Thursday, March 10

Baggage and Deer woman -collages on paper

Baggage.. Big ones,small ones,Hang-ups,nasty ones,hurtful ones..Don't we all carry some unhealthy attitudes,ideas and opinions inside our hearts? That is theme for this collage(3rd in the Penn series). The Octopus on the girl's head signifies the stronghold such baggage has on us. I've used acrylic paints,water colours,pens, wax crayons and charcoal pencil on this one. Collage elements are from a glossy women's magazine..I sold the prints I had made ,but the original is still available.Size: A4.Done on cartridge paper.

4th in the Penn series,the inspiration for this was the picture of a lotus pond i saw in a magazine. the deer and the woman's headgear fitted well for the series. Acrylic ,pens ,wax crayons on paper.The original is available.


Smita said...

U have taken classes for this?? Somehow when I see these images I see a differnt Bhargavi from the one I had known when I came across ur blog!!!

Lovely work!

Bikramjit said...

Wow.. you selling things you are GOOOOD :)

excellent designs though i have no idea how or what .. i can jsut see and admire what you made ..


Jyoti said...

Excellent stuff..

A said...

Can I copy 'Baggage' one? It is awesome and your description is very good

Raam Pyari said...

LOVELY! and very creative! loved the lotus pond one!

Sindhu :) said...

You paint!! And So well??! :O

very nice work ya!

Geeta said...

Thoughtful and deep!!!!

Just what I needed today.

Bedazzled said...

Smita.. Wondering what that means ;-).. no i havent taken classes..

Bikram.. ha ha ha.. Thanks


A.. You can copy for your personal use.

Raam pyari.. Thanks for dropping by !

Sindhu.. yeeehhhh.. you are backkk to blogging !!! eppadi irukka?

Geeta..Thanks.bad day?

Casey Freeland said...

These things you create always make me smile. I can't say why. They just seem to carry joy with them.



Ria said...

Those r beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Am trying to think of some adjectives besides awesome, super, cool! Its more than that!!! You rock lady!

Bedazzled said...

Casey..Thats such a sweet thing to say. Art gives me joy.Happy to spread some cheer. Thanks

Ria..Thanks.Welcome here

Vidya.. Thanks a tonne lady ;-)