Saturday, May 7

Day 11 - Watermelon burst


Not been able to paint in the last few days because of some work .Posting some old stuff.This is a 8X 10 acrylic on canvas painting I did as a part of the Indian summer series(The first one was the Sunflower girl).


Suko said...

Your colors here are very rich, like oil. This is a wonderful series and I'd like to see more!

A said...

Do you scan these or take a picture of these with a digital camera?

It is awesome

Asha said...

Omg! look at the shine in her eyes! very realistic eyes.

Bhargavi said...

Suko..Thats the advantage of acrylic.You can eitehr use it like oil or like watercolour if you dilute it with water.One more is there in the series. Will post it sometime

A..Photograph it.Dont have a scanner.

Asha.. This was not intended to be a realistic series,but somehow the eyes managed to come out realistically.

Casey Freeland said...

Such a treat to see your work. This one really made me smile.



Bhargavi said...