Friday, February 18

Mea Culpa..

A teensy-weensy post for a change. The book review will happen sometime next week.

Typical conversation between the hubby and I.

Me: G, What does Mea Culpa mean?

G: Let me see. Comeuppance.

Me: huh?

G : umm.. Comeuppance.

And I am off to find a dictionary.

Edit: Thanks Suko. Mea culpa and Comeuppance are not synonyms. As pointed out by her Mea Culpa means" My fault" and Comeuppance means "Punishment for sins".Strangely, I rarely use google for finding meanings of words.I have a mammoth dictionary that I use once a week-I jot down the words I want to find the meanings of in a pocket book and as a weekly ritual I consult my dictionary,which is probably heavier than me ;-)
Have a super weekend!


Titaxy said...


happy weekend

Geeta said...

Oh Boy!!! I am married to one such, who knows his word list upside down.

LindyLouMac said...

This made me laugh as my husband is also a source of all sorts of information :)

A said...


Have a nice weekend :))

Suko said...

Bedazzled, I always thought of mea culpa as "my fault" or "I'm to blame". (When in doubt, Google it. . . .)

Bedazzled said...

Titaxy,A .. :-)

Geeta,Lindy .. Free source of info,you see!!

Suko.Yeah,you are right.Mea culpa does mean "my fault" whereas comeuppance refers to the punishment part.Not prefect synonyms. Thanks. Now,i can taunt him by saying that he's losing his touch ;-)

avdi said...

Why not google? I use it to check my spellings and word meanings a lot.

Misha said...

haha :D
Btw, I love your blog's new look !

Sh@s said...

ha ha...Its been ages since I last referred my fat old dictionary.

Jyoti said...

I do that too..Google is every ones Guru..

Casey Freeland said...

Makes sense. Mea (me or I) Culpa (culpable or responsible). Those Greeks and their Latin.



P.S. - I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Bedazzled said...

avdi..No clue .. I have some idiosyncrasies,i guess.

Misha..Thanks girl

Sh@s..Thanks for dropping by.

Jyoti..Welcome here.! ..Greeks and their latin !!

Anonymous said...

Call it co-incidence or whatever. I looked up google for the same reason last weekend:)And am mostly asking Google while preaching the son on why he must look up the dictionary;)

Jyoti said...

I recently got this word Mea Culpa in the novel I am reading now. Tapestry of love and I thought of u.. Thanks for giving the meaning beforheand or else I would hv been off to google..:)

Priya Iyer said...


Bhargavi said...

Life.. Glad to be of help

Jyoti.. :-)Btw,i loved tapestry of words