Monday, January 17

It's a monday !

Last week ,i managed to read only one book-Monster by J.Kellerman.I managed to go to the local book fair and another store and picked up loads of books. I managed to get the first edition of the Lollipop shoes with Joanne's autograph for a bargain and it's not even a second hand copy(yay!!).It apparently sat in the shop's storage facility for 2 years before they decided to give it away at a bargain. I guess the secret to shopping at second hand shops is knowing what you're looking for and having oodles of patience.At least when it comes to book-shopping ,I have unspeakable amounts of patience stashed up inside me :-)

I started reading this one yesterday and should be able to finish it soon. The book is exceptionally sad and about the abuse that the author,Dave Pelzer suffered at the hands of his mother.The book is very disturbing and my heart goes out to poor Dave.

I started reading Never let me go almost a week back, but had to put it away because I hought I wasn't in the right frame of mind to appreciate the book.The book has received glowing reviews and has also been adapted into a movie.I'm looking forward to finishing this book as well.

Other books i shopped last week are -The secret life of bees, Running with scissors, The Mermaid chair(also by Sue Monk Kidd), Prison and Chocolate Cake by Nayantara Sehgal,Gone with the Wind, Northanger Abbey and a book on anecdotes about writers.I also bummed The train to Pakistan by Kushwant Singh from a friend.I also have to finish two library books - The secret Son and Breathing in colour .Gosh ,so much to read and so little time!.

Have a wonderful week !


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I read A Child Called It years ago.... tough read. David Peltzer came and talked a couple times at our local schools about child abuse.

Congrats on Lollipop Shoes - I would love to read that one!

Anonymous said...

A child called it is really a sad book. I have the third book in the series and I've been looking for the second one in bargain shops. Hope you enjoy all the books. I loved Remains of the Day.

Hema said...

I too visited the book fair.. oh it was very good.. i bought around 3 books (Eat pray love, the monk who sold his ferrari and the confessions of a listmaniac.. ).. Guess i am not too good at bargains.. so took the discounts alone they gave.. Looking forward for more reviews

Bikramjit said...

I liked the Train to pakistan.. I read it and saw the movie tooo ..

havenot read any other .. will keep my eyes open for them


bermudaonion said...

My niece read A Child Called It and found it very disturbing. I know it's a book that should be read, though. Have a great week in books!

Misha said...

Woah! Lots of books!
I really hope that you try reading Never Let Me Go once again. It's one of my favourite books. I have read it twice.

Happy Reading!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I kicked myself for not writing you last week.. We should have said hello at the book fair:)

I picked up just one for myself - sari and sins- and planning to dig your archive to chk if you've posted a review. Have you?

Nina said...

I really loved Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen. With Emma and P&P it's one of my favourites. Have a wonderful reading week and of course a Happy Monday!

Mystica said...

A gorgeous mixed pile of books. Enjoy the reading.

Bedazzled said...

Sheila.. It is a difficult book-so graphic and sad.But also strangely reflects his spirit to come out on tops despite everything.

Violet.. I want to get read all the parts now mainly because i want to know how he put away the past and moved forward.

Hema..Nice ! There weren't too many stalls that gave discounts,no?.I picked all my books at the Book world library's stall. Places like Higginbothams were selling stuff at MRP.I was disappointed !

Bikram.. I didnt know it was made into a movie. looking fwd to reading it now.

Bermuda..Umm..It is a disturbing book. Might be a little too difficult for a child to stomach.Thanks,so much for dropping by.

DCMetroreader said...

A Child Called It is a very unsettling read. It is very sad what he went through, but thankfully he was able to emerge out the other side and help other abused children.

Bedazzled said...

Misha.. I am not giving up on that one.slightly depressing,but i guess i was not geared up for that book last time.

Life.. I managed to go there only yesterday.Would have been to have met you there.If you are looking for bargains,there's a sale on next weekend at Annanagar Odyssey- I found some books for as low as 25 bucks there. I havent read the book you mention.

Nina.. I am just discovering Jane Austen's writing now.Wonder why I didnt earlier.thanks for dropping by !

Mystica..Thanks ! You have a lovely week too.

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, my, you have several books on your list that I've read and loved...A Child Called It, Running with Scissors, The Secret Life of Bees, and Kellerman and Burroughs.

Here's my Monday:

Just Mom said...

