Tuesday, February 1

Yay!..A new month's here..

Hope February's started with a bang for all you guys.January just flew so fast!!.I know I've been AWOL for sometime now and have not been visiting blogs or post here .Bad case of blogging-boredom,I say. Add to that dollops of writer's block and a dash of book-boredom, and you have the perfect recipe for an AWOL-act.The next few days I'll be catching up with all the posts I've missed..

Patricia has a lovely blog called ColoursDekor ,where she blogs about design and the colorful side of life.She's sweetly featured my living room wall in this month's "Walls with Characters"segment.Do check the post out here.Thanks, Patricia!. Also BlogJunta's picked my review of War on the margins in last week's editor's pick. Do head over here for discovering some really talented bloggers.

Tamil movie buffs who would like to read the hubby's views on the movie Aadukalam, please head here. His new blog is called Clapboard and Arclights and is going to carry movie reviews and anything related to the world of movies.. Please do visit his space.

Have a fabulous week,everyone.


A said...


Good you got picked. I am so proud of you. Hey why don't you pick a list and include me your list ...)))))

Misha said...

Your living room wall is so colourful and creative! Congrats on being selected by BlogJunta!

Suko said...

I, too, feel infused with a sense of optimism now that it's February; this morning seemed especially lovely, cool but inviting. I will "check out" your living room wall. :)

Geeta said...

I love the puppet. Its not anything like I have seen before.

But tell me this, did you drive your husband to write a blog? with all your time away at reading/blogging? Just kidding sweety. Will check out his blog.

Bedazzled said...

A.. ha ha ha ! I think I should do that !:-)

Thanks.. Misha

Suko..Ah,spring's arrived,huh?

Geeta.. ChiChi is special.:-)I didnt drive him to start one ..He's been wanting to get work-life balance and the writing is a step towards that. But i have to keep driving him to post ;-) Husbands ,i say..

violetcrush said...

I almost bought that doll (on your wall) when I saw it in Thailand :)

You're right, Jan just flew by.

Congrats on being the pick of the month.

Smita said...

I come & you go away?? Not fair!!!

The wall looks beautiful :)

Bikramjit said...

congrats on getting selected ...

welcome back :)


Bedazzled said...

Violet.. They r still selling the lil guy? I bought him almost 5 years back !

Smita.. ha ha!..Thanks

Bikram.. Thanks.

lifeunderthesky said...

Wow! So creative! The wall decor is awesome!