head, wondering what all the fuss is about. This probably explains why Aamir Khan, a savvy producer, decided to premiere the movie in the festival circuit before bringing it to the masses back home

The Plot:
An anti social artist with a troubled past, a vivacious young housewife with a troubled present, a lost investment banker with a silver spoon, the earnest young dhobi with dreams in his eyes and pain in his soul, their lives, their hopes, their muses, in a city that is always in a hurry.
The movie starts with a view of Mumbai’s sights and sounds as recorded on a handycam and narrated by a newly arrived migrant housewife Yasmeen (Played by Kriti Malhotra). You are then quickly introduced to the other key protagonists: Arun (played by Aamir Khan) a moody, temperamental artist; Shai (Played by Monica Dogra) a NRI investment banker on a sabbatical; Munna (Played by Prateik) a struggler with bollywood dreams who is a dhobi by day and rat killer by night. The film charts their lives as they intersect, form bonds, love and finally loose. Throughout the film you are treated to montages of every day life in Mumbai which comes alive as a protagonist in its own right in the movie.

My Take:
Right from the start, Dhobi Ghat has a documentary, arty house feel to it. While all the characters and their situations feel very real, the narrative as a whole is un-compelling and fails to keep the viewer involved throughout. There were several points in the movie when the focus on showcasing the everyday life of the protagonists (for instance the sequences involving Yasmeen’s narrative on everyday life in Mumbai) makes the viewing tedious. What makes sitting through such pieces possible however, is the excellent performance from the entire cast. While Aamir’s acting abilities need no endorsement, it is Prateik who delights with his standout and nuanced portrayal of Munna. Finally, for a viewer so used to seeing celluloid stories taken to a logical end, the lack of a conclusion left one wondering as to the point of it all

For a moviegoer fed on an appetite of spicy masala, Dhobi Ghat resembles a salad devoid of dressing – healthy, nutritious but unappetizing


Abhinav said...

The last bollywood movie i saw was 3 idiots , though the reviews for this movie have not been good still I will see it.

Anonymous said...

Your husband is great at writing reviews :)

I was not really looking forward to the movie, because I kind of expected an arty movie. I just prefer to watch such movies on DVD's instead of in the theaters.

Anonymous said...

You saw teh movie..lucky you!!

I'm waiting with bated breath for this film to hit the theaters here :)

Anonymous said...

Will go by your verdict. Must give it a try if it is healthy:)

Jyoti said...

I liked the movie but didnt really love it.. The ending left me wanting some more!

Misha said...

I was supposed to watch the movie on Sunday but couldn't because of homework (ugh!). I think I will watch it especially since you say that Prateik is good in the movie :)

Bikramjit said...

I got to see so many hindi moviess ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)


Vibha said...

Have heard many mixed reviews about this movie but a few things common - Prateik Babbar is very good and this movie should have been a documentary rather than a movie.

A great review.

Bedazzled said...

Abhinav..3 idiots was a long time back!! do see it.. i loved it.

Violet.. Thanks!. Hopefully ,this will convince him to write more. I dont normally like overly arty movies.. this one seemed different somehow

Deeps.. :-).Hope it hits the theatres there soon

Life..It might seem a little dragging for some people.

jyothi..umm.. the ending was a little baffling.

Misha..poor you ! do they have homework in PG courses ? :-).Pratiek is cutteee !

Bikram.. :-)

Bedazzled said...

Vibha..that it should have been a docu is something everyone's saying..Thanks for dropping by.

nikhimenon said...

i did't get bored while watching the movie.but i think this movie could have been better.....the ending was predictable...the movie was a bit self indulgent at times.the pratheik babbar track reminded me of a character in bollywood roulette' by rahul bajaj.

Priya Venkat Designs said...

Makes me wonder.....should i go see it......or not. A little bit of dressing never hurts, even when one is on a diet.

Bedazzled said...

nikhi..The ending was sufficiently arty for me to like it,i guess. Self indulgent-yes ,i agree, at times.I havent seen bollywood roulette.. should see it..Thanks for dropping by !

Priya..Nice of you to drop by!. You should go see it !!! tell me about diets- I am forever on them.. but rarely keep up. :-)

nikhimenon said...

Bollywood roulette is a book by actor turned writer Rahul bajaj.It s released by india ink i guess.wasn't that successful.Regarding the ending of dhobi ghat,the final revelations about yasmin noor didn't shock me or surprise me as i was almost expecting something bad to have happened to her.The inevitale desi comparison(Lost and found footage) is L.S.D.The first story in Love sex aur dhoka did really shock me when i had seen it for the first time.But the ending of the 'dhobi's' track was really touching