After reading your mailbox, I had a great time clicking around your blog - we have similar tastes in books. Enjoy your books this week!

Bedazzled said...

DCmetro.. I am looking forward to reading about his recovery.

Creations..I love Kellerman too.Havent read anything by Burroughs yet.

Just Mom..thanks for dropping by.Heading to your space now !

Holly said...

I've read several that you got this week and all of them were good but my fave will always be Gone with the Wind :)
I cried when I read A Child Called It.

Happy reading!

Jyoti said...

Indeed a nice long list!

Tribute Books Mama said...

here's mine

fiction-books said...

That's a good lot of books you have picked up.

Like you, I normally buy my books from second-hand, or charity shops, it doesn't usually take long to find something I like.

'The Secret Life Of Bees' is a really good read, very moving and emotional, I hope that you enjoy it.


Nikki-ann said...

My Mum has read Dave Pelzer's books... but I just couldn't. Too emotional for me, knowing it really did happen.

Casey Freeland said...

Frame of mind is so important when it comes to what I read. I landed on Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughter-house Five. It's a classic I've never read, so I thought what the heck. Happy reading!

Anonymous said...

Book shopping... Nice! Great find as well :)

Bedazzled said...

Holly..Thanks for dropping by.I have seen the movie,but somehow have never managed to pick the book.

Jyoti..Thanks for visiting.

Tribute mama..Thanks.will visit your space soon.

Yvonne.. I am so looking fwd to reading Secret of bees.Thanks for dropping in

Nikki.. I've just finished the book and yeah,it can get very overwhelming at times.

Casey.. I love Kurt Vonnegut's writing - Loved Cat's cradle.So quirky and brimming with sarcasm.

Em.. :-)

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle said...

Congrats - you got some great books. :) I enjoyed The Secret Life of Bees, and GWTW has been a favorite for years ( I think I have 3 copies of it on my shelf).

Here's my Mailbox! ~ Wendi

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to the Chennai book fair when you say local book fair?
I wish I had been able to make it there, unfortunately, am tied to home right now and will have to make do with going there the next year.
Northanger Abbey, I believe is one of Jane Austen's less illustrious novels. The characters are not as well developed as in Emma nor is it as entertaining as Pride and Prejuidice, but would love to hear your take on the same.

Bedazzled said...

Wendi..Thanks.3 copies !!! omg!!

Bemused..Yeah,i was referring to the Chennai fair.It wasnt as interesting as last year.I'm looking fwd to reading NA. Thanks for dropping by

Vaishnavi said...

Question: where is this second hand book store?????? I would be so thankful if you could tell me that. I hate losing all my money to places like Landmark :)

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I read A Child Called It a long while ago. A really hard story to read with all the abuse he had to endure.

Rose City Reader said...

Never Let Me Go is really, really good, although you definitely have to be in the right frame of mind.

Thanks for participating in Mailbox Monday!

Rose City Reader

Veens said...

Did you get the Secret Life of Bees? I want I want!!

Great deal of Lollipop shoes - I wish we had second hand shops here as well.

Vibha said...

I have decided not to read disturbing books for sometime now. Recently read 'Room' and 'The Messenger' and still get nightmares in some form.

Reading 'The Pleasure Seekers' by Tishani Doshi. Will be posting the review of this book soon.

Bedazzled said...

Vaishnavi..this was at the Chennai Trade fair- there was a stall put up by bookworld library,i bought from there.There is a sale on at Annanagar odyssey this weekend-go check it out.There are several in Moore market area ,one in annanagar in Roundtana also.

Diane..yeah,it was heart wrenching to read about his abuse.

Rose..Thanks so much for hosting it :-)

Veens.. Yeah.Pick up lots of books when u r in Mumbai. Been to the fountain shops?

Vibha.. I am hearing just good things about Room-is it really scary.I am not in a frame of mind to read very serious books now too .. need a few chicklits to lighten up the tone of things !

Vibha said...

It is a great book, you will be glued to it once you start it. But it is very disturbing and the uneasiness keeps building. I felt so bad that I am not even ready to write a review of this book. Writing a review means going through the story once more and I do not want to do it right now.

My suggestion - you can postpone or skip reading it.

These days I am also looking for some light read or some neutral writings. Can't take torture details more.

Bedazzled said...

Vibha.. gosh! it sounds a little scary and potentially depressing too. I think i am going to postpone reading it for a while.time to get out the chicklits !:-)