Wednesday, July 27

Hey guys..

Its been more than a month since I posted anything here. How have you all been ?. I know I haven't been visiting your blogs for some time. The untimely demise of my laptop(RIP,dear baby) was also one reason I was MIA online .Whatever blogging I did was from the mobile and on other people's computers. I'll catch up with your blogs in a few days.I have not been able to paint anything because of health and personal reasons. I miss holding a paint brush in my hand and letting go. A few more months and I should probably be able to get back to painting with acrylics.

Meanwhile, this is a blessing in disguise as my book review blog has been seeing some action. Do drop by there if you want to know what books I've been reading lately. I might be posting irregularly or write random non-art related posts here till I have something to post.

And what a shame Amy Winehouse's untimely demise is!. Such a waste of such a talented singer. Let me leave you with one of my favorite live version of her famous black to back song.

May you finally find peace,Amy.

edit: I seem to have forgotten how to load a video on to blogger and am stuck with the blog showing just the link and not adding the video.Helpful pointers much appreciated. :-)


Bikramjit said...

:) dont know about others but I am doing fine :)
looking forward to seeing you back again ..

and yeah sad about Amy whitehouse but then the life she led .. still sad any sould departing is sad..
I have never listened to her though ..

take care

Vaishnavi said...


It is good to be back :) Looking forward to new posts from you :)

Asha said...

welcome bhargavi, missed the warmth of your blog.

sad about amy too, not an age to die.

Bhargavi said...

Bikram.. Good to know that u r fine ;-). I hadnt listened much to her either before.. but after the mishap, I've been listening to her songs. Such a loss..

Vaishnavi.. :-)

Asha.. Aww..Thats such a sweet thing to say..and abt Amy .. yeah its such a shame what drugs can do to talent.

Casey Freeland said...

Welcome back! :) All good on this front save the loss of our pup, Hannah Bear. She was 15. Looking forward to reading your future posts!



Bhargavi said...

Gosh!..Thats such a sad thing to hear. May Hannah bear rest in peace. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back and hope health is back to normal!

Bhargavi said...

Life..Thanks.A few more months and I will be ship shape.

Rohan Rajiv said...

Hi Bugs,

For video -

On the youtube link - click on the 'share' button below, then 'embed' and then just copy the code and past it on the 'edit html' tab of your post. :)