Saturday, January 15

Music from Sponge bob's gob?

Christmas is long gone,but there's this one song that I seem to be singing even in my sleep(if that is actually possible!). It all started when I saw the clipping of music made with Ipads a bunch of people from North Point Community church.There is a very high possibility that some of you'd have already seen it before,going by how popular this clip is ,but I'm sure its worth another look.

Isn't that Sponge bob square pants looking thingie cute? Now for the original song by Jose Feliciano

I am now officially in love with Spanish!.This song's somehow managed to nudge Rudolf the Reindeer off my favorite Christmas-related song/carol. Can you name all the Reindeers,btw? :-)


Misha said...

Lol at the first video! I am still a fan of Sponge bob :D
I played the second video twice.Now it's my second favourite carol after Silent Night.

Madhu said...

I like this too :)
Cant believe that its close to a month since Christmas.

Bedazzled said...

Misha.. you like Sponge bob.. aww :-).I like silent night as well!.

Madhu.. Time's flying ,no?

Veens said...

Sponge Bob is a cutie pie! And I like that song. We are already nearing the end of Jan, OMG!

Bedazzled said...

Veens .. I've been telling everyone that time's flying.