Friday, April 1

You want it back too ?

If you grew up in India in the 90's,chances are that you'd have seen the Bournvita Quiz contest on TV. To me, Sundays were never complete without tuning in to my favorite quiz show that was hosted by Derek 'O'Brien. I doubt if there is any other quiz show for kids that has been as successful and as widely watched (and loved) as the BQC. Actually,I don't even think it was just watched by kids, as my parents seemed equally taken in with BQC too.

Too bad this generation can't experience the magic of BQC.There is hope,though.A bunch of BQC fans and quiz enthusiasts have started this movement "Bring the BQC back ". I whooped in joy and went on a nostalgia trip when I got a mail asking me if I would like to write about the movement. A bit of flashback before I get into the details of the movement..

BQC actually started in 1972 as live contests that were conducted in various cites. It became a radio show which later got hosted by Amin Sayani (Remember Cibaca Geeth Mala?).In 1992, BQC migrated to the television and went on to become "The Baap of all quizzes".

Derek has joined the movement to revive BQC and has even written to Cadbury asking them to bring BQC back. The movement is catching like wild fire and has over 1 lakh people who have "Liked" the Facebook page.Their wall ,interestingly, is littered with quiz questions volleyed by quiz aficionados and BQC fans.Sounds like fun,right?. Head right over here to join the Bring the BQC back FB page.

They have special banners designed that you can download and put up on your pages as well. Hop over to their FB page to join thousands of Quiz enthusiasts on this crusade. Let's bring back BQC,folks!.And do spread the word around..


A said...

I think we should bring back BQC

Jyoti said...

I loved that show too.. Surely we should have it back..

Anonymous said...

Wow! My sis and I used to stay glued through the show! Would love to sit and watch it all over again with my kids!

Vibha said...

I participated in CSR quiz contest 'Super Brain' once and Derek was the host of that quiz. Managed second runner-up position. It was a great experience and I still have fond memories of that time.

Bhargavi Guha said...


Jyothi..Hope so !

Vidya.. I used to watch it with my parents.It'll be so great if it comes back !!!! you are a quizzer too..Awesome that you came as 2nd runner up.. Do share your memories on that one sometime.I used to be a quizzer in college. Good old days!

Bikramjit said...

YEs I know this program. USed ot see it sometimes only cause I was not that bright and did not want people to find that i was not that Bright :)


Suko said...

I am not familiar with this show, but I hope you are able to get it back!

Casey Freeland said...

Wow, good luck! I'm almost getting nostalgic reading about your nostalgia... all the way over in California. :)

You have to tell me what a lakh is though.



Violet said...

This was my favorite show too, I don't think there has been a quiz show that was as good as this one. Just recently I saw this new quiz show hosted by Rohit Roy. It was so bad, I couldn't help but thinking, BQC was the best.

Bhargavi said...

Bikram.. :-)

Suko,Casey : Thanks!! ..

Violet.. I havent seen the Rohit Roy one yet.What channel is it on?

Shayari said...

Very true Bhargavi.This gen is most definitely missing this! Derek's stubble look was cool :P

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