Tuesday, May 3

Day 7 - Before and After

I often overpaint and that's not a good thing.It takes away from the spontaneity of the painting. Case in point is this one-



I think the second one looks more labored because of the number of coats of paints I applied till i got the dress to be "okay". But the thing with acrylic is that it's forgiving and not nearly as brutal as watercolour,which is a saving grace in a way. Also,I have noticed that I have a fascination for ocean and anything related to beaches and water.Did i forget the towers ?. Wonder what that says about my subconscious thoughts !.

Staring into the ocean.Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 18X14 in.



Suko said...

I like both of these paintings. You are smart to "recycle" the canvas in this way. :)

Kalyan said...

The second one looks more like a fairytale and a princess by the sea, while the first one is more real life like and symbolizes a small girl visiting the sea for some fun and viewing the sea waters in delight...

Tarun Goel said...

Good yaar, Even I wanted to paint good but I often ended up making a dinosaur of a lizard :P
It looks like a reversible painting to me, wear this way, wear that way ;)

Kanupriya said...

So, I like both...first one exudes vibrancy and second one serenity. Both has its own charm :)

Bikramjit said...

Both look good to me .. maybe you shud have kept both and made a new one :)


Bhargavi said...

Suko .. I wish i knew how not to " recycle".I keep fiddling with the canvases so much that some of them go beyond repair !

Kalyan..Hearing your descriptions,I think I should have stuck to the first version !Welcome here after a long time.

Tarun.. Good to see you here after a long time. lol on the dinosaur bit !

Kanupriya..Thanks.Welcome here after a long time.

Bikram.. The point was that i didnt like the first canvas - if i had known that i would like the second even lesser,i would have kept it ! ;-